Valentine's Day

These Valentine's Day gifts for pregnant women are perfect for the expecting mothers in your life.
Here’s What Pregnant People Actually Want For Valentine’s Day

When you’re expecting, nothing says romance like a robe and a pair of cozy slippers.

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It’s no secret that pregnancy comes with a lot of aches, pains, nausea, cravings, and all kinds of other interesting side effects. While the baby at the end certainly makes it all worth it, it’s not an easy ride. But you can show some love and appreciation for her with the right Valentine’s Day gift for your pregnant wife. Whether she could use a little relaxation, loves all things sugary-sweet, or could use some kind of distraction from getting kicked in the ribs all day long, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get her what she needs.

Some of the Valentine’s Day traditions of chocolate or champagne might not really agree with her this year, so you may have to get a little more creative with gifts for your pregnant wife. But there are lots of gifts for expectant mothers that can help them care for themselves, feel seen during this particular time of their lives, and have some fun. If she’s a book lover, a memoir that deals with pregnancy and parenthood or a book subscription box might be perfect. If she likes practical gifts, a PACKPACK bag or a Tile can help her keep everything she needs right where she wants it. This is also a great time to stray a bit from traditional; if she’s not up to a fancy date night then gift her with everything she needs for an at-home spa day instead.

Not sure what to get the mama-to-be in your life? Here are some great Valentine’s gift ideas for your pregnant wife (or, any pregnant person, really) to help you get started.


A really great candle

There’s nothing wrong with a budget candle, but there’s nothing quite like a mid-to-extra-fancy candle. Diptyque makes some of the most recognizable luxury candles, and their Vanille scent is truly unbeatable. The scents run the gamut — you’ll truly find something for everyone here, from woodsy santals to fresh cottons — so don’t hesitate to browse if she’s not a huge fan of sweet smells.


A ridiculously soft throw blanket

When you’re pregnant, it’s hard to get comfortable. Make her life a little cozier with a luxe throw blanket she can use long after baby has arrived. Barefoot Dreams has a reputation for making the softest blankets known to man, and the neutral checkered pattern is very in right now.


A keepsake pregnancy journal

If your partner loves to journal or jot down memories, a special pregnancy journal is a super thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift idea. It’s made with high-quality archival paper and a linen cover, and it will remind her that everything she’s feeling and looking forward to right now is worth celebrating and remembering.


This beautiful gold locket

This gorgeous yellow gold locket is so dainty and sweet. Emblazoned with your new arrival’s first initial, it will always remind her of this special time in your lives (and how thoughtful and stylish you are, you gem).


Cute, comfy house slippers

L.L. Bean’s “Wicked Good” slippers are what slipper dreams are made of. The wool lining will keep her toes nice and warm even with the absence of socks, and they’ll come in handy when she’s padding around the house with a new baby in the crook of her arm. The rubber soles are great for indoor wear and quick jaunts to the mailbox.


An oversized cardigan they can wear forever

An extra oversized cardigan is the gift — for Valentine’s Day or any occasion, really — that your pregnant partner will absolutely fall in love with. This lightweight cardigan from beloved maternity brand Storq is super soft and warm (it’s knit from a blend of alpaca, nylon, and wool fibers), and truly will be probably the last “maternity” or “nursing” item to get donated — if ever. Oversized cardigans never go out of style, after all.


A personalized jewelry case

As nice as it is to celebrate your pregnancy, sometimes it’s nice to get a gift that’s just about you, amid all the hubbub of a new baby. This little jewelry case is perfect if your boo is always accessorized to the nines, or if you two have a special babymoon planned and she’ll need somewhere to pack all her baubles.


A luxurious pair of PJs

Again: when in doubt, pick a gift that makes her comfy. Cozy Earth’s bamboo pajamas are perfect for her if pregnancy has made her run hot at night — they’ll keep her degrees cooler than her usual giant cotton tee. The pretty colors and patterns, and the elegant design and piping, make these cute enough to wear when family visits to meet the new baby, too.


A gift set to spice up all those bath’s she’s taking

Thanks to all the aches and pains that come with pregnancy, chances are your lover is spending quite a bit more time soaking in a bath than usual. Make her time in the tub a little more fun with a bunch of adorable goodies from LUSH. The set includes a limited edition shower gel and “bubbleroon,” two bath bombs, two soaps, and a massage bar. Yes, you will be rubbing her feet with that later, thank you so much.


A cute pack to carry essentials

When she’s already lugging a baby, she probably doesn’t want to be lugging around a big purse, too. These comfortable and cute little bags from PACKPACK can sit on her hip and help her keep her wallet, phone, and keys with her easily wherever she goes. It has the functionality of a fanny pack, but with a little bit more of an elevated look. If pink isn’t her color, the product comes in silver and a floral pattern as well.


A book to make her laugh at impending motherhood

This book is chock full of eye-popping facts about the animal kingdom, noting the many species of animals that take, shall we say, less-than-loving care of their young. If she likes to laugh but is feeling the pressure of being the perfect mom already, this book might both make her smile and teach her something, too. It’s also a mere 64 pages, and makes a great addition to any collection of coffee table books or bathroom reads.


A moisturizing stick

Is pregnancy drying out her skin? The Mother Mother Balm Bar is designed to help alleviate some of that discomfort, and is designed to be easily spread all over a growing baby belly (as well as any other dry skin on the body). It’s made with a blend of moisturizing ingredients like cocoa seed butter, mango seed butter, avocado oil, shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, and more.


A tile to help keep track of important things

It’s just a scientific fact: both pregnancy and motherhood change your brain in some awesome ways that make you more able to keep your little one safe and healthy, but perhaps less likely to remember where you put your keys. Tile can help with that by keeping track of your keys, wallet, or other important items for you, and making finding them again as simple as tapping a button on your phone. This four-pack includes a slim Tile that slides into a wallet, two keychains, and a Tile sticker.


A steamy book subscription for romance lovers

If your boo enjoys reading romance novels, this subscription box curated by staff at the famous romance bookstore The Ripped Bodice will delight her. You can choose between 6-month, 12-month, or ongoing plans that are billed monthly. Each month, two new romance picks will arrive on your doorstep, along with another small present like a candle, mug, or keychain. If she loves this genre, this present will remind her every month how much you care.


A pair of super cute walking shoes

Pregnancy can make your feet grow, and even cause your arches to flatten out (rude). So, if your honey’s shoes aren’t fitting well or she’s having aches and pains after walking too much, some supportive shoes might help. This brand has podiatrists’ stamp of approval, which means they should get two thumbs up from your pregnant partner (and her joints), too.


A custom floral arrangement

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of flowers, right? You can go to your local florist to have something pulled together, or if you’d rather keep it hassle-free, order a bouquet from Planting With P. Custom flower arrangements are available in three different sizes and you can request whatever three-color palette you’d like when you order the bouquet, so you’re sure to get an arrangement that’s perfect for her. This small florist ships nationwide, but for the freshest possible flowers, you’ll want to opt for next-day shipping.


A restful night of sleep

Side sleeping doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but as you progress in pregnancy, that’s pretty much the only option there is. If mom-to-be is struggling to get a restful sleep at night, then she could benefit from the Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow that offers back and bump support while she lays on her side. This is a great option for someone who doesn’t have the bed space for one of those huge body pillows. It has a contoured shape with a stretch panel so it will fit her body as her belly grows, and it has a removable jersey cover that is machine washable.


A poetry collection about motherhood

A sweet collection of poems about the highs and lows of new motherhood? Cue the tears. A book like this is perfect for the sentimental mom-to-be who leans on books and poetry in times of change.


An assortment of festive sweets

She can’t pop a real bottle, but this adorable little bottle filled with strawberry Champagne bears will do the trick this year. Sugarfina’s box of assorted candies will make her giddy if she’s a fan of chewy candy and sour treats, and the fun packaging is reminiscent of those red and gold heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.


A maternity photoshoot (if she has mentioned one)

MesquitaFMS/E+/Getty Images

Some people don’t feel passionately about commemorating their pregnant body, but for others, it feels important to remember what they looked and felt like. If your pregnant wife has mentioned wanting to do a maternity photoshoot, setting that up for her would be so romantic. Just be sure to pick a photographer she likes — maybe ask her bestie or see which photogs she follows on Instagram.

While it’s a good idea to put a lot of thought into Feb. 14 every year, it’s worth going above and beyond when it comes to buying a Valentine’s gift for your pregnant partner. Carrying a baby is tough work, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to show some extra appreciation.

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