Spooky Sweating Skeletons

Mother and son holding a watermelon and a pineapple over their faces on a Halloween
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Tired: Christmas In July, Wired: Summerween

Who says you have to wait for fall foliage to enjoy spooky season?

It’s summer, which means the weather is hot, the pools are full, and the lazy days of movies in the A/C and crafts are upon us. But it also means people are already thinking ahead to what’s coming up after summer (because we can never just be in the moment, you know). I’ve already seen plenty of people sharing funny posts about how many days left until Christmas and when the fall countdown officially begins, but a new trend of hosting a Summerween party is really getting to me.

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like — celebrating Halloween in the middle of summer. You know, Tim Burton made an entire movie (and then created an entire legacy) about holidays encroaching on each other, but what about Halloween leaning into the warm summer months? Next to the (already discounted) summer decor and beach umbrellas, there are already a few fake pumpkins and skeletons inching their way onto shelves. Should we really be giving the idea of Summerween any kind of weight?

Yes. Obviously. And according to the internet, Summerween parties have been a thing for a bit (and might be mostly based on an episode of the cartoon Gravity Falls, which featured the town hosting Halloween on June 22.)

Look, of all the holidays (with the exception of poor forgotten Thanksgiving), I feel like Halloween is one of the ones that deserves a little more lead-up time. In September when you start putting out fake cobwebs and deciding on costumes, everyone says you’re doing it too early. So why not give the middle of July a fun little boost and host your own Summerween party? This TikTok from Sheri Wilson has gone mega viral, and for good reason — it’s full of inspiration for hosting your own Summerween party.

The idea is simple: just host a Halloween party with some summer vibes. In the video, Wilson shows an orange inflatable pool, grilled burgers with cheese cut into a Jack O’Lantern face for a summer cookout, and even a watermelon carved like a pumpkin with a candle inside. It’s a fun little mix of both Halloween and summer, so if you’re yearning for the spooky holiday that makes you feel all ghoulish with glee, this might be exactly what you need.

You can go as big or as small as you want with a Summerween party. Maybe you just need one night in July of watching a scary movie and eating your favorite Halloween treats to get you through until the fall, or maybe you need an all-out celebration. The weather may be a little different, but much like Christmas, Halloween is one of those holidays that works best when you feel it deep in your spooky little heart.

If you’re ready to throw a major Summerween party though, here are some suggestions to get you started:

Summerween Food Ideas

The trick is to use foods that are still right for summer — caramel apples might be a great choice at a typical Halloween party in the middle of October, but that’s going to be a nasty little mess in July.

  • Use Halloween cookie cutters to cut fruit like melons, pineapples, and cantaloupes into ghosts, pumpkins, and bats.
  • Carve a Jack O’Lantern face into an orange and then pull out the insides and fill the hollowed-out orange with berries.
  • Use cheese in the shape of ghosts on pizza or pumpkins on burgers, like in Wilson’s video.
  • Make jalapeño poppers and use crescent roll dough wrapped around them to make mini mummies.
  • Grill hot dogs and use ketchup to make them look bloody and gross on a platter.

Summerween Party Activities

Because it’s nice and toasty outside, you can still do your favorite summer activities, just add a bit of a spooky vibe. You can also still do a lot of typical Halloween party activities like dancing, crafts, and movies.

  • Host an outdoor movie night and show something like Casper or Hocus Pocus.
  • Have a pool party, but use plastic Halloween party favors like mini pumpkins and ghosts to fill the pool.
  • Have a watermelon carving contest and use all the watermelon inside for spooky-looking drinks.
  • Make s’mores by the bonfire and tell spooky stories.
  • Have a camp-out in your own backyard.

So how hard are you going? I know, I know — holidays are magical because they don’t happen every day. But having a little sneak peek is absolutely fine, and I’m all for everyone jumping into Summerween if they want. Put out all the orange leis you can find for decor, and don’t forget the candles (especially if they keep those summer mosquitos away).