Baby's first Easter deserves some sweet Instagram captions.
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35 Instagram Captions To Commemorate Your Baby’s First Easter

Because there’s nothing cuter than a baby in bunny ears!

Easter is the perfect time to grab bunny-eared headbands and put it on your baby so you can snap a sweet picture. But it’s even sweeter if this is your baby’s very first Easter, and it’s obviously a moment you can’t let pass without making it memorable and Instagram official. You might not normally go all-out, but now getting colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, flowers, and pastel decor so your baby can be photoshoot ready is a must! And you have to top it off with the cutest Instagram captions for your baby’s first Easter.

For some people, Easter is a big holiday. And that means plenty of opportunities to capture your baby during your festivities. It could be a photo op with the Easter bunny (cue the tears), a sweet pic of them next to a real bunny, a crafting moment, time at church in their first Easter outfit, and so much more. And even if this day is low-key for you and your family, you can caption your modest spring-filled moments as well. Feel free to go crazy or keep it simple.

Here are a several captions you can use for this hopping 1st holiday!

Instagram Captions Of Your Baby With The Easter Bunny

  • Who is cuter than the Easter bunny? My baby, all day!
  • There are a few tears, but no babies were harmed in the making of this photo.
  • Maybe next time they meet there’ll be more smiles than tears.
  • On this 1st Easter, I think my baby would prefer the chocolate bunny!
  • Hoppy Easter!
  • Don’t worry. Be hoppy!
  • The introductions were sweet on their first Easter.
  • I didn’t know a bunny suit could make my baby this happy.
  • Happy 1st Easter to our sweet little bunny.
  • Just two friends with pointy ears.
  • Bunny kisses, Easter wishes.
  • There’s so much fluffy cuteness in this picture.
  • What’s a bunny without a baby?
  • Our lil bunny got here just in time to meet the big bunny.
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Easter Instagram Captions Of Your Baby’s Outfit

  • Somebunny got super cute for their 1st Easter.
  • Enjoy this pristine pic of my baby in their 1st Easter outfit before it gets covered in egg dye.
  • Who is ready for their 1st Easter church service? This lil bunny right here!
  • The beauty of spring doesn’t compare to seeing my baby all cleaned up in their first Easter clothes.
  • The first Easter outfit isn’t complete without the bunny ears.
  • There’s no bunny cuter than my baby in this clean fit!
  • Is it just me, or is my baby glowing for their first Easter?

Funny Instagram Captions For Baby’s First Easter

  • Should we dye the eggs or the baby’s onesie?
  • The only thing sweeter than these cheeks are the chocolate bunnies.
  • You may only be able to crawl, but we’ll let you find all the eggs.
  • Somebunny wants to try this chocolate. Not on your first Easter, little one.
  • Happy 1st Easter! Now, who’s gonna tell him he’s too young for this Easter candy?

Sweet Instagram Captions For Baby’s First Easter

  • On this first Easter with our little one, we are so grateful for this life.
  • Easter and babies are alike, they both exude newness and hope!
  • This is our first Easter with our little one!
  • Easter = new beginnings. So do babies! Happy 1st Easter.
  • We are egg-cited for this first Easter together!
  • Happiness is us together on our first Easter.
  • The joy on your little face is exactly how we feel about celebrating Easter for the 1st time with you!
  • No bunny loves you like we do baby.
  • Hoppin’ into 1st Easter like...