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Girl names that mean love include classic and traditional favorites.
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These Girl Names That Mean “Love” Will Make You See Hearts

Love makes the world go ‘round.

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What is the greatest gift we could ever offer or receive? If your first thought is “love,” you can stop right there because you’re correct. Love makes the world go ‘round, and where would we be without it? So while you’re on the hunt for potential names for your daughter, consider girl names that mean “love.”

And before you get into this list, be honest. You’re already in love with your baby girl even before you have the chance to hold her in your arms. But why not take that love to the next level and give your daughter a name that truly encompasses everything you feel?

Compiled here are some adorable girl names that mean love, and it’s a pleasant surprise to find the diversity and mix-up of classics and outliers that actually mean “love” or a version of it, like “beloved.” From older names like Cordelia and Mabel to more modern ones like Mariel. But don’t forget the most obvious choice: Love.

Choosing a name is tough, but don’t be afraid to let your family weigh in. If you have older kids, get their perspective, and throw the aunts and uncles in there, too. At least you know you have the final say.

And think about this, too — giving your baby a name that means “love” can help to settle you when parenting gets tough. Or at least you can hope, right?



Esme is Persian for “beloved” and is a sweet name choice for your baby girl. Especially if you’re a Twilight fan, then you already know it’s Edward’s mom's name.



This name has a beautiful spark to it. Kerensa is Cornish for “love,” and if you’re looking for something a bit outside of tradition, this is your pick.



Most of us know at least one classic song from the legendary Cher, and just like the singer, this name is gorgeous and sleek. It’s French for “beloved,” just like your baby girl.



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This English word name Cherish fits right in with every other name meaning love. Before your sweet girl makes her earth debut, she’s already cherished and loved.



Some names are a tribute to someone in your family that you may have lost. If you’d like to honor a loved one, consider choosing Halia. Among Hawaiian names, Halia means “remembrance of a loved one.”



Paris, commonly referred to as the city of love, is a name I couldn’t exclude from this list. So many people share their love in the beautiful city, and it’s a dainty and elegant name for your baby girl.



Long live the classic names, and Amy is one of them. This name, which is French for “beloved,” has been well loved through the years and it still offers the sweetest frame for your girl, too.



It’s a common reflex to mentally associate the name Lennon with John Lennon, the famous singer-songwriter and peace activist. And he lived up to the name, as Lennon is Irish for “lover.” Your girl will be the conduit that draws people together with love.



Amanda is a fun name that’s been around for some time. Originating from Latin, the meaning “she must be loved” says it all. The baby girl name Amanda was massively popular in the late ‘80s and into the ‘90s, but is due a resurgence.



Suki is a popular Asian name with a sweet sound that’s hard not to love, which is befitting. This Japanese name means “loved one” and is a unique choice for your little girl.



This name is unusual, but in a unique and intriguing way. It’s pronounced KEHR-iss and is Welsh for “love.”



You may have heard the name “Mila,” but “Milena” has even more beauty wrapped in it. It’s Czech for “loved, warmth, grace.”



This one may be on the nose, but so what? Naming your baby girl Love means she’ll always get a double take. People will enjoy saying her name just for the way it feels — warm and endearing.



If you’re into “C” names, here’s one that’s different. This musical name is pronounced “CA-riss,” and is Welsh for “love.”



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If you choose this name, every time you call your daughters will be a statement of how you feel about them, and it will never get old. Nayeli is Zapotec for “I love you.” How sweet is that?



Aiko feels like opening a box to find a treasure. And that’s exactly what your baby girl is, a treasure. This special Japanese name means “beloved child.”



The singer Dua Lipa has put this girl's name in front of us all. It’s short, but captivating. Dua is Albanian for “love, prayer.”



Vashti was a queen in the Bible who valued herself more than any title. There’s so much dignity and feminism in this Persian name that means “lovely.”



Amora has become more popular within the last few years and is Spanish for “love.” The word amore (Italian for “love”) comes to mind. So why not choose this charming name?



Kalila, Arabic for “beloved,” sounds like a graceful dance as you say it. It will definitely stand out and warm your heart every time you look at your precious baby, and it’s unique enough to stand out.

Hopefully, you’ve found a name here that makes your heart glow. But no matter what you choose, the love you’ll have for your little girl will be unmatched. Just wait til you see her.

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