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father and daughter reading a free printable Father's Day card
These Sweet Printable Father’s Day Cards Are Totally Free

Just make sure that you have enough ink to crank out these cute cards.

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Billions of greeting cards are purchased annually. While store-bought cards can be cool, there’s something to be said about revving up your printer, filling it with some plain paper, and selecting a card online to customize with not just color, but your own sentiments sweetly expressed as well. And with Father’s Day coming up, you can score some free printable Father’s Day cards that Pops will be so pleased with.

Another winning trait about printable Father’s Day cards is that they’re a huge time saver. After all, you may have forgotten to cruise through the card aisle and pick up one for your dad — and might not have the opportunity between Saturday evening and Sunday morning of the big day to run out to the store for an inconspicuous errand. They’re also ideal for little kids who might want to make their own cards for Daddy or Grandpa who might be too young to write out their own messages, but would love the opportunity to exercise their coloring skills. And as long as you have enough ink, your kiddo can crank out as many cards as they want without wasting $4 or more per cute card. Because why give one card when you can gift a few with your child’s sweet handwriting?

So peruse this virtual selection of free printable Father’s Day cards that are sweet, sentimental, and funny and don’t forget to fill it with a sweet Father’s Day message and pair it with a great Father’s Day gift.


3 Free printable Father’s Day Cards

If you saw these cool Father’s Day cards in a store, you’d probably have to shell out at least 5 bucks for each other them, but luckily, you can get them for free by printing them yourself. The House That Lars built has a series of free, printable stylish Father’s Day cards available on their site: one with a calligraphy phone, one featuring a retro bowtie, and one that has “Dad You’re Rad” painted across the front.


“I’m your favorite” Father’s Day card

If you’re ready for Dad to finally come clean, this free printable Father’s Day card from Sarah Hearts is just the cheeky bit of stationary you need. It says “Dad, Let’s Be Honest, We Both Know I’m Your Favorite.” And if that’s not quite what you’re looking or, she has a few other modern Father’s Day cards (all free, and all printable) available on her site as well.


Frog card

From Squishy Cute Designs is this free printable Father’s Day card your child can color with their medium of choice. It features a frog sitting on a lilypad on front, and inside, it says “You’re ‘toad-ally’ the best Dad ever!” Once printed on a standard sheet of 88.5 x 11-inch paper, you simply have to fold it into fourths to create a card you can open.


“My Hero” Father’s Day card

Kids Activities has a few free printable Father’s Day cards on their site, all of which can be colored in. Fun tip: If you print them on cardstock, the paper will be sturdy enough for your child to paint onto, which might feel like an extra treat for them.


Best dad ever Father’s Day card

Sometimes, the simplest cards carry the biggest emotional statement. Homemade Gifts Made Easy’s Best Dad Ever Father’s Day card uses a big, bold font to express how much Dad means to you. But instead of periods, red hearts adorn each word in this minimalist card. It’s up to you how much (or little) you’d like to write inside the card, which is blank. You could keep the theme going and write something small, or instead use all that blank space to fill with loving words and memories you have about Dad. Your choice.


A superhero Father’s Day card

With all that Dad does, he should walk around wearing a cape. In lieu of the ability to leap from tall buildings in a single bound, you can just give him this superhero Father’s Day card instead. You can either stick with the text that’s already inside the card, which reads: “Happy Father’s Day to a super dad — the superhero in my life,” or come up with some words of your own. Either way, Dad is definitely going to feel “super” when he gets this card, which is a free printable from Greetings Island.


A nacho average Father’s Day card

You and your dad go together like chips and dip. That’s what makes this tortilla chip Father’s Day printable card adorably delicious. From Homemade Gifts Made Easy, the printable card is cute, since the chip is dressed not in dip or guac, but a sweet sombrero and a big mustache. When you give Dad this card, it just might inspire your familia to go out to a restaurant for some nachos and other tasty treats.


A comfy couch Father’s Day card

If your family is like most, when it comes to seating, everyone (even the dog) has their special spot. So for the guy who can’t get enough of his special chair, this cute Father’s Day card will encapsulate that feeling. The 5 x 7-inch card comes in a printable version as well as an ecard, too. You can customize it by adding photos, stickers, or even opting for one of seven different layout styles. You can preview the card as you go, so that it’s as cool as dear ol’ dad. And if you’re feeling social, simply share it on Facebook or Pinterest.


A Father’s Day card from his little monkey

For the kiddo who never stops climbing all over Dad, this Daddy’s Monkey Father’s Day card is perfect. It shows a happy Father and baby monkey hanging on a vine, and holding onto each other. As cute as the card is, though, be sure that your ink levels are up, because this colorful card will require a good amount. The canvas textured look of the card gives it a timeless appeal. This card is adorable for small children, and even those who still refer to themselves as Daddy’s Monkey.


A Father’s Day card for the grilling dad

For the guy who likes to grill, you’ll need to serve up this free printable Father’s Day card. It features, naturally, a T-bone steak on the grill. Inside you can write whatever you’d like — it’s up to you how much you want to write, whether it’s well-done, medium, or, if you’re a person of few words, rare. But steak analogies aside, this card will go over big with any Grill Master, like your dad.


A tear-jerker Father’s Day printable card

Some Father’s Day cards are funny. Some are witty, and some are cute. But then there are Father’s Day cards like the one from Landee See Landee Do, which are going to make everyone have an emotional meltdown… but in a good way. “Dad, I know you’ve loved me since I was born, but I’ve loved you my whole life.” (Cue waterworks.) It’s sweet, sentimental, and guaranteed to having everyone reaching for some tissues. The printable card is easy to download and print; it’s up to you to write something even more meaningful inside.


A Father’s Day card that spells out the love

When your little one is just learning how to spell, they can learn a quick and easy way to spell out “I love you” with just two letters and a heart, thanks to this printable card from Sweet Scarlet. Perfect for Father’s Day, the card features the alphabet with the lovely highlighted letters and the word “Daddy” at the end to read “I love you, Daddy.” Awww.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on Father’s Day, especially when it comes to cards. Download and print any one of these free printable Father’s Day cards and customize them with your own words or additional artwork from the kids. It shows that love (and these printable cards) are absolutely priceless.

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