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Learning how to play The Floor is Lava can be very simple.

How To Play The Floor Is Lava

It's getting hot in here!

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It’s a game as old as time: The Floor is Lava. Recently turned into a Netflix reality game show, The Floor is Lava can be a simple family game or an elaborate one with rules, trivia, and even a board game available. But either way, learning how to play The Floor is Lava with your family gives you another way to let your hair down and make memories.

The popular game has been practiced in homes around the country. And although the scene may look different, one thing is constant: It’s all surrounded by imaginary boiling lava. While this game is widely played by kids, the Netflix show has made the game ageless by having adults compete. They swing on curtains, climb walls, make long jumps from a spinning bed to other furniture, and more.

The episodes feature a different themed room with various obstacles that contestants have to get past to make it to the exit. Some room examples include a kitchen, basement, museum, and even a playroom. But you don’t have to get too detailed for your own version. The Floor is Lava can be played just about anywhere and with very few materials. Here’s how:

Rules for how to play The Floor Is Lava

The Floor is Lava is a game of heat, impulse, and spontaneity, and the rules are based on surprise and survival. But you can choose to call it in the moment or plan it out. It goes like this:

  • Someone quickly yells the floor is lava.
  • Everyone must find something to stand on within seconds so their feet don’t burn.
  • Anyone who isn’t off the floor is out.
  • Choose an exit area that is the safe zone that every player works to get to without touching the floor/lava.
  • Everyone who makes it survived that round of play.

If you’re planning the game, the rules are similar, but you can add spice by using trivia or learning questions. Here’s how:

  • Everyone starts in a spot where their feet aren’t touching the floor.
  • Choose an amount of time — like five minutes — that everyone has to reach safety.
  • By correctly answering trivia (or learning) questions, they can move forward and to safe ground.

Materials you’ll need for The Floor is Lava

This depends on where and how you play. The central premise is to have something you can climb or stand on that keeps your feet from the ground (or whatever is considered the lava).

You could include the following items: furniture, pillows, a mattress, construction paper, or The Floor is Lava board game (which comes with materials).

Different ways to play The Floor is Lava with your family

  • Living room lava - This is the classic room where The Floor is Lava is played and the best time to be spontaneous. But, you could even put your furniture in disarray to make it more challenging. After everyone is off the floor, all eyes should be set on getting to the safe zone.
  • Playground lava - Use the playground equipment. This works nicely if you have different forms of equipment that aren’t far apart. But if need be, you can use some nearby stones to create safe circles that can get your family from one safe point to the next. The time limit makes it even more exciting.
  • Playroom lava - OK, this room is where all the fun happens anyway, so adding lava will only make the screams and giggles louder. Just make sure the adults don’t break the children’s toys. They can jump from the toy chest, crawl through a tube, land on a pillow, and swish down a slide to make it to safety.
  • Learn with lava - This works with kids of any age (including adults). To be safe, you have to answer correctly. One example is if you’re teaching your child Spanish and say they need to step on the correct translation of the word “play.” Anything other than the right answer is a sinking spot, and they lose.
  • The Floor is Lava board game - If you want an all-in-one game set, you can get the official board game. It’s perfect for ages 5 and up, allows between two and six players, and comes with foam stones and activity cards.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

No matter how you play, The Floor is Lava is a fun, energetic family game that will have everyone laughing. Watching your parents jump onto a coffee table from imaginary lava is pretty funny, right? Kids will love it.