Grandparents' Day

These Grandparents' Day poems are perfect for celebrating.
Honor Grandma & Grandpa With These Lovely Grandparents’ Day Poems

They’d love anything coming from their grandbabies.

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Grandparents mean so much in our children’s lives. They are the second parents, the date night babysitters, the extreme huggers, the school form emergency contacts, the ice cream and candy distributors, and so much more. On Grandparents’ Day, we get to pause and show our appreciation for how awesome they are, and share how much they mean to our families. Sending them a Grandparents’ Day poem is a creative way to warm their heart.

The truth is I can’t give my children what their grandparents can. They’re the extra thick layer of icing added on top of their lives, and watching their relationships is so sweet.

National Grandparents’ Day was officially proclaimed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978 and legislated by congress. It’s a beautiful opportunity to celebrate these angels on earth who not only bring the fun, but also give us relief by taking over when the weight of parenting gets heavy and we just need a breather.

There are many poems that offer ways to say “thank you” for who grandparents are and all they do. And share it in your own fun way. The kids can create a card, make it a song, or you can record them reading the poem. Whatever you choose, the grandparents will beam with pride at hearing these beautiful words!


“Grandma’s Wings” by Ricky R. Hernandez


Grandparents are such a blessing, and this poem by Ricky R. Hernandez captures the essence of how grateful we are to have them. It feels good to have these angels in our lives.

Grandma, I wonder where you keep your wings.

Are they hung in your closet with the rest of your things?

Do you put them away and just use them at night

or give them to Rosie to polish up bright?

I know you have wings, for this must be true,

'cause God always gives

them to angels just like you.


“Grandmother” by Sheria S. Barnett

Grandmothers, at the core of it, pour into our families while being a beacon that calls everyone back to the center. Sheria Barnett’s short poem “Grandmother,” embodies the value they hold in lives.

Her words are like a golden thread that binds our family.

Her wisdom, like an art that shares so generously.

Her feelings like a quilt that warms us like no other.

The hands of one so dear the one we call Grandmother.


“Profile of my Grandma” by Bridget A. Miller

Many people underestimate grandmothers because of how sweet they can be. But mess with her grandkids, and all that sweetness will take a back seat. Bridget Miller’s poem reveals all of a grandma’s sides. Check out the full poem.

The way it smells when she cooks.

When you're bad, the way she looks.

How she would do anything to help a friend.

The way she'll stick by you until the end.


“For Grandma” by Jaki Shelton Green

Jaki Shelton Green is the author of eight poetry collections. In this poem, she remembers her grandmother and how their lives and memories will forever be woven together. It is a touching tribute that many of us who’ve lost our loving grandmothers can appreciate. Read the entire poem.

I heard your voice this morning

Speaking from the foot of the bed

Your quilt crawled to the floor

As I lay down in the first whisper of dawn.


“Fairies” by Evaleen Stein


Some of the coolest tales and even myths are passed down by grandparents. With a glow in their eye, they relish telling stories of fairies and fantasy worlds. Evaleen Stein's poem visits one of those moments her grandfather shared with her.

Grandfather says that sometimes,

When stars are twinkling and

A new moon shines, there come times

When folks see fairyland!

So when there's next a new moon,

I mean to watch all night!

Grandfather says a blue moon

Is best for fairy light,

And in a peach bloom, maybe,

If I look I shall see

A little fairy baby

No bigger than a bee!


“Two Strange Sights” Author Unknown

Grandparents dream about spoiling the kids, giving them a sugar high, then handing them back over to their parents. But nope! Grandmas and grandpas have to deal with some of the messy moments, too (and we’re grateful for it), like catching a grandchild covered in syrup in this poem. Below is an excerpt, but read the full poem for a good laugh.

For there upon the woolen rug,

A jug between her feet,

Sits Freddy's little sister Bess

Absorbed in pleasures sweet.

Her finger in the syrup now

Behold she slyly dips,

And carries it with great delight

To her own rosy lips.


“Grandparents’ Day Poem” by Stacy Smith

The support of our grandparents fills in the cracks just when we need it. And to watch our parents do the same for our children is an indescribable feeling. This poem by Stacy Smith is a perfect reflection of just how much grandparents are needed. Read the entire poem.

Grandparents are special people

with wisdom and pride.

They are always offering love and kindness

and are always there to guide.

They often make you feel so confident and strong.

Their arms are always open no matter what you did wrong.


“You Inspire” by Paul Berchtold

Grandparents don’t always realize the impact they have on our lives and our kid's lives. But when they hear this poem it will be crystal clear. Author Paul Berchtold takes an eloquent approach to tell all the ways grandparents inspire us. Here’s where you can read the entire poem.

You inspire respect.

Years in the school of hard knocks.

Work, experience, toil.

You have wisdom, influence.

You inspire courage.

Brave in the big things, Because faithful in the small.

Strong. A gentle strength.


“Gifts Galore” by Paul Berchtold


Paul Berchold’s poem about grandmother’s “gifts” intrinsically points out all the things they are amazing at doing. Including how they talk, play, and even listen to our kids. They’ll love hearing how much all their efforts and daily behaviors are acknowledged and appreciated in this poem. Find the full poem here.

Grandma you have, a sensitive nose,

Smelling our treats, when they're baked just right.

You take time, to smell the rose,

And smell the trouble, when little boys fight.


“A Poem On Grandparents” Author Unknown

This poem is from a child’s perspective and helps us see their grandparents through their eyes. They can draw a nice picture and write it in a card, or just make a call to read it aloud to their grandparents.

From early in the morning,

Until I go to sleep each day,

I know my grandparents love me,

In a very special way.

Sometimes it’s tea and crackers,

Sometimes a walk in the park,

Sometimes it’s just a hug when I’m scared and in the dark.

I love to hear their stories,

About the past and where they’re from,

And I know their hearts are filled for me,

With never-ending love.


“My Grandma’s Teeth” by Bruce Lansky

You can’t read this poem by Bruce Lansky without laughing. And if grandma can pull her teeth out at night, she’ll get a good laugh hearing the kids read this one to her.

My grandma's teeth are like the stars.

She keeps them sparkling bright.

And like the stars up in the sky

Her teeth come out at night.


“Grandfathers” by Joyce C. Lock

Joyce C. Lock got it right with this poem. Grandfathers definitely bring in the love and all the fun, and the kids know it. And since it’s no secret, sharing this poem on grandparent’s day would be perfect.

Grandfathers are a special breed.

Of kinfolk, all their own.

They love you and hug you,

And spoil you to death.

And then, they send you home.


“Butterfly Laughter” by Katherine Mansfield

A sweet little poem written by Katherine Mansfield, a New Zealand modernist, “Butterfly Laughter” has all the nostalgic vibes of being with your grandparents and how you imagined anything was possible with them.

In the middle of our porridge plates

There was a blue butterfly painted

And each morning we tried who should reach the

butterfly first.

Then the Grandmother said: "Do not eat the poor


That made us laugh.

Always she said it and always it started us laughing.

It seemed such a sweet little joke.

I was certain that one fine morning

The butterfly would fly out of our plates,

Laughing the teeniest laugh in the world,

And perch on the Grandmother's lap.

Whether you need a poem for a Grandparents Day card or just want to share the sweet feelings of your love and relationship with them, one of these poems is perfect.

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