Instagram Captions

These Instagram captions are perfect for the last day of school.

25 Instagram Captions For The Last Day Of School

Backpacks, begone!

The last day of school is almost here! It’s nearly that time when we ditch the early mornings, backpacks, and drop-off lines for lazy days, pool visits, and beach adventures. Just as you flood your Instagram with first day of school pictures, capture the last day of school and all the fun things you’re ready to do. You’ll need some epic Instagram captions for the last day of school. We’re here for you.

Your Instagram captions can cover anything from the breakfast your kids enjoy on the last day of school to how fast they sprint to the car because they are ready for the start of summer. Every detail is a memory and a moment that you can make Instagram official. While you’re invested in taking all the pics, grab one of the captions below!

Instagram Captions About The School Year

  • So proud of the hard work the kids put in this year.
  • That last day of school dash!
  • It’s been a fantastic year.
  • Definitely won’t miss sitting in the drop-off and pick-up line.
  • This year brought its challenges, but I’m over the moon proud of my kids.
  • Last lunch packed until September
  • Won’t miss early mornings, will miss their favorite teacher.
  • First Day vs Last Day

Instagram Captions About The Last Day

  • Time for vacation. In every sense of the word.
  • “Although we’ve come to the end of the road...” - Boyz II Men
  • We out!
  • Another milestone!
  • Sayonara carport!
  • Teachers, you deserve this break. Enjoy every minute!
  • Yearbooks, signed! We’re gonna dip.
  • It’s officially over! Don’t wake me before 8 AM!
  • Have a Good Summer! Or, as my kids say, HAGS!

Instagram Captions About Summer

  • Summer’s here, and these kids are ready!
  • Time for the beach!
  • No summer slide here. The learning never stops.
  • Who’s ready for camp?
  • No more early mornings, buses, backpacks. Let the lazy days begin!
  • Swimsuits and sunscreen, already laid out.
  • Enough talking. It’s time for the pool.
  • Send me all your favorite summer activities. We are officially in need of some busy fun.
  • Let's put those swim lessons to good use!
  • It’s SUUMMMMEEEERRRR (In my best Olaf voice).