These My Little Pony Costumes Will Take You Straight To Equestria

Ponies that can be a princess or a Pegasus? Yes, please.

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There’s something about My Little Pony that is simply synonymous with childhood. Maybe it’s the magical powers of the ponies, the vibrant colors, the storylines that focus on friendship and working together. So it’s no wonder that your child might want to dress up as their favorite pony for Halloween, complete with cutie marks. And these My Little Pony costumes are full of glittery goodness.

But which one will your child choose? After all, there are several characters to choose from when you’re thinking about My Little Pony costumes. Will it be Rainbow Dash, the female Pegasus who’s responsible for clear skies and fostering friendships? Or maybe your little one loves Applejack, who’s known for cooking as well as being an honest pony. Perhaps they prefer Pinkamena Diane Pie (aka Pinkie Pie), an Earth pony who represents love and laughter. Whichever your child chooses from the Mane 6, though, one thing is for sure: the My Little Pony costume will be colorful, glittery, and magical.

And that might explain why there are so many My Little Pony costumes for adults, too. After all, the core elements of My Little Pony — camaraderie, working together, being your best self — are lessons that can be carried well into adulthood. That’s why you might decide to dress up as My Little Pony as well when you take your child trick-or-treating, even if it’s as simple as a headband, a rainbow tail, or maybe a complete costume. That way, you can both sparkle and shine — together.

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Best Rainbow Dash My Little Pony costume

So many My Little Pony costumes are tutu cute. But what if your child wants to wear pants instead of a frilly skirt? Enter this Child Rainbow Dash Jumpsuit Costume, which gives you all of the flair of the character, but with some practicality, too. The fitted jumpsuit has rainbow stripes on the legs, a glitter heart with accompanying rainbow, and a detachable rainbow tulle tail. The costume also comes with a headband with ribbons and glitter wings that are sure to stay on, thanks to the shoulder straps. All you need to do is strap on some sneaks and your child is ready to start collecting that candy.


Best Pinkie Pie My Little Pony costume

This Pinkie Pie Dress costume from Party City is absolutely delish — as it should be, since this pony is a pretty good baker. If you love a costume that comes with everything, this one definitely delivers, from the attached crop tee (with sequins), to the tulle tail, tights, and even wig with ponytails. But be sure to give your kiddo a quip or two to tell when they knock on the doors, since Pinkie Pie is also known for being pretty punny. Try this Halloween joke out: “Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the party? Answer: He had no body to dance with!” Hey, it just might get your kid some extra sweets.


Best Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony costume

Your child will absolutely sparkle in their Twilight Sparkle costume. The one-piece dress comes with a bodice featuring Twilight Sparkle herself and tons of tulle for the fun, glittery skirt. Detachable wings and a headband with a unicorn horn come with the costume. Unlike other My Little Pony costumes that are super bright and colorful, the Twilight Sparkle costume actually mimics the colors of night, with deep, rich reds and purples that are slightly more sophisticated. The cool thing about Twilight Sparkle is that she can transform into an alicorn, a combo of a unicorn and a Pegasus. It’s that magic that explains her cutie mark, a six-point star that symbolizes, you guessed it, magic.


Best Rarity My Little Pony costume

It makes sense that you’d seek out a real seamstress to make your child’s Rarity costume. After all, the purple unicorn pony is one as well, working as a fashion designer in her Ponyville-based shop. So we’re sure she’d approve of the My Little Pony Rarity tutu dress from Etsy seller Fancythatcreation. In addition to tons of tulle, it also has the three diamonds that are Rarity’s cutie mark, which symbolize her love of art and her knack for getting gemstones. And it just makes the dress prettier. Best part: your child can definitely wear this dress well after Halloween, for a party or just fancy dress play.


Best Applejack My Little Pony costume

If you’re looking for a Halloween costume that could double as a party dress, this My Little Pony Applejack outfit can work for both. A working gal, Applejack is a female Earth pony who works and lives at Sweet Apple Acres. And Etsy seller ThreadGraphix has brought the sweetness of this pony to life with a dress that depicts Applejack on the shirt, complete with puffy sleeves. But it’s the tutu part with all of those fab frilly tulle layers with thick ribbon edging that does it for us. It’s a totally autumnal outfit that your little diva could even don for apple picking pics.


Best Fluttershy My Little Pony costume

Sometimes, your kid’s costume doesn’t have to look like a costume. That’s what makes this Fluttershy-inspired My Little Pony costume so cute — because it doesn’t look like a cartoon. The yellow tutu dress has all the elements that make up Fluttershy, right down to her pink and cyan butterflies. The bodice of the dress is crocheted, and pink ribbon shoulder straps make it even more beautiful. But because of the coloring of the dress, your child might get mistaken for Belle from Beauty and the Beast. And that’s okay, too, since one year, your child might be Fluttershy, and the next the Disney princess — if the costume still fits the following Halloween, that is.


Best Rainbow Dash headband for the kid who won’t wear their costume

It happens to almost every parent. You spend all this time, energy (and money!) searching for the perfect costume — and then Halloween rolls around and your child refuses to wear it. Sigh. For the kid who wants to look like a My Little Pony character but doesn’t actually want to wear an entire costume, this Rainbow Bangs Headband might be enough of an outfit for them. The plush headband comes with rainbow bangs that can be styled so they stay out of your kid’s eyes. It can also come in handy if the costume you bought doesn’t already come with a headband.


Best My Little Pony Pipp Petals costume

As far as Pegasi go, Princess Pipp Petals (or Pipp for short) is a pretty new pony. She’s a main character of My Little Pony: A New Generation, and is Queen Haven’s youngest daughter. She’s also a famous pop singer and a social media influencer, which just might influence you to get this cute Pipp Petals costume for your kid for Halloween. In addition to a pic of the pony, there are musical notes and stars surrounding her, a wink and a nod to her career. As for the outfit itself, it comes with a dress, removable wings, and a headband.


Best My Little Pony tutu costume

The thing about Halloween costumes is that your kid may only get to wear them once. But this Rainbow Dash-inspired Tutu Dress from Etsy seller TuteCuteandBowTastic can be worn not just for Halloween, but for your child’s birthday, dress up, or any other fancy dress occasion. Sure, the sparkly, crocheted, (and comfortable) bodice featuring Rainbow Dash is adorable, but it’s the tons of rainbow-colored tulle that really puts this costume/dress over the top. It’ll be hard to stop your tot, toddler, or tween (since it’s available in sizes 12 months to size 8) from twirling around while they wear it.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, you can’t get more colorful or adorable than My Little Pony. While there aren’t too many options to choose from, it makes the costume even more unique, just like the ponies (and your child), too. You can wear them well past the holiday anytime your child wants some frilly fun — or just to horse around.

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