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15 Hilarious Holiday Gifts For Pregnant People That Will Make Them LOL So Hard They'll Pee

Hey, it happens.

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Because parenting should be fun too, it's always a good idea to throw in some humor with gift-giving during the holiday (or any other) season. But what about for parents-to-be? When it comes to buying a gift for a pregnant friend, consider jazzing up the fun factor. It's easy to default to diapers, onesies, or pacifiers, but one of the best gifts is always laughter and that's easily something you can work into your giving expertise. If not, no big deal, because here's a list of the funniest holiday gifts for pregnant moms that have all the humorous gift-giving answers you need.

Whether you want to take a classic approach, get a little more personal, or provide them with an all-time favorite that will make them smile, there are a ton of epic gifts for pregnant woman to get them laughing and maybe peeing a little too — oops! Regardless of whether you're best friends or just getting to know each other, these pregnancy gifts are going to get the humor rolling at the next holiday event or baby shower.

Most importantly, don't forget a hilarious, prank box to wrap your gift in to add that over-the-top touch to your humorous holiday present for the pregnant woman in your life. Now get shopping, and let the good times roll.

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It’s (Almost) Wine Time

Forget involuntary flatulence and stretch marks. For many mamas, it’s giving up your glass of wine that signifies one of the biggest sacrifices of pregnancy. So give your gal something to celebrate with by gifting her this stemless wine glass. You can opt for either pink or blue lettering, and the glass holds about 17 ounces of the good stuff, which is pretty substantial. Of course, if your friend is pining for her Pinot Grigio, you might want to give her this wine glass when she’s thisclose to giving birth — otherwise she might get really, really upset if she has to fill it with water until delivery.


A Cuss Book That She Can Color In

Can we all agree that pregnancy has a whole host of WTF moments? It might be getting a sudden and swift kick to the ribs, or indigestion that feels like your entire body is on fire. That’s why having a pregnancy coloring book can hopefully give you some calm during this totally crazy time in your life. The pages have illustrations, like a pregnant lady in a house dress asking, “Does this dress show my bump?” to “You must be mistaking me for a mom-to-be who gives a f*ck”. You might want to make sure that you have bright colors for all the cuss words to emphasize them.


Why Haven’t You Started Rubbing Yet

At any point in your pregnancy (but particularly towards the end), your whole body just feels effed up. You’re big, uncomfortable, and cranky. Can’t a pregnant lady get some relief anywhere? Well, these labor and delivery socks from Kindred Bravely should do the trick. They’re a not-so-subtle reminder for anyone near you to do you a solid and give your tootsies some much-needed touch. The non-skid socks can be worn before delivery, too — all you need to do is machine wash them (don’t add bleach!), so that the foot rubs never have to stop.


This Is Art Imitating Life — But In A Mug

Pregnant women are supposed to drink between 8-12 cups of water each and every day, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. But when a regular glass just won’t due, your friend can always fill ‘er up with this fun maternity mug that looks suspiciously like a pregnant woman’s body. It holds about 14 oz of liquid, which is enough for at least one glass of water or tea. The ceramic mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe, so it’s good for both hot and cold drinks. And giving her this mug just might be a reminder for her to make her belly cast, since they kind of look similar.


Because You’re Going To Want That Number on Speed Dial

You’ve probably heard the expression, “It takes a village to raise a child” about a billion times. And if you already have a kid, you know that no truer words have ever been uttered, because mothering can be a real mother. That’s why your preggo gal pal will most likely appreciate this dish towel that takes on that infamous expression. She might contemplate it while she’s washing dishes, or trying to serve up a meal, trying to figure out how to summon her village, just so she can get five dang minutes to herself for once. Until then, she can use this towel to wipe off wet hands, or clean up a counter, because it’s made from 100% unbleached cotton and is machine washable.


Because The Poop Is Permeating The Room

Of course, this “Smells Like It’s Time For A Change” candle is a battle cry for diversity, inclusion, and the hope for change. But when you give this scented candle to a pregnant person, it takes on another entirely new (and hilarious) meaning. After all, babies are known for their blowouts, and sometimes the stench lingers in the air far longer than the diaper change. In those moments when things need airing out (literally), you can light this candle from Etsy seller TerraMaterStudio. The 100% natural soy candle smells like black currant absinthe, which will make Baby’s nursery smell sensational again. Plus, 10% of the sale from each candle goes towards the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization dedicated to ending mass incarceration and promoting racial and economic justice.


Create A Calming Space For Your Nursery

For someone so tiny, it’s kind of crazy the chaos that comes once you bring Baby home. To create more calm in your casa, you can burn sage — or just get this sage-scented candle from Etsy seller IgniteYourPeace. Sage has been used for centuries as a way to improve the energy in your space, according to And that’s for a reason, since sage is purifying and can remove toxins from the air that you (and Baby) are breathing in daily. But if you don’t want to wave around a package of sage, you can just light this Sage That Ish candle, which smells like lavender, oakmoss, and amber (and, natch, sage, too).


Baby Got Back Candle

Sure, your BFF might be rocking a big belly right about now, but pregnancy can also give you crazy curves that you never had before. For example, you might get big boobs, and some serious junk in the trunk, too. To celebrate your pal’s impending journey into motherhood (and the ass she didn’t have until she got knocked up), you can give your gal a butt candle. Although you can light the candle, it’s kind of meant to be more of a decoration than anything else, and a symbol of the power of women. This booty isn’t that big, though; it measures 2.95 x 3.34 inches.


Cocktails For Moms Who Can’t Drink

Imagine being at a party (thrown in your honor, for eff’s sake), and you can’t even join in on the toast. Well, you won’t have to cheers with just tap water in your glass with this Preggatinis book, which helps preggos get to knock ‘em back, but without any alcohol whatsoever. This will be the gift that gets a big round of applause from party goers, and the mom-to-be herself. There are 75 non-alcoholic recipes that you can make, many of which are healthy since they infuse fresh juices, herbs, and are meant to be healthy, too. So what’s exactly funny about this gift? Well, the fact that the drinks are so good, you’d swear that they have booze in them, but they don’t.


Epidural, Please & Thank You

For the mom-to-be who knows she’s not going the natural route, there’s this Epidural and Chill Sticker. The kiss-cut vinyl sticker is durable and water resistant, which is a good thing, especially if her water breaks. The sticker has a matte finish, and can be used on anything, since it peels off pretty easily. For example, she can use it on her water bottle, a laptop, or on the folder that holds her birth plan. That means if she’s in the middle of a contraction, she can just point to the sticker to show that yes, she wants the anesthesiologist to come administer the epidural… ASAP.


All Valid Points

Forget floral designs and mushy messages. Greeting cards for pregnant women just got a very real makeover with this hilarious one from Etsy seller thepottymouthpress. Because if you think about it, it’s totally accurate. Your pants get swapped out for maternity leggings (a godsend if ever there were one), it’s never wine o’clock for the next nine months, and any present you get isn’t ever really for you. But at the very least this hilarious maternity greeting card will give the recipient something to laugh at, and more importantly, to feel seen. It’s blank inside, so you can either continue the sarcasm, or write a loving message. But whichever you choose, make sure to stick a gift card in there so she can splurge on something for herself, and not Baby.


Because A Baby Has To Use It For An Exit

There are so many fun parts of pregnancy, but there’s one that strikes fear into the hearts of many a preggo, and it’s this one: getting the baby out. That little nugget who’s all nestled in there inside will grow into a baby the size of a watermelon, and that has to come out via your coochie. And while the thought of your vaj being stretched (and stretched) might make you want to cry, this funny maternity mug from Etsy seller HelloMellowPrints should make her laugh. Even though there’s nothing you can do about her lady parts, you can be a good person and point out that her boobs look great, and, oh yeah, she’s going to have a beautiful baby, too.


It’s Britney, B*tch

For the momma who decided to have a second (or sixth) baby, it’s almost sacrilege to not snag this graphic maternity t-shirt. The short-sleeve pregnancy shirt is made from 100% cotton, and has side ruching to accentuate her beautiful bump. It has a true-to-size fit, so you won’t have to go up or down to find the perfect fit. And if you’re worried about only being able to wear this maternity shirt during warmer winter months, you can always layer this with a. sweater or denim jacket to make it an all-seasons shirt. While it might not look exactly like Britney Spears’ iconic red latex jumpsuit in her video for “Oops, I Did It Again,” people might say, “Hit me baby one more time.”


Baby On Board Sign... But Better

Have you ever been behind a car that had one of those “Baby on Board” signs and wondered… “Why?” It’s not like you were planning on hitting the car, but then saw the sign and changed your mind, right? Well, move over BOB sign, because there’s a new one up in this b*tch — and there’s a sticker for it, too. Of course, you can place it anywhere, but you just might want to put it on your car as a cooler version of the famous yellow sticker. The sticker is durable and water-resistant, which means you could put it on a water bottle, or anywhere else she sees fit.


An Activity Book For Your 40 Weeks

Sometimes, you just need some maternal motivation to keep pressing on during pregnancy. And dark, inappropriate humor can help make growing a tiny human even more fun, thanks to this activity book for moms-to-be. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “I bought a few of these books to give to pregnant friends. After flipping through the pages, I was ACTUALLY laughing out loud AND wanting to be pregnant again (I'm not even kidding).” There are word scrambles, pages to color in, and a “How I told my partner I was pregnant” fill in page, among many silly and sarcastic ways for your preggo friend to make those months fly by.