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19 Easter Basket Fillers That Aren’t Candy

Because they’re going to get enough jellybeans at the egg hunt.

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Easter is probably my favorite holiday. It doesn’t feel as big as Christmas, so the pressure is a little less intense, and it’s also one of those that feels more intimate for my family. My kids hardly ever know what someone else got in their Easter basket or what their Easter egg hunt looked like, and that makes it feel a little more special and less overwhelming. Filling Easter baskets for my kids is also just one of my favorite things in the world, and having a nice big list of Easter basket fillers that aren’t candy is half the reason it’s so fun. I mean, obviously, load them up with all the Reese’s eggs and jellybeans, but make room for plenty of fun spring toys and gifts to fill their Easter basket.

And don’t worry — you don’t have to go overboard. Think of it like a stocking or even a small birthday basket, and don’t throw in a bunch of fillers just to make the Easter basket look full. (Hello, that’s what all the fake grass is for.) This list has plenty of big items that are both practical and well-loved by other kids so that you’re choosing quality above all. From cute swimsuits to perfect plushes and craft kits, there isn’t a single thing on this list that will be a one-and-done kind of gift. Skip all of the crappy little toys or Easter eggs filled with things like paddle boards that break instantly, and choose something that brings you and your kid some joy. Easter baskets are a great way to stock them up on outdoor fun, spring clothing, and some fun activities.


This Sticker Stamper

You didn’t think there was a perfect way for your kids to play with stickers, and then you saw this. The Melissa & Doug Sticker WOW! stampers are these adorable little animals (there are four you can collect) and they are loaded up with stickers that can be stamped into little sticker books. I can’t even describe how seamlessly they work — you just press down, and a sticker comes out like magic. My 5-year-old loves it, but even my almost 2-year-old can use it to her heart’s content. Great for travel, for quiet time, for literally anything.


A Build-A-Bear Friend

Of course, have the joy of Build-A-Bear is making a friend yourself — like these adorable new hedgehogs — so maybe pop a gift card into an egg or nestle it into the grass. But don’t sleep on having a furry little pal all ready to go in your child’s Easter basket. The Build-A-Bear Mini Beans are so cute, and they’re just the right size for an Easter basket. There are plenty of options, and the weighted little heft in them is so comforting.


Some Easter Slime

Easter always feels like the perfect holiday to load your kid’s basket up with some craft activities, so why not throw in a little tub of slime? The Sloomoo Institute has tons of options, but their Easter-themed ones are so cute, you’ll want one for yourself. Buttery soft slime with great scents and plenty of fun tactile sensations? Yes please.


The Most Perfect Plush Chick

If you’re not using Easter as an opportunity to fill your child’s basket with every little spring animal available, then what are you even doing? Of course there are bunnies and frogs and sweet baby cows, but please make sure this perfect GUND plush chick is in there, too. It’s so floppy and snuggly, it’s nice and big, and it’s just the most precious thing. 10/10 stars, all day.


A Tiny Little Rabbit Hutch

Stay on theme and pop into your kid’s Easter basket this adorable little Schleich rabbit hutch. Schleich toys are pretty much heirloom quality — they last forever and are nice and sturdy — and this little play set is no different. It comes with an adult bunny and two baby bunnies, plus plenty of little accessories for your kid to play out all their sweet little ideas. It’s so cute, and it can be joined up with other Schleich Farm World sets.


A New Swimsuit

Every year, the Easter bunny brings my girls a new swimsuit, and it’s one of my favorite holiday traditions. Primary has the most incredible options, and you just can’t go wrong with any of their bright designs and colors. They have great sun protection, you can mix and match, and as someone whose daughters have had a few Primary suits over the last few summers, I can seriously attest to how well the color stays. No fading, no graying out — they are still just as fun and vibrant as ever.


A Fun STEM Activity

Got a budding paleontologist or just a kid who likes to dig? Try a different kind of egg in their Easter Basket this year with the Discovery Giant Dinosaur Egg Excavation Kit. It comes complete with everything they need to dig into the giant egg and discover some glow-in-the-dark prehistoric friends.


Cute Spring Clothes

Another major perk of Easter? You can put spring clothes in their basket, and your kids will be totally thrilled. Warm weather is officially on its way, so load up with some great options from Old Navy. Gingham, florals, and bright colors are all the rage, and you can easily roll up some cute looks and pop into those jumbo Easter eggs if you want to really make a statement with their basket.


The Sweetest Hair Accessory

Need a cute accessory for spring and summer? This watermelon hair claw from Jenny Lemons is the one. This adorable little claw is great for any of your kiddos who love to accessorize, and could fit into one of the bigger eggs available for their basket.


The Perfect Colorful Bunny

I’m sorry, it’s just not Easter without a sweet little stuffed bunny, and I’m obsessed with these little tie-dye bunnies from FAO Schwarz. They’re the perfect size — just 7 inches — so they’re great for all ages. Plus the colors are so fun, and you can even start a little collection for your bunny lover.


The Cutest & Easiest-To-Clean Bath Toys

My kids range from 2 to 9 in their ages, and all three of them are obsessed with bath toys. This is a great option to fill your kid’s Easter basket, especially this Loulou Lollipop squirt bath toy set. These are sturdy and adorable, but the best part is that they can unscrew and come apart so you can easily clean them without any gross mildew growing inside. Pure satisfaction for all.


Cozy Spring Jammies

Like swimsuits and spring clothes, Easter’s also a nice way to get your kiddo some new spring jammies. I love anything Carter’s has out, but especially right now — their spring jammies are so adorable and fun and still plenty warm for those crisp mornings.


A New Set Of Pretty MAGNA-TILES

MAGNA-TILES are one of those toys that just keeps giving. We’ve had the same set since my oldest daughter was 2 and she’s going to be 10 this summer. They’re in perfect condition, and the whole family loves playing with them. There are tons of sets out there, but for Easter baskets, try this shimmery, pretty MAGNA-TILES stardust set. It comes with lots of glittery pieces, bright colors, and even mirrored tiles.


A Pair of Spring Sandals

It’s just not spring until you have a new pair of sandals. Whether you want your kid to wear them for Easter Sunday church or just last through the warmer months, a pair of Pehr Fisherman sandals is a great Easter basket stuffer. These come in a variety of colors and go with literally everything, but major bonus? They’re water-proof. Genius.


Some Fun Baby Necessities

Babies who can’t handle any candy in their Easter basket will appreciate just a big egg full of their favorite things, like these MAM Comfort pacifiers. Stock up on some new colors and sizes and give both of you the gift of not searching for the single paci you have left at 3 a.m.


An Easter-Themed LEGO Set

One of the best Easter basket fillers ever is a LEGO set. This fun LEGO Creator 3-in-1 set lets kids make a white rabbit (perfect for the holiday), a white seal, or a cockatoo parrot. They display beautifully, and each one has its own little movements its capable of making once built.


The Cutest Jewelry Kit

Jewlery kits aren’t all just sparkles and rainbows, and that’s why this Super Smalls Make it Roar Mini Bead kit is perfect for any and all Easter Baskets. The little charms are adorable and include a shark tooth, a lion medallion, and a crocodile for adventurous accessories.


A Fun Doll & Accessories

If you have a doll fan in your household, pop one of these Disney ILY 4Ever 18” dolls into ther basket. They come in tons of fun Disney themes, and they go great with any 18” doll accessories — like Target’s own Our Generation line — so they’re definitely toys that’ll last forever.


The Ultimate Ghostbusters Accessory

Whether you’re prepping for the new Ghostbusters movie or not, the Ghostbusters Zap & Blast Proton Blaster is a pretty epic Easter Basket gift. It won’t fit in an egg, but it can take care of Slimer and any other mischievous ghosts out there, so it’s worth it.

And even if this list feels like too much, there are plenty of other ideas out there to gift your kid for Easter. Here are some other Easter basket filler ideas that aren’t candy:

  • bubbles
  • books
  • water bottles
  • sunglasses
  • Play-Doh cans
  • a set of paint and paintbrushes
  • crayons and coloring books
  • sidewalk chalk
  • temporary tattoos
  • gift cards

No matter what, your kid will be overjoyed to see what the Easter Bunny brought them. Even if there’s only a few jellybeans.