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Photo of a Black mother and baby girl on the beach in a story of baby girl names starting with A.
30 Girl Names Starting With “A” That You’ll Adore

Some of these are so loved they’ve stayed popular for decades.

When the moment comes to look into your baby girl’s eyes for the first time, what will you call her? Choosing a baby girl name can be exciting but also nerve-wracking. You probably have strong feelings of wanting to get this right — there’s so much in a name — and a jumping off point like working with girl names that start with “A” can help you find something that’s full of intrigue and beauty.

You’ll find that these girl names starting with “A” range from simple and endearing, like Amy, to captivating and mysterious, like Aiko. And interestingly enough, a handful of these “A” names have stayed relevant and popular no matter how others have trended in and out. “A” is also a pretty popular letter, so you can find baby girl names that start with “A” for almost every theme and meaning, like nature, strength, wisdom, and love.

These girl names may all start with “A,” but each carries its own distinct character and charm. So if you have more than one daughter you want to give a name that starts with “A,” you can rest assured that each will have their own unique meaning. Bonus: They’ll always be at the front of the alphabet.



This classically beautiful name is at the top of this list for a reason. Ava is short but elegant and alluring, making it one of the most popular girl names. It’s Latin and means “life; bird; water; island.”



If you have British roots you’d like to honor, Ansley is a sweet “A” name for your baby girl with English origins. It means “hermitage field.”



Ari is one of those names that just sounds friendly and full of grace. It’s a gender-neutral Hebrew name that means “lion of God.” Since 2016, Ari has been in the top 1000 U.S. names and is steadily rising.




Ayla is definitely a name you should consider if you’re looking for one that’s intriguing and colors a bit outside the lines of traditional choices. It’s Hebrew and means “oak tree, halo, or moonlight.”



Similar to Ari, Ariah is Hebrew for “lion of God.” And it also has a princess ring to it (like Ariel).



This one is perfect if your baby girl already jumps at the sound of daddy’s voice. Abby is Hebrew for “my father is joyful,” and you can also add some variety to the spelling like with Abi or Aby. You don’t even have to go for the name Abigail if you don’t want to.



Aubrey is a gender-neutral name that, until 1974, was only used for boys. The English name, which means “elf ruler,” is now starting to be a more popular name choice for parents. Knowing it means “elf ruler” gives it a sweet, fanciful vibe.



Ashlyn is another girl name that ranks in the top 1000 names in the U.S. If you like Ashley but want a spin on the name, Ashlyn, which is Irish for “dream,” should definitely be on your list to consider.



Amina, pronounced “Ah-mee-nah,” is Arabic for “trustworthy, faithful.” If “A” names are a trend in your family, this one would fit right in without sounding redundant, and you just can’t get past that lovely meaning.



English for “work rule,” Amerie is a beautiful “A” name for a girl. Being that it isn’t a widely popular name, your little angel will stand out, and it’s just spelled beautifully.



There seem to be varying opinions on where the name Alaina originates, from Irish to French to Celtic. One meaning is “harmony,” and another is “precious.” Both meanings make Alaina an adorable option.



The name Aaliyah comes from the Hebrew culture, but many people now recognize the name Aaliyah in relation to the popular singer. It has a sweet and majestic sound which makes sense because it means “heavens; high born; exalted,”



Ariel is known as a name from many of our childhoods as the mermaid with the amazing voice. But the name, which is Hebrew for “lion of God,” sounds just as melodic as the character. (Bonus: The Little Mermaid is a pretty great nursery theme, Halloween costume, etc. You could really go on with this connection.)



Athena is a popular name thanks to the Goddess of wisdom from Greek mythology, so if you want something that sounds strong and gives your girl the chance to really prove herself, Athena is a sweet baby girl name that starts with A.



The name Alice, which is German for “noble,” has been around for quite some time. And none of us can forget the book Alice in Wonderland. Alice has recently climbed in popularity among girl names, now ranking in the top 65 U.S. names.



Alexandra is a strong girl name that starts with “A,” and rightfully so. It’s Greek for “defending men.” It also has ties to Greek mythology and makes a cute nickname if you like Alex or Lex.



Autumn may not be your favorite season, but it’s hard not to fall for this name. It’s Latin for “fall or autumn” and represents that sweet chill in the air and the gorgeous and colorful array of leaves before winter. Even if your baby isn’t born in the fall, this is a lovely choice.



Ambrosia is a uniquely beautiful name. It’s currently in the top 700 girl names and is Greek for “immortal.” Since the name isn’t so popular that you get tired of hearing it, it will always shine in a crowd.




The name Adele has risen in popularity, partly due to the fame of the soulful singer. It’s French for “noble; nobility,” and is such a gorgeous baby girl name that starts with “A.”



Children are a blessing. And if you have a happy brood of children, Acadia, French for “place of plenty,” is a great name you can give to one of your many blessings.



Ada is a sweet German name that means “noble; nobility.” If you like the sound of Ava or Addy but want something a bit different, you should consider Ada. It might be just the one. You can even connect it to Ada Lovelace, an English mathematician from the 1800s.



This list of baby girl names that start with “A” wouldn’t be complete without the name Amy, which is French for “beloved.” You can use different versions of spellings like Aimee, but Amy is the most popular and most classic.



There are tales of Grand Duchess Anastasia returning after years of being missing, which is appropriate since the name Anastasia is Greek for “resurrection.” While the story is an old myth (and has been proven untrue), there is something about the name Anastasia that makes it an enchanting choice among “A” names for girls.



To adore someone is the peak of cherishing someone you love. Adora, Latin for “adored,” perfectly captures your feelings for your baby girl.



The word Africa in itself carries meaning and depth for many. This beautiful place, also known as the “motherland,” represents beginnings — an epic way to honor the start of a new life.



Aiko, pronounced “eye-ko,” is a pretty Japanese name meaning “beloved child.” If this name sounds familiar, you may have heard of the popular singer Jhené Aiko.



Alexis has a regal sound that grows in beauty with your daughter. It’s Greek for “defender” and is popular among gender-neutral names. Like Alexandra, it has all of these ties to being strong, and you already know your daughter is going to be a warrior, so why not go for it with this “A” name.



Aisha, which is Swahili for “living, prosperous,” is another cool name you should consider. Just a note, “A” names go well with “I” names. So twins like Aisha and Isaac, anyone?



To cherish your baby girl, give her a precious name like Amber — it’s Arabic for “jewel.” The name has been immensely popular over the years, but has fallen out of favor a bit and might be due for a comeback.



Most people affectionately know someone named Anita. It’s Spanish for “grace; unguided” and brings warmth, too. It’s such a cute baby girl name that starts with “A” and isn’t one you hear all that often anymore on young ones.

This may be the beginning of creating your own family trend of giving all your babies “A” names. This list gives you some of the best ones to choose from.