Check Out These Amazing Harry Potter Halloween Costumes For All Ages

Because it’s fun to pretend you’re not a muggle.

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It doesn’t matter how old you are, it is always so much fun to dress up as one of your favorite characters for Halloween. For fans of all things Hogwarts and wizardry, it doesn’t get much better than wearing Harry Potter costumes while trick-or-treating. Well, it doesn’t get much better than wearing the costumes period, but at least on Halloween people won’t look at you funny when you sport your robe and wave your wand at them casting spells.

Personally, I like Harry Potter just fine (what can I say, I was a Twilight girl), but my husband is a total enthusiast. The first book he ever read to our daughter was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and over the years he and his parents have created a little stockpile of all things wizardly for her and her younger sister to dive into when they’re older. In fact, I’d say that by the time they’re old enough to want to dress up as anything other than a Disney Princess for Halloween, we will already have everything we need to create the family Harry Potter costumes of my husband’s dreams.

For families that don’t have a stash of Harry Potter paraphernalia tucked away in their storage closets as we do, there are plenty of costumes you can buy for everyone in your family, from the baby to the grown-ups. If you are searching for the perfect look, here are some great options.

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Kids Gryffindor Halloween Costume

Little wizards will look incredible in this adorable, high-quality Pottery Barn Kids Gryffindor costume this Halloween. The three-piece costume comes with a black cloak as well as a tie and a scarf in the traditional red and gold colors. For kids who don’t want to be just an average Gryffindor wizard and are more interested in being Harry himself, you can purchase a pair of Harry’s glasses separately. While the black cloak will certainly help hide spills, you may want to wait until trick-or-treating to give your child this Harry Potter Halloween costume to your child because it can only be spot cleaned and air dried.


Adult Voldemort Costume

For adults wanting to embrace their inner bad guy, this costume of “he who shall not be named” is a perfectly dark option. It comes with a long black polyester robe and a super creepy mask that will scare muggle trick-or-treaters and wizards alike. It’s available for adults in XL and XXL sizes, so hemming skills may be necessary for shorter adults. Unfortunately, this costume doesn’t come with a set of gloves that look like Lord Voldermort’s unnerving hands but Amazon carries a pair that will definitely add some drama to the costume. All you’ll need is a good stick from the yard to serve as a wand for the finishing touch.


Toddler Dobby Costume

Dress your toddler up as the family house-elf in this adorable handmade costume. It features a shirt-dress and a crocheted hat with ears, both of which are super comfortable (so your kid won’t complain about it being itchy throughout trick-or-treating). Reviewers rave over how wonderful this Etsy shop is to work with as well as the quality of the costume. Lindsey Kroger wrote, “Perfect! Shipped on time and arrived earlier than expected. The hat and dress fit exactly according to measurements (I needed a different size hat than dress and the owner was accommodating). Plus, it looks great with our family’s Harry Potter themed Halloween costumes. Couldn’t be more pleased!”


Baby Harry Potter Halloween Romper

Sometimes Halloween costumes can be too bulky for little babies, especially if you live in a warmer climate, so a costume in the form of a onesie like this one can be a good alternative. This romper features symbols representing the different Harry Potter houses as well as a red hood with Harry’s signature lightning scar and glasses screen printed on. It has a sleeveless design and zips up the front to make outfit and diaper changes quick and easy. The best part about this Harry Potter Halloween costume, though, is that since it’s so casual it can be worn on a regular basis long after trick-or-treating.


Adult Women Gryffindor Costume

Whether you want to channel your inner Hermoine or you just want to rep your favorite house, this adult Gryffindor Harry Potter Halloween costume is perfect. The one-piece dress is designed to look like a layered uniform with a collared shirt, tie, vest, and skirt. As with a lot of Halloween costumes, this one is made from polyester and needs to be hand washed and line dried. Also, it’s important to note that this costume sadly does not include the socks, but you can purchase these separately which feature the Gryffindor symbol, and argyle print, in the house colors of black, red, and gold.


Kids Harry Potter Halloween Costume

Kids who want to look like the star of the franchise will love this Harry Potter Halloween costume that comes with a hooded robe and jumpsuit to match Harry’s everyday school look. Though the jumpsuit is one piece, it’s designed to look like multiple articles of layered clothing including a pair of pants, a sweater vest, white shirt, and the classic red and gold tie. One note, while this is a Harry costume, for some reason it doesn’t come with a pair of his iconic glasses. Not to worry, though, because you can buy them separately to complete the look.


Adult Professor McGonagall Costume

McGonagall is among the best professors at Hogwarts, so her character deserves a high-quality costume like this one. The very realistic ensemble includes a jet-black dress, matching cloak, and her famous hat, which has a wire brim so that you can position it just right. The costume is available in both regular and plus sizes and is made from soft jersey knit fabric, so you’ll be comfortable all night. To complete the look, get yourself a magical-looking stick to serve as a wand and an old book that could pass as a spellbook (if you also happen to know how to cast spells, that’ll really sell the look).


Toddler Hedwig Halloween Costume

So this isn’t technically, officially a Hedwig costume, but this toddler owl getup can totally pass as Harry’s faithful owl. It is a one-piece bubble bodysuit with an attached hood and wings (and a cute little bowtie because, why not?). One of the things that stands out about it the most is how soft and comfortable it is. One reviewer said, “The outfit is [a] quality costume. It has a soft material [and] it opens up from the bottom for an easy diaper change.” Pair it with some yellow leggings and a white long sleeve tee and you’ll have yourself one very cute little owl this Halloween.


Adult Snape Costume

Harry may have been the star of the series, but if you’re wanting to dress up as the franchise’s hero, look no further than this deluxe Snape adult costume. The three-piece set is available in size XL and XXL and includes the robe, jacket, and cravat which are made from polyester (so they should be hand washed and line dried, if necessary). You’ll need to either find a really good stick in the yard or purchase a wand to go with the costume and, since a big part of Snape’s signature look is his hair, you may want to also invest in a wig to really complete your look.


Kids Hermoine Halloween Costume

Kids wanting to dress up as the leading lady of the Harry Potter franchise will love this Hermione costume that looks like it came straight from a movie set. Though it looks like the costume is made from separate, layered pieces, it’s actually all attached, including the robe (true magic, indeed). The illusion includes a skirt, vest, white shirt, red and gold tie, and Hermione’s robe. Since they’re not included, grab a pair of black knee-high socks and some black shoes to finish off the costume. This Harry Potter Halloween costume is made from polyester, so it needs to be washed by hand and line dried to keep it looking its best.


Adult Harry Potter Costume

Have you ever wanted to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “You’re a wizard, Harry”? Well, you can when you’re wearing this adult Harry Potter Halloween costume. The two-piece set is available in sizes medium, large, and extra large, and includes a hooded robe and a jumpsuit that is designed to look like a layered Hogwarts school uniform. You can leave the costume as is, or spring for a pair of adult-size Harry Potter glasses and draw a little lightning scar on your head to truly transform yourself from a muggle to the best wizard of all.


Kids Harry Potter Quidditch Costume

This isn’t just an average Harry Potter Halloween costume, it’s actually a Gryffindor team Quidditch uniform (which is arguably even better). The kids costume comes with three pieces including a red game robe with the Gryffindor crest, a red and gold shirt, and a pair of brown fingerless gloves that are perfect for grabbing the golden snitch. Little team players can finish off the costume by wearing a pair of their favorite black or brown pants and some boots. And, if you want to go the extra mile, you can also purchase a broom to really make the look come alive.


Toddler Slytherin Halloween Costume

While Harry and his Gryffindor buddies may be the main stars of the series, there are plenty of other characters and houses to love, too. If your little one is more of a Slytherin house or Draco Malfoy fan, then this little deluxe Slytherin costume is just for them. It’s a cozy one-piece robe that’s available in toddler sizes 2T and 4T. Kids can wear their own white shirt and black pants and then wear the robe, which features the house’s signature green color and snake emblem, over the top. Take your tot outside to find the perfect stick to serve as a wand and they’ll look just like a Hogwarts student home for a holiday break.


Kids Ron Weasley Costume

Of course, a Harry Potter Halloween costume collection isn’t complete without Harry’s right-hand man and Hermione’s true love, Ron Weasley. Since there are a lot of Gryffindor costumes out there, change things up a bit with this costume that mimics Ron’s quidditch uniform instead. Even though it looks like the costume is layered, it’s actually a one-piece jumpsuit with armor detailing and the high-low hemmed cape. The costume also comes with a helmet with an elastic chin strap to make sure it stays in place throughout the quidditch match (or trick-or-treating). Since this set is pretty much a complete costume, you don’t need to purchase anything more to finish off the look, but if you want to be a little extra there’s no harm in accessorizing with a game-broom, too.


Toddler Harry Potter Tutu Dress

For a little toddler who loves Harry Potter and tutus, this dress will make for a perfect Halloween costume. The dress is one-piece and comes in the form of a onesie with button closure and lap shoulders to make it easy to put on and take off (and do diaper changes for toddlers who aren’t potty trained quite yet). The top of the dress features a screen print to make it look like a layered sweater with a collared shirt and a red and gold tie underneath. The tutu skirt is attached to the onesie and is made from tulle, so even though it’s made to be soft you might want to invest in some leggings or tights if your kiddo has sensory sensitivity to the fabric. Finally, the costume also comes with a little red satin headband to complete the Gryffindor look.


Harry Potter Costume Robe

If your kid already has a pair of dress pants, some black shoes, and a dress shirt, all they really need is this Gryffindor robe to create a Harry Potter Halloween costume. The robe comes in two sizes, S/M and L/XL, and has an open front (but if you want to close it for trick-or-treating, it’s nothing a simple safety pin can’t fix). There is a Gryffindor house crest on the front chest of the robe as well as a red-lined hood on the back, just like the ones worn in the movies. From there, grab a stick to serve as a wand and your kid will fit right in at Hogwarts.


Adult Hufflepuff Costume Robe

Maybe you see yourself as more of a Hufflepuff kind of wizard, which is fine because even though Harry is a Gryffindor, we need some strong, loyal Hufflepuffs in the wizarding world, too. In that case, consider this adult sized Hufflepuff robe for your Halloween costume this year. The high-quality robe has button closure at the neck, has a bright yellow lining along the lapels and the attached hood, and features an embroidered Hufflepuff house crest on the chest. Just add your own dress clothes underneath and you’ll look like you showed up for trick-or-treating right after finishing up a potions class at Hogwarts.

Whether or not these costumes will actually turn you into a wizard is TBD, but they’re cute nonetheless. Now, go and get everything you need to create your family’s Halloween look.

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