Valentine's Day

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Have A Valentine's Day To Remember With These Games For Couples

Who's up for some spicy competition?

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious while you celebrate. Mix it up this year by playing a Valentine’s Day game for couples and see how having a laugh will improve your mood and remind you why you feel in love with your partner in the first place.

Don’t believe it? It’s science. Fun fact, a study in Social Work in Healthcare found that “one possible beneficial effect of board game activities may be reduced depression in older adults.” So not only will you be getting some great face time with your partner, you may actually be boosting endorphins in your body to improve your overall health. How’s that for a V-Day win/win?

But what Valentine’s Day games for couples should you play? Great question. Game options run the gamut from silly to sexy so you can pick and choose what’s right for you and your partner. Perhaps your idea of foreplay is having a laugh attack together. In that case, consider a rousing game of Mad Libs After Dark or Twister. If you like something a bit more seductive, make your own scandalous scavenger hunt.

Play The Newlywed Game

Even if you’ve been together for two decades, challenging each other to remember important things about each other is not only a great way to spark conversation, it also takes you back down memory lane to relive your favorite moments together. Plus, you can get your family involved if you want and have one of your children ask you each the questions. Everyone will be enlighted by the end.

Play Twister

There’s a reason Twister became a runaway hit when it was released in 1966. By following the colorful dots, you inevitably get yourself all tangled up around your opponent, or as one Milton Bradley called it, it was essentially “sex in a box.” And the simple concept remains just as sexy as ever, even if it is just you and your partner in the living room playing together.

Play Valentine Pictionary

Most people have played a round of Pictionary in their day so you won’t be hampered by trying to learn new rules with this Valentine’s Day games for couples. Basically the only change here is to the prompts. The Dating Divas suggest the following example: “Moments – these will be prompts to draw a picture a specific event you have shared in your relationship.” You could also have a category called “All About Us – A little test of how well you know your spouse with these fun prompts all about each other.”

Name that Love Song

Every couple has “their song” but what about a host of songs that are meaningful to you both? You could play this game by having each hum a few bars of a favorite tune, or play on your phone or Alexa a snippet. Whoever gets the most right, wins.

Create A Scavenger Hunt

Now this Valentine’s Day games for couples could go either direction: super silly or extra sexy. You get to decide, but the point is, you lay out a series of clues for your partner to solve all in order to win the ultimate prize. What that is, well, that’s entirely up to you.

Play Strip Poker

Hey, it worked in college. Why not take it all off for each other while playing cards?

Play Never Have I Ever

There’s something about the classic high school games, like Never Have I Ever, that stir up all the flirty feels. Return to that same vibe by playing Never Have I Ever with your partner. You might be surprised by what they have and haven’t done and what firsts you decide to live together.

Spin the Bottle

Sure, this is typically played with a room full of people, but who says you can’t finish off that bottle of merlot and give the old bottle a spin together?

Do Seven Minutes in Heaven

Want to give your partner the shivers? On Valentine’s Day evening, grab them, pull them into the closet, make out and then tell them they just played Seven Minutes in Heaven. Surprise!

Write A Mad Libs After Dark

Mad Libs are a great way to collaborate and have a laugh. But did you know the company makes Mad Libs After Dark? The more adult version puts a naughty twist on the childhood game.

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Host V-Day Trivia

For hardcore trivia fans, this is a great Valentine’s Day games for couples option. Make your own difficult relationship ship questions then quiz your partner to see if they can get them right. Just remember, this is supposed to be fun, not a test so keep it light.

Play V-Day Bingo

Get your Bingo cards ready and prepare to win big. This Valentine’s Day games for couples is one you can either DIY at home or crib from a variety of websites. On Etsy vendor The Little Bondage Shop sells Sexy Bingo Foreplay Game which, well, you can likely guess what it entails.

Play Truth or Dare

It’s the stuff of middle school party legends. Nothing beats a round of truth or dare when you’re looking to get a bit more intimate with someone. How far you take the game is a matter of trust.

Play Valentine’s Jenga

Here’s a craft project and game in one: Valentine’s Jenga. Basically you buy one of the tumbling tower sets then paint some of its pieces pink and add fun notes like “5 minute back massage” or “it’s getting hot in here so” instructions to make for a more spicy game night.

Buy Romantic Roll Play Dice

Want to roll the dice on a romantic evening? Then you need the die to do so. This set includes sex positions, body part instructions, and locations for where and what do to.

Make Cupid’s holiday a bit more competitive with an evening of Valentine’s Day games for couples where everyone goes home a winner.