mom holding a baby in front of a crib
Courtesy of Nanit

These Smart Sheets Can Actually Track How Your Baby Is Growing

Anything that can help put your mind at ease as a parent is worth trying.

When you put your baby down to sleep in their crib, it would be ideal if they fell asleep. But if you thought that a crib was simply for sleeping, think again. Now you can turn your kiddo’s crib into an unofficial visit to the pediatrician with the Nanit Pro camera and Smart Sheet, which can do everything from helping you measure your baby to monitoring their breathing.

The Nanit Pro camera is so, so much more than a baby monitor. Sure, it does everything that you would want a monitor to do, like offering a crystal clear overhead view of your baby. And with its 1080p HD camera, you’ll be able to see your snoozing sweetie even in the middle of the night, thanks to its high resolution.

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But where the Nanit Pro makes its mark over other monitors is its ability to act almost like a nighttime nurse. For example, it can track if your baby is soundly sleeping — or tossing and turning. By using the Nanit Insights app, (which is free for the first year), you can see your baby’s sleep efficiency percentage, and it will even advise you if your little one had a good night… or a bad one. It also calculates how many times you had to pick up your baby in the middle of the night — or just tiptoed into the room to check in on them. And if you’re totally sleep-deprived, the free personalized sleep guidance will eventually ensure sweet dreams for all of you.

That’s all fine and good, but let’s say that you don’t want to wait until your next doctor’s visit to see if your little inchworm grew, well, an inch or more. Well, you can skip the ruler when you get the Nanit Smart Sheet. The crib sheet (which is 100% cotton) allows you to measure your baby, right from the cozy comfort of their crib — no wires required. Simply place your little cutie in the center of their crib on top of the Smart Sheet, and you’ll have the ability to measure your baby’s height, thanks to the Nanit Pro camera’s computer vision. How does all this wizardry happen? The camera works by reading the sheet’s ink pattern, and it’s totally safe for your little sweetie.

Now, you might have heard those horror stories of hacked baby monitors, but the Nanit Pro offers enhanced security, as well as an upgraded chipset so that you can have a higher quality real-time video display. And that’s super important when you want to keep a watchful eye on your baby’s breathing. That’s also a lot easier now, thanks to a small Breathing Wear Starter Pack ($39.99). Designed for babies ages 0-3 months, it can track every breath your beautiful babe takes. The Breathing Band is included with every purchase of a Nanit Pro camera.

The Nanit Pro and Smart Sheet can offer comfort and reassurance, whether you just want to measure their growth, or see that they're sleeping safely. And with that, you can breathe much easier, momma.