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22 Easter Baskets For Kids, From 'Star Wars' To Traditional

You can keep this tradition classic or dress it up in their favorite character.

For kids, Easter can bring a vibe similar to Christmas. That’s if you’re one of the parents who like to put together an Easter basket filled with trinkets, snacks, and other goodies you know they’ll love. But colored eggs and chocolate bunnies can seem redundant. If you’re feeling the itch to be a bit creative this year, there’s a whole slew of Easter baskets you can choose from. While some of them are classic, many of them are outside of the box but right up your child’s lane.

Easter baskets are a tradition with an interesting origin story. The giving of baskets was adopted from a pagan ritual connected to the Germanic fertility goddess, Eostre, who Greeks believed blessed the harvest. They brought baskets of seedlings to her with hopes of having a fruitful harvest. Now, it’s a gesture symbolizing the giving of new life (enter the eggs) and other goodies associated with the holiday.

Like most things, the Easter basket has evolved over the years, moving away from the simplicity of pastel eggs in a wicker frame to elaborate creations that can feature anything from your child’s favorite cartoon character to the Star Wars saga. And a perk is that they get to reuse this basket when it’s time for the Easter egg hunt year after year.

So whether you decide to go with a basket that’s classic and quaint, or elaborate and showy, this list we’ve compiled has some of the top Easter basket options.

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Wicker Easter Baskets

Wicker Easter baskets are a classic touch to the holiday tradition. And adding a personalized detail here and there can sass up this sweet product. Something as simple as a cottontail and ears will make this basket the first one your kid will want to grab for their egg hunt!

Disney Easter Baskets

If one of your children’s favorite characters has big ears and a squeaky voice, then they are probably fond of many other Disney characters as well. These Disney-inspired baskets won’t be something that they’re willing to tuck away after Easter. So prepare to use them as storage for bows or toys until the holiday comes back around.

Star Wars Easter Basket

There aren’t many cinematic creations as timeless or impressive as Star Wars. And although the first installment in the saga came out in 1977, the ongoing recreations and love for the film passed down in families has many kids lovin’ on baby Yoda. Here are some of the coolest Easter baskets that give tribute to these epic films.

Pottery Barn Kids Easter Baskets

It’s so cool to have a unique Easter basket that your kids can pull out year after year for their egg hunts. Pottery Barn Kids has a line of Easter baskets that reflect the infamous Easter bunny in many different ways, including cuddly, felted and tied ear baskets.