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Halloween Costumes
Turn Heads This Halloween With These Sexy Costumes

If you got it, haunt it.

by Lindsay E. Mack and Jennifer Parris
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Halloween is the one time of year that you can be absolutely anyone or anything. So instead of being spooky or scary, (which are the most common themes for the holiday), why not be sexy? After all, if you’re looking to tap into your more sensual side, you can find sexy Halloween costumes for men and women that are classic, campy, cool, or even death-defying.

As you’ll soon discover, sexy means something different to everyone. Some people might prefer a Halloween costume that shows some serious skin, with plunging necklines and dresses with slits that leave little to the imagination. Or you might opt to be completely covered and wear a costume that clings to every inch of your body instead. And you might prefer to don a costume of a powerful person because that is what makes you feel sexy inside. Truly, the only limitations on what sexy Halloween costumes you’ll like will be determined by you and your comfort level and what makes you feel beautiful in your own skin.

And while you’re shopping for some sexy Halloween costumes for yourself, why not check out some for your partner, too? That way, you can both get dressed up in Halloween costumes that are enticing and erotic — and then both get undressed later on in the evening — to see where the night goes.

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Sexy Pretty Woman costume

There will be no denying who the pretty woman is this Halloween. You’ll be feeling like Julia Roberts when you don this duplicate of the outfit the actress wore in the rom-com Pretty Woman. The costume comes with the undeniably iconic dress, along with the red long jacket and black hat. The dress is 100% polyester, while the jacket has open front and faux pockets. To complete the look from the film, you’ll need a blonde wig and thigh-high black boots — and a whole lot of attitude. You’ll definitely be turning heads in this cool costume.


Sexy plus-size women’s delightful Mad Hatter costume

Care for a spot of tea? Everyone will go “mad” when you walk into the Halloween party in this Mad Hatter-inspired costume. It has everything you’ll need to play the part of the hatter who might just be bonkers. You’ll get a dress that looks every bit like what the Mad Hatter would wear — if he had worn a dress, that is. The stretch knit dress has elastic at the waist, and the cloth belt has a decorative gold buckle. In addition to the dress and jacket, you’ll get a matching bow tie and, of course, a cool hat that you’ll fall madly in love with.


Sexy Little Red Riding Hood plus-size costume

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Well, you won’t be when you slide into this sexy Halloween costume. The floor-length dress is made from 100% polyester interlock knit and stretch velour fabric, so it’ll be comfortable while you go trick-or-treating. The black stretch velour corset bodice won’t feel constricting, and a thigh-high slit will make walking through the woods like your own personal runway. The outfit also comes with a black and red gingham print interlock hanky, but you’ll have to purchase the basket separately. The hooded cloak will not only keep you warm, but also add an air of mystery, which is very sexy, indeed.


Sexy women’s plus-size dragon ninja costume

There’s something singularly sexy about a person who can take care of themself. And that’s just what you’ll be doing when you wear this dragon ninja costume. The romper, which has a zipper for easy on, easy off access, has a peek-a-boot cutout that will highlight your best assets. The long sleeves have a cool red ribbon design that is also duplicated on the legs. There’s even a sash with a dragon that you can tie around your waist for added effect. And while you can wear the face mask, you can always skip it and wear some sensual red lipstick instead.


Sexy postal delivery worker costume

Truth be told, it’s usually you who’s waiting for your Amazon order to be delivered. So how cute (and sexy) would it be to wear the actual outfit that you look forward to seeing at your door carrying a box or two? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing when you don this sexy postal worker costume. The outfit is made from a polyester-spandex combo, which means it has enough stretch for you to do your deliveries. Just grab an empty box to complete the look. Chances are, your partner will probably want to unwrap your package when Halloween night is over.


Sexy Princess Leia costume

You’ll be absolutely out of this world when you wear this Princess Leia costume. Even though you’re pretty much covered from your neck down to your toes, the costume is still so sexy, thanks in part to its ability to body hug your curves, and let’s not forget about that slit that goes straight up your thigh. The costume comes with the white dress, a belt, and the iconic bun hairstyle wig that ties the whole ensemble together. The best part is that the costume has some stretch, so you’ll be able to easily move around the entire evening. After all, feeling comfortable in your own skin (and your Halloween costume) has never been sexier.


Sexy men’s Cupid costume

Now, some Halloween costumes are sexy, and some Halloween costumes are silly. The men’s cupid costume is a bit of both, but in a good way. Really, how goofy would it be to see your guy all dressed up as the god of love? But once you get past the red wings, the bow and arrow, and the shoulder belt covered in hearts, you might realize just how gorgeous your beau looks in this outfit. And it just might inspire some very sexy times between the two of you, especially if Cupid aims their, ahem, arrow at you once the kids are in bed.


Sexy cop men’s costume

It should be a crime how sexy your partner will look in this cop costume. Does it have all the elements of a sensual stripper? Sure, it does. But that can just add to the excitement of how arresting your partner will look once they’re dressed up in this sexy Halloween costume. Once you open the package you’ll find a shirt, necktie, hat, name badge, two police badges, and an arm band. Give your guy some dark glasses, (and some handcuffs), and you’ll be ready for some sexy role playing once the party is over — and the night truly begins.


Sexy baseball player costume

Your partner will definitely want to take you out to the ball game when you put on this hella sexy baseball player costume. It’s made from a 90% polyester and 10% spandex fabric so that it’ll cover all the bases, if you know what we mean. Even though there isn’t much to this costume, it does tend to run small, so you might want to order a size or two up so that it fits you fine. The costume comes with everything in the photo except the thigh-high stockings, so you’ll have to purchase those separately. On the whole, though, this costume is a total home run.


Sexy adult tiger catsuit costume

Let’s say that you want to feel slinky on Halloween night, but you want to be covered, too. Enter this adult tiger catsuit costume, which gives you all the seductive feels without showing too much skin. You’ll get the catsuit, the headband, and the choker to get you feeling all feline and fine. Don’t be afraid to feel slinky, since the costume is made from polyester and spandex for added stretch and comfort. All you need to do is pair this costume with your sexiest pair of pumps or high heels. Those black cats will have nothing on you when you wear this catastic costume.


Sexy Marilyn Monroe dress costume

When it comes to sexy women, no one can beat Marilyn Monroe. So dress up like Hollywood’s darling in her most iconic outfit of all, the white dress from the movie, The Seven Year Itch. Now, you don’t need a New York City subway grating to blow up your dress to make this outfit so sexy — all you need is your inner confidence and you’ll look like the blonde bombshell… or even better. Just pair the dress with heels and a white blonde wig, some red lipstick, and a beautiful beauty mark, and you’ll transform into Marilyn Monroe — and turn a lot of heads, too.


Sexy adult pirate costume

Walking the plank will take on an entirely new meaning once you catch a glimpse of your partner putting on this sexy adult pirate costume. Everything about it will make you want to climb on board and set sail with your sweetie, from the pullover black shirt to the red and black striped pants. The eye patch, bandana, belt, and boot covers also come with the costume. To make the look even more authentic, get a sword (sold separately) and eyeliner for a proper pirate vibe. Johnny Depp has nothing on them.


Sexy adult firefighter costume kit

Putting out fires (and start some, too) with this firefighter costume. It gives you the basics (pants, hat, and sexy suspenders) and all you’ll need to add is a black tank top and boots to pull off the hero look. Of course, you can always get more props — like a hose or ax — to pair with this costume, but really, this kind of costume is sexy in its simplicity. It’ll be enough to rev your engine — in a good way.


Sexy adult boxer costume

Maybe it’s the long silky boxers or the opened robe to show off a six pack or dad bod. Whatever it might be, there’s no denying how sexy a boxer costume can be. For $39.99, you’ll get the robe, shorts, and boxing gloves. A pair of sneakers are all that’s needed to look the part of a world champion boxer.


Sexy Athena goddess costume

Channel your inner Grecian goddess in this gorgeous costume that will make you look right at home on Mount Olympus — or your own house. There’s so much to love about this costume, from the plunging deep V neckline, to the A-line skirt that has a thigh-high slit that is sure to show off your lovely legs. The golden arm bands will accentuate your arms without feeling constricting, and the long sheer drapes attached to each side of the dress to float and flow right behind you. A pair of strappy sandals and some gold jewelry will make you look like the goddess that you already know you are.

Sure, you could show up to a Halloween party wearing something simple and safe — or you could don a sexy Halloween costume and give those ghouls and goblins something spooktacular to look at.

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