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25 Elf On The Shelf Quotes & Instagram Captions For Elves With A Mind Of Their Own

You know what they would say if they could.

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You snap the perfect shot of your Elf on the Shelf, but what exactly are you going to do with the photo? Will you let it sit on your camera roll until spring rolls around, or just text it to immediate family and friends? Well, you can always share it on Instagram, where EOTS ideas abound. And if you’re looking for whimsical, you can definitely find Elf on the Shelf Instagram captions that are cute, comical, and a bit naughty, too.

But it can be tricky to know exactly what to say when posting a pic to Instagram. You want your words to perfectly capture what your picture is conveying (and hey, if you manage to snag a few extra likes and followers, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, either).

So don’t let a lack of words stop you from expressing yourself and showcasing your Elf on the Shelf caption creativity with the world. Whether you’re looking for the right thing to say, want to get some inspiration because you’re already put-a-fork-in-me-I’m-done with your Elf, or just like looking at how other families are enjoying their Elves, you just might find these 20 Elf on the Shelf quote and caption ideas captivating enough to continue creating magical moments for your kids.


“This Outfit Is So Last Year”

Sure, your Elf on the Shelf comes with their standard red uniform, but sometimes you just want to switch up your style. You can always buy your Elf some new duds, or you can position them inside your child’s Barbie Dream House as they go through her closet looking for something special to wear.


“(Yawn) Nighty Night”

Your Elf has to travel to and from the North Pole each and every night to report your child’s daily antics to Mr. C. And while that might be great for racking up the frequent flyer miles, it’s not so awesome for your poor little Elf who’s probably jetlagged. So snap a shot of your Elf either sleeping in your child’s bed or tucked fast asleep inside a tissue box.



It’s not the holiday season if you don’t have copious amounts of candy canes scattered throughout your house. Grab two and tape them together, then seat your Elf on top with their hands holding the candy cane. Then, tape the entire contraption to your staircase banister to make it look like your Elf is actually sledding.


“First One To Cross The Finish Line Is A Winner”

Sure, your Elf is there to ensure that your child is behaving, but sometimes, an Elf just wants to have fun, too. Put your Elf inside a paper bag, , and roll down the top so that they’re visible. Then place other dolls or action figures in their own paper bags and place them either alongside or behind your Elf so that it looks like they’re racing.


“Sealed With A (Hershey) Kiss”

Your Elf on the Shelf loves chocolate. Don’t be surprised, then, to find your Elf secretly sneaking a Hershey’s Kiss (or four), and eating them when no one is looking. Unwrap a few green and red Hershey Kisses and then rub some of the chocolate on your doll’s face. Their expression of “Who, me?” makes this gag even more adorable.


"It May Be Cold Outside, But I’m Toasty Inside"

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

Sandwich your Elf between two pieces of toast for a delish (and fast) idea. You’ll definitely be serving up smiles for breakfast.


"Today’s Signature Drink Is A Peppermint Hot Chocolate"

Your Elf can become a burgeoning barista when she visits your home. Position her next to your coffee maker and have her slurp up some goodness. Add in some whipped cream and crushed candy canes for authenticity — and a definite yum factor.


"Game ON."

Elves can get bored during the day when kids are at school or daycare. So take out your kid’s gaming system and let him become the superstar of Super Mario Party.


"When You Gotta Go…"

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

Everything poops… even your precious Elf. She can sit with her tush inside a cup, and put a Hershey’s Kiss at the bottom. If the Elf needs more fiber in her diet, you can always put a pile of chocolate chips underneath her.


"So What Brings You Here?"

The Elf on the Shelf has been known to be a social butterfly. So let him socialize with some of your child’s other toys. How you choose to position them is entirely up to you — just be sure to keep it PG, people.


"Yippee Kiy Yay"

Your Elf is a thrill seeker, don’t you know? Tape some extra holiday lights from one side of the room to the other, and attach your elf’s hands to a mini candy cane to look like she’s ziplining across your kitchen. Your kids will “die hard”... from laughter.


The Floor Is Lava!

In this popular kid’s game, you have to jump off the floor (and onto a bed, chair, counter, etc), whenever someone says those four dreaded words. And your Elf wants to get in on this heated game, too. Have her pretend like she’s climbing up a wall or jumping off the ground to avoid getting her tootsies toasted.


“I Brought You A Snowman... ”

For a slightly darker humor, have your Elf sitting next to a box filled with water, a couple of buttons, a tiny carrot, and a piece of fabric resembling a scarf. But be sure to gauge the humor level of your kids, because you don’t want anyone crying because Frosty is a puddle.


"Who Wants To Play Hide And Seek?"

When you literally have 15 seconds before your kids come crashing into the bathroom, try this: Stack 3 rolls of toilet paper on top of each other, and stick your Elf inside. Position his arms facing upwards, and then place an extra roll of TP on top, so he’s peeking out. Write “Hide and Seek?” on the top roll for a fun game — your kids will be none the wiser.


“Who Wants Some Lemonade?”

For more bathroom humor, stand your Elf up (you might need to tape his feet to the ground). Write the words “Lemonade Stand” on a piece of paper and put it next to three glasses. Fill them with lemonade and have your Elf facing one of them as if he were peeing into the cup. Then, tell your kids that they’ve been drinking Elf pee all week.


“Say Hello To My Little Friends.”

Take a bunch of bananas and draw little Minion faces on them (think round eyes, a mouth, and pants). Then, sit your Elf on the Shelf next to the bunch with a Sharpie. Your kids might not get the Tony Montana reference, but you can revel in your creativity.


“I'm Pleading The Fifth.”

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

Put a Post-it note next to your Elf with a checkbox for Naughty, one for Nice, and one for Burned Down Cheryl’s She-Shed. Guess which one your Elf checks off.


“Can You Blow A Bubble Bigger Than Mine?”

Elves are super silly. So take a pink balloon, inflate it, and attach it to your Elf’s mouth. Then spread some crumpled empty bubble gum wrappers around your Elf along with a stick of gum and write the note above. Let’s see if your kid accepts the challenge.


“Um, A Little Help, Please?”

Wrap your Elf up in some Christmas lights. Then make sure that your child carefully is able to extract his Elf from his tangled web.


“Hello, Santa?”

Use your cell phone, a landline phone, or even a toy phone and pretend that your Elf is making a call. But he’s not talking to just anyone — he’s talking to Mr. C himself, so your kids better make sure that they’re on the right side of the nice list.


“Oh, I Need Real Snow?”

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

Your Elf loves making snow angels. But he must have been confused, because he’s making his from powdered sugar on the kitchen counter. Oh well, rookie mistake.


“Peek-A-Boo, I See You.”

Scare the crap out of your kiddo by putting his Elf right next to his pillow. When he wakes up, that sweet smiling cherubic face might look a whole more like Annabelle than a darling elf doll.


“Pretty Sure We Got This Floss Dance Wrong.”

Your Elf likes to stay on top of contemporary dance trends. So when he heard about flossing, he thought that he was supposed to use dental floss — and somehow got wound up in it with a couple of his cohorts.


“Let It Gooooo… ”

On the last night of your Elf’s stay, stick him in some water and freeze him. Then, take your kid’s Elsa doll and make it look like the ice princess accidentally turned your Elf into a frozen popsicle.


“Taste The Rainbow”

Your Elf is a polar explorer by night, and a mad scientist by day. So score some STEM into your child’s love affair with his Elf on the Shelf by conducting this experiment. Put a round circle of Skittles on a plate and write out instructions for your child to pour warm water in the center. The swirling rainbow of colors will be totally cool way to start the day.

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