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21 Mother's Day Gifts For Your Sister Who Deserves It All

Because she’s a great sister and mom.

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If your sister is a parent, you’ve gotten some pretty amazing nieces and nephews out of the deal, and being an aunt or uncle is pretty much the best. Whether you and your sis are lucky enough to raise kids near each other or you rely on FaceTime for check-ins and you’ll be wishing each other a happy Mother’s Day virtually this year, one way to let her know how much she means to you is by giving her one of these thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for sisters (or sisters-in-law).

Maybe she’s a new mom, still trying to get her sea legs in the overwhelming months after giving birth. In that case your sister may appreciate a CBD tincture, a luxe body oil, or even a smart water bottle to help her remember to get those eight 8-ounce glasses in a day (and even more if she’s breastfeeding).

Maybe she’s an old pro at the motherhood game and what she’ll really love is a sentimental piece of art commemorating her kids’ birthdays, or on the other hand, a trio of clean wines. Whether she’s your sister in the sense that you share parents, or she’s a friend who feels like family, these Mother’s Day gifts for sisters are thoughtful, functional, and a little decadent, because she may not treat herself, but you can.

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A challenging, 500-piece floral puzzle

Puzzles are a relaxing way to unwind after a long day, and she can work on it slowly (if she has a place to keep it out of sight from her kid). This 500-piece Piecework puzzle is challenging without being too hard and it’s made of 100% recycled paper.


A delicate gold birth flower necklace

If she already has jewelry with her kids’ initials on it or she’s just more of a flower person, she’ll love this pretty birth flower necklace. The website tells you exactly what flower goes with each month and if she has kids born in different months you can buy more than one or instead go with her own birth month.


A baby carrier that can get wet

If your sister or sister-in-law will have a young baby this summer, the Aquaroo baby carrier will help her actually get to enjoy the pool. Unlike other carriers on the market, this one is made from wetsuit material (85% neoprene, 14% polypropylene, 1% polyester)l so it’s actually designed to get wet and be worn in the water. It’s been tested for safety, though it should only be used in still and calm water like a pool or placid ocean. And it’s best to take your baby out when not in water, as neoprene can be hot.


A wearable duvet blanket

For the sister who takes comfort seriously comes this blanket robe from Casper. It’s basically a wearable duvet with pockets(!), arm holes and a button closer and it’s perfect for working from home or relaxing in front of the TV. I actually have this in blue and it’s so comfortable


Comfy maternity and postpartum underwear & grip socks

If it’s good enough for Brooklyn Decker, it’s good enough for your sister. The Brooklyn x Bodily set is a collab between Decker and brand Bodily, which offers products for the maternity and postpartum period, including pregnancy loss. The underwear is high-waisted and unbelievably comfortable, and the bra has no padding and it clips down for nursing. The socks are high and non-slip. Even if she’s not newly postpartum, this is a gift a sister can appreciate (plus who else can you buy underwear for)?


An adjustable height standing desk with presets

If your sister is still working from home, give her a gift she’ll actually use most days of the week. This standing desk from Flexispot will help her sit less during the day, and it glides up and down easily. I have a desk from Flexispot and I love the option to save your favorite height positions, so you don’t have to remember the height at which you like to sit or stand. It’s also quiet and fairly intuitive to put together (I did it with another person which made it easier).


A bouquet that comes with cookies

It doesn’t get much more cheerful than bright yellow sunflowers and delicate chamomile, but one thing that does sweeten the deal is that this bouquet from Farmgirl flowers also comes with cookies. Yep, included are Loria Stern’s pressed flower shortbread cookies, which are almost too pretty to eat.


A chamomile & lavender eye pillow & body serum

There aren’t many people that you can tell to chill out, but your sister is one of them, and this set will help her relax. From brand L’Beauxtique, the set includes an eye pillow that’s weighted with dried chamomile and lavender flowers (and you can even heat it up in the microwave for around 40 seconds to make it ultra soothing). It also includes a body serum that she’ll love using at night; it’s made using botanical oil and smells like jasmine, cardamom and cedarwood.


A spicy black truffle chili crunch

If your sister puts hot sauce on everything, take her food game to the next level with this black truffle chili crunch from Momofuku. It has sweet smoky heat, plus plenty of earthy flavor thanks to the truffles. If she’s not into truffle things, there’s also a more classic original or extra spicy flavor, plus plenty of other pantry staples for cooking up Asian dishes at home.


“Hats” for keeping bananas ripe

You may be wondering why a banana needs a hat and that would be a fair question. Beyond being unbelievably cute (and yes a bit odd), these knit banana hats include a silicone cap, and when placed over the spot where the bananas meet, it helps to slow the absorption of ethylene gas, which causes bananas to brown. If she has way too many bananas chilling in the freezer, this mother’s day gift is for your sister.


A summery candle

She may not be able to get her house renovated on Fixer Upper but she can make it smell Joanna Gaines-approved thanks to this candle from the Magnolia brand. It has sweet and summery notes of cucumber, melon, thyme and it's a fresh scent to burn all summer.


A set of hand towels for the kitchen

I don’t normally get excited about things like hand towels, but since I tried the microfiber towels from Geometry, I actually am psyched about them. They have great prints to go with any kitchen colorways, and they’re super soft yet absorbent. These are made of recycled polyester and polyamide and each Geometry towel equals the material of 3.5 post-consumer recycled bottles. Now, good luck picking a pattern.


An acid exfoliating face mask

If she doesn’t have time to get to the spa, she’ll appreciate this exfoliating jelly mask as a next-best option. From beloved natural skincare brand, Herbivore, this jelly mask combines AHA and BHA to help revive skin. Best of all, it only needs to be left on for ten minutes.


A calming CBD tincture in cinnamon flavor

Every mom can use a little dose of chill every now and then, and this cinnamon-flavored CBD tincture tincture does the trick. It’s made with a potent 600 milligrams of CBD, plus it’s lab-tested and from a certified-organic hemp farm.


A body moisturizer that sinks in quickly

Dry winter skin needs a buttery moisturizer, and moms need a lotion that dries quickly because they don’t have a lot of time to lounge around in a towel. This body soufflé uses whipped shea and cocoa butters plus plant extracts for an airy moisturizer that feels and smells amazing.


A patent leather, pink mini wallet

This stylish blush colored wallet fits in the cupholder of a stroller or in even the tiniest bag. Perfect for running quick errands, it has a snap closure plus a zip coin pocket and the patent leather is both pretty and hard to stain. It’s available in a pebbled black too if pink’s not her thing.


A gold statement earring with a vintage feel

Any outfit gets an instant upgrade with these lion earrings that look like they should cost a whole lot more than they do. The word ‘lejonhjärta’ means “lion heart” in Swedish and these are especially perfect if she or her child is a Leo, the lion sign.


A smart water bottle from Amazon

Everyone seems to want to drink more water and this smart water bottle which helps keep people on top of their hydration makes a great gift that will get a lot of use. It tracks water intake, syncs with an app, and casts a warm glow to remind you to drink.


A feminist T-shirt

Inspired by words Kamala Harris spoke, this striped t-shirt is colorful and comfy with an important message. In addition to being something she’ll wear all the time, it’s a gift that gives back as 20% of profits go to The Sambhali Trust which helps to fund education for girls in India.


Cute nail tattoos stickers that are easy to put on

These tiny and super cute nail tattoos take any manicure up a notch. It’s a fun way to get salon quality nail art in an easy, affordable, and DIY way, because she probably doesn’t have a ton of time to get her nails done.


Botanical postpartum recovery products

If your sister is a new mother or she could just use a little TLC, this trio of botanical products will make her feel cared for. The set includes a modern take on a sitz bath, a soothing body oil, plus a tisane, an herbal drink which promotes a feeling of calm.

Whether you go with a big ticket item or get her something sweet and small, you can’t go wrong with these Mother’s Day gifts for your sister or sister-in-law (or those friends who feel like sisters).

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