Father's Day

A father and daughter sitting at the kitchen table, father's day dad jokes
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Tell These Hilarious Dad Jokes On Father's Day

These are right up his alley.

Dad jokes get a bad rap — and for good reason. They’re often associated with obvious answers, silly one-liners, and poor pun. And still, dads keep telling them — and we keep rolling our eyes and trying to hold back our disdain. But, if Dad stopped telling his gags, truth be told you’d probably miss it, right? And on Father’s Day of all days, we should try to appreciate his humor. So hit Dad back with some snappy jokes of your own with these Father’s Day dad jokes that will get a lot of laughs — and not groans.

Maybe you bought dad a card but are totally clueless as to what to write in it. Or maybe you forgot to pick up a present for Pops. Thing is, laughter can be the biggest and best gift of them all, especially when it’s coming from their child. And since Dad is used to cracking you up with his own arsenal of corny Father’s Day dad jokes, he’ll be so pleasantly surprised when you break out one of your own. You can use them in a greeting card, as a caption for a social media post that shows your love for your father, or even during dinner as a fun way to honor the guest of honor.

Because when it comes to these Father’s Day dad jokes, Dad is definitely in on the gag.


For the dad who loves dad jokes a little too much

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May your Father’s Day be better than your jokes.


For the dad who likes a brewski

I hope you have a beer-y happy Father’s Day.


For the dad who digs gardening (ha)

I’m very happy to be y-orchid.


For the cat lover

You’re the best dad ever, and I’m not kitten about this.


For the Star Wars-loving Dad

Father, I am your daughter.


For those dads who adore a play on words

The best dads are really punny.


For dads who love Yoda more than anything

Yoda best, Dad.


For the dad who’s always in a suit

It's knot a tie — you're my favorite!


For the dad who’s a total T-rex

Dad, you're dino-mite.


Because gnomes are so cute

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There's gnome one like you.


For the golf-loving dad

You're tee-rific, Dad!


For your cool pops

You’re totally a cool Pop-sicle.


For the forager

Dad, you're a real fungi.


For the dad who’s the (lion) king

I'm not lion — you're the best.


For the dad who loves to fish

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You're oh-fish-ally the greatest dad ever.


For the Dad who totally toots all the time

Happy Farter's Day!


For the dad who lives on caffeine

Everything I brew, I brew it for you, Dad.


For the dad who makes the most amazing s’mores

If the world had S'MORE dads like you it would be sweet.


For the donut-loving dad

I donut know what I'd do without you.


For the dad who makes every day feel like a day at the beach

I shore love you, Dad. So let’s shellabrate now.

This year, give Dad some comic relief (literally) and dish out one of these silly but sweet Father’s Day jokes. Expect some giggles, some groans, and then some big hugs from the man who mastered the art of the Dad joke.