A white dog with his tongue sticking out wearing a frankenstein mask on his head for howl-o-ween
14 Dog Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect For Howl-o-ween

They’re just too cute to resist.

by Lindsay E. Mack and Jennifer Parris
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There’s no denying that Halloween costumes for kids can be really cute. When you see a baby dressed up as an avocado, or your cutie patootie toddler dressed like Cookie Monster, well, there’s almost nothing cuter. And then, there are dog Halloween costumes, which are a whole other level of excitement and joy. So, don’t leave your fur baby out this Halloween, because there are so many dog Halloween costumes that are sweet, silly, and only a little spooky.

There are so many styles of costumes you can choose from when you’re looking at dog costumes. Maybe you want to stick with food — think hot dogs, hamburgers, or even a slab of bacon — or perhaps you prefer something prettier, like a freshly-plucked flower or an angel, complete with a halo and wings. But then you think, “It’s Halloween, so maybe the dog should be dressed as something scary.” Enter costumes like Michael Myers or Pennywise that will have horror fans shrieking with fear — and laughter. Because, no matter what you choose, dressing up your dog for Halloween is adorable and hilarious.

Get ready to take your fur-ocious beast out for a night of trick-or-treating, a paw-ty, or just to enjoy Howl-o-ween when they wear any of these dog Halloween costumes that are paws-itively precious.

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Horror costume for dogs

Although the costume name might not say it, anyone who’s a horror fan will instantly recognize this as Chucky, the killer doll from the ‘80s classic film, Child’s Play. Campy killers aside, your dog will look fiendishly fun (and not ferocious) when they wear this Chucky costume which comes with an overall set and a wig that has those crazy red locks that Chucky is famous for. And can you really call it a Chucky costume if it doesn’t come with a knife? Well, there’s a foam one that has a hook and loop fastener to attach to your pooch’s paw. Even if they’re dressed like a bad guy, everyone knows your woofie is a good dog — it’s even written on their overalls.


Angel costume for dogs

No one has to tell you that your St. Bernard is a saint. So, dress up your dog in a costume that totally expresses who they really are. The heavenly hound pet costume from Target will make you swear that you’re hearing angels singing. The costume comes with a dress, wings, and a halo headband, and fits dogs up to 45 pounds or so. Although this dog costume is great for Halloween, you can always put it on your pooch again come the holidays, particularly if your pet is going to participate in some festivities that require an angelic outfit.


Handmade flower costume for dogs

You’d like to create a costume for your sweet puppy, but your sewing skills are sorely lacking. When you want your pooch to look as pretty as a flower, pick this fun floral costume from Etsy seller PetiteChicPooch. The handmade crocheted costume features layers of leaves and petals in colors you can customize (think pink, red, yellow, purple, orange and light blue).


Panda costume for dogs

This panda costume has two armholes and ties that will keep it securely fastened to your furry friend. What really makes this costume, though, is that headpiece, which has a hook and loop fastener. This is the kind of costume that you want to take a lot of pics before your party starts, since you don’t want a dirty panda parading around your house. Or better yet, get your phone ready and place your “panda” in with your child’s plushies for a doggone adorable pic.


Frankenstein Halloween dog costume

Sometimes your pet might not approve of wearing a full-body costume. In the case when you want your dog doesn’t want to dress up (but would still care for a Halloween treat, thank you very much), the Frankenstein dog hat will definitely do. The attached ears and black bolts will make your Maltese look like a monster, but in the best possible way. And in case your dog gets a small stain on it, the costume can be spot cleaned to bring it back to life — literally.


Lion’s mane dog costume

Your dog is your main squeeze, so dress them up in this lion’s mane dog costume. It’s one of those costumes that you won’t have to struggle to put on your furry sweetie. The wig goes over your dog’s head, then you simply adjust the drawstring so that it fits comfortably without being constricting. The wig is made from polyester fiber, which can withstand some scratching if your dog decides to satisfy an itch. Although the lion’s mane dog costume would look cute on any breed, it might be even more realistic on breeds that already look like lions, such as the Chow Chow or the Newfoundland.


‘80s dog costume for Halloween

Your pet *needs* this ‘80s retro kid dog costume. It features a purple, blue, and orange outfit shirt, and day-glo striped pants that are quintessential ‘80s attire. In one “hand”, your dog will be rockin’ to some sick beats, thanks to their pawtastic boombox which features a paw print (because you know that your dog has some doggone good musical taste). One reviewer wrote that the costume runs a bit small, so you might want to size up so that your Doberman looks adorable in it. Who knows, your dog just might win first prize in the Halloween pet costume contest, thanks to this rad outfit.


Superhero dog costume for Halloween

There’s nothing like a caped crusader to come in and save the day. But what if your superhero sported four paws? Well, you’ll want to get the paw-ty started when your pup dons this daring Captain America dog costume. The two-piece set comes with an impressive bodysuit that looks really realistic, but it’s the cute cap with the letter A for “America” that is doggone precious. If your dog isn’t into wearing boots, they’ll be happy to know that the costume’s “shoes” are more like paw covers, so they won’t irritate your Irish Terrier. Like so many dog costumes for Halloween, you’ll want to have your sweetheart sit so you can see the complete costume.


Dinosaur dog Halloween costume

What could be more terrifying than coming up close and personal with a triceratops? Maybe seeing your dog dressed up as a dino — if you can stop laughing first, that is. The triceratops dog costume from Animal Planet will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of Jurassic Park…even if you’re only in the dog park with your pooch. Maybe it’s the shape of the costume (or those three white horns), but your dog will definitely win the prize for coolest pet when they wear this costume.


Bacon dog costume

For the dog who loses their mind every time they smell bacon, you should dress them up as their favorite breakfast meat. Unlike many other dog costumes that either only cover the front part of your pet or are just a headpiece, this bacon dog costume acts almost like a blanket for your beagle. The costume is a one-piece tunic with a Velcro closure to keep your meat-loving dog nice and cozy in their outfit. And if the weather is colder in your area come Halloween, you might want your pet to wear this costume to keep them covered in a cute (and delicious) way.


Michael Myers dog costume for Halloween

Admit it. As soon as you saw the Michael Myers dog costume, you immediately started hearing that infamous song, right? That’s why you should dress your dog up like Michael Myers from the Halloween films. Donning Myers’ signature blue overalls, your dog will look like they’re wielding a knife (but don’t worry, it’s fake). What isn’t, though, is the creepy Michael Myers mask that is absolutely iconic for horror fans. While it won’t cover your Corgi’s face, the plush mask with hair on top will sit atop your doggie’s head. It’s a killer (and cute) costume if ever there were one.


Pennywise dog costume

When it comes to clown costumes, you either think they’re cool — or you’re petrified of them. There is no middle ground, except when it comes to this precocious Pennywise dog costume from the horror movie, It. In the case of your precious Pennywise, though, the costume comes with the outfit from the film, along with a wig sporting the demon’s signature hairstyle. And what Pennywise costume could be complete with the obligatory red balloon? You definitely won’t fear this fun costume, unless you don’t size up, that is. Several reviewers suggested going up a size or two to ensure the perfect Pennywise fit.


Shark dog Halloween costume

It might not be safe to go back into the water — but it definitely will be cute — when you spy your Saluki wearing this shark dog costume. The one-piece costume has a wide elastic section with an adjustable fit so that it won’t dig into your dog’s belly. The attached hood, like the rest of the costume, is made from shiny metallic fabric, and is padded slightly to make it look like a real shark. There is even a row of felt teeth, embroidered eyes, and stuffed fins and a tail.


Hot dog Halloween costume

Dressing up your dog like food is always a yummy way to celebrate Halloween. And if you’ve got a dachshund, then it’s always the right time for your weenie dog to don a hot dog costume. This plush hot dog costume sits on your pooch’s back, and secures under their belly with some adjustable Velcro straps. What’s great about this costume is that your dog can be walking, running, or playing, and the costume will be completely visible, unlike other ones that require your dog to sit in order to achieve the full effect.

Whether your dog is dressed up as a daisy, a hot dog, or a serial killer from some campy ‘80s horror movie, it’ll be all treats and, maybe if they sit, some tricks, too.

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