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These sweet "R" names for girls are just darling.
Girl Names That Start With “R” For Your Little Rebel

There are some unique choices here, too.

Rita Ora and Rosaria Dawson are two celebrities whose careers not only double with acting and singing, but they also share another similarity — they both have girl names that start with “R.” These powerhouses who shine in their own right are just the beginning of why you should consider choosing an “R” name for your baby girl.

It’s not a major revelation for me to say that picking the perfect name for your baby can be taxing emotionally. But that’s when it helps to pull from resources like narrowing it down to a letter group, and many of the girl names that start with “R” have the rebel spark and fascination you’ve been looking for.

When Beyoncé announced her twin daughter’s name, Rumi, fans leaned in with intrigue to learn the story behind her selection and the meaning of the name itself. In case you’re wondering, the Carters named her after their favorite poet, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. It felt big and important to them, and that’s really all you need in choosing a name for your baby.

Finding a girl name that starts with “R” that’s meaningful for you and your family, and one your baby will carry with pride as they impact everyone around them, starts now. The search is on, and this list of “R” girl names is a great place to start.



It’s nice to have fun with gender-neutral names like Reagan. Especially since even the girl version means “little king.” This Irish “R” name may fit right into your family and be perfect for your baby girl.



This Spanish name for “small river” just flows. Ria is a short “R” girl name that works great as a twin name like Riley or Rae. You can also easily match it with a cool girl's middle name that starts with “T,” like Tracy or Taliah.



Rachel is a commonly known “R” name for girls; in fact, it’s stayed within the top 200 names in the US since the 1800s. If this Hebrew name meaning “ewe” piques your interest, go with it.



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In Greek Mythology, the name Rhea means “flowing.” She was feminine energy that brought ease to those in childbirth. If your baby girl flows easily into this world, you may want to consider Rhea as an “R” name for girls. It will match her personality throughout life.



Remi carries an exciting, quirky, and cute vibe. It’s gender neutral, French from Latin, and means “from Rhelms, or oarsman.” Choosing this name is a great way to escape traditional “R” names, and it works really well with a longer middle or last name.



Raven is an intriguing “R” name for a girl. It’s English and means “dark-haired or wise.” While it’s gender-neutral, grabbing this name for your baby would be a cool choice.



Riley is a popular “R” girl name choice that comes with its own wave of cool. It’s a gender-neutral name of Irish and Gaelic origins that means “valiant, rye clearing, courageous.”



Rose is known as a traditionally beautiful flower, and the name is just as gorgeous and straightforward. It’s Latin for “rose, a flower.”



Rae is a gender-neutral name and an English diminutive of Rachel. The meaning, “ewe,” may not wow, but this “R” name for a girl carries an endearing sweetness that may be perfect for your baby girl.



The sweet name of Rosalie is made even more precious because you can use Rose as a nickname. Rosalie also carries a vintage vibe. It originates from the French name Rosalia and means “rose.”



The Arabic name Rihanna, meaning “sweet basil,” comes with some sugar and spice. And although it reached a peak in 2008, this name stays relevant thanks to the singer and mogul Rihanna.



Many people don’t know that Barbados-born singer Rihanna’s real name is Robyn. Exchanging the traditional “i” for a “y” in Robyn gives this English “R” girl name extra razzle dazzle. It means “bright fame.”




Raya shot up in popularity in 2020 after the release of Disney’s film Raya and the Last Dragon. And it’s not hard to see why. The Hebrew name for “friend” is confident and loving — a great reason to choose it, too.



Although Renee has often been used as a middle name, it also makes a sweet first name. This “R” name for a girl is French from Latin and means “reborn.”



Rita is a fun “R” name with Spanish origins, and it’s a diminutive of Margarita and means “pearl.” It also pairs well with one-syllable middle names like Lynn or Rae.



Roxy or Anne make a cute nickname your family can use for your baby if you choose Roxanne as an “R” girl name for your baby. This spunky name is Persian for “dawn.” Sounds like new beginnings!



Raina is like a cousin name to Regina. This Slavic “R” name for a girl means “queen,” and it has become more popular. In fact, it's known as the most popular rain-related name.



Raelynn is an invented American name, and I’m glad it exists on a list of “R” girl names. The combo of Rae and Lynn not only seems like the most natural match ever, but it’s also just so charming. The 21st Century name means “beam of light.”



I’ve always thought Gina was a cute name, and it could totally be a sweet nickname if you go with Regina for your baby. But don’t be surprised if she comes with some royal demands since Regina is Latin for “queen.”



Reem isn’t a line leader in the “R” girl names, but it holds its own if you’re looking for something unique. In 2019, this Arabic name for “gazelle” was listed as 705th for unique names in the U.S.



Rosemarie is a name combo of Rose and Marie, and it became popular when parents looked for ways to honor two family members. It has French origins and means “rose flower + drop of the sea, bitter or beloved.” Whether you’re picking old family names or not, it's still a sweet mashup of an “R” girl name.



Rumi is a gender-neutral “R” name. The intrigue of this name will pull people into your little one, immediately wanting to know more. It’s Japanese for “beauty, flow, lapis lazuli.”



The simplicity of this short two-syllable name of Reva is a big part of its charm. Reva is Hebrew for “rain,” so it has a sweet, nature vibe. And it’s a pretty unique “R” girl name.



Some parents may be scared of taking on naming their daughter Rebel, and that’s fine. But this gender-neutral name is of English origin, and if it excites you and folds around your heart, then it’s the “R” name made for your baby girl.



If you like the name Rose or Rosalin, Rosario is a beautiful Spanish name you should consider. It means “rosary,” so it’s a must if you’re religious or feel a deep connection to faith.



Rebecca is Hebrew for “to tie, bind.” While most will go with Becca or Becky as a nickname for the “R” name Rebecca, try on Reb if you like to take the rebel path in life.

Grab a few of these “R” names and patch them into your daily life by saying them when you’re referring to your baby. Hopefully, one of them feels too good to pass up.