Valentine's Day

These Valentine's Day gifts for pregnant women are perfect for the expecting mothers in your life.
Here's What Pregnant People Actually Want For Valentine's Day

When you’re expecting, nothing says romance like a robe and a pair of cozy slippers.

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It’s no secret that pregnancy comes with a lot of aches, pains, nausea, cravings, and all kinds of other interesting side effects. While the baby at the end certainly makes it all worth it, it’s not an easy ride. But you can show some love and appreciation for her with the right Valentine’s Day gift for your pregnant wife. Whether she could use a little relaxation, loves all things sugary-sweet, or could use some kind of distraction from getting kicked in the ribs all day long, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get her what she needs.

Some of the Valentine’s Day traditions of chocolate or champagne might not really agree with her this year, so you might have to get a little more creative with gifts for your pregnant wife. But there are lots of gifts for expectant mothers that can help them care for themselves, feel seen during this particular time of their lives, and have some fun. If she’s a book lover, a memoir that deals with pregnancy and parenthood or a book subscription box might be perfect. If she likes practical gifts, a PACKPACK bag or a Tile can help her keep everything she needs right where she wants it. This is also a great time to stray a bit from traditional; if she’s not up to a fancy date night then gift her with everything she needs for an at-home spa day instead.

Not sure what to get the mama-to-be in your life? Here are some great Valentine’s gift ideas for your pregnant wife (or, any pregnant person, really) to help you get started.


Pregnancy-safe skin care products

One of the burdens of pregnancy is having to reevaluate what you eat, drink, and put on your skin. This lovely set from Hatch includes a face oil and face serum that are both fully safe to use when expecting. After birth and maybe even nursing, they can go back to their powerful go-to favorites that include ingredients that dermatologists recommended staying away from during pregnancy (like retinol and salicylic acid), but for now, help them stick to their skin care routine that they love by supplying them with nice products they don’t have to think twice about using.


A really great candle

There’s nothing wrong with a budget candle, but there’s nothing quite like a mid-to-extra-fancy candle. This candle is by far not as expensive as they come, but the brand, Anecdote Candles, comes up with the best names and descriptions that are a gift in itself, and their candles truly smell as they’re described. The scents run the gamut — you’ll truly find something for everyone here. But since she can’t have any Champagne on Valentine’s Day if she’s expecting, the next best thing just might their Bottomless Mimosa candle that smells like citrus, bergamot, and a hint of fresh greens.


A chic machine-washable house slipper

This is not your average slipper. The beauty of Rothy’s shoes is that they’re machine washable — so convenient, we know — and really cute. These slippers are best suited for indoor use, but they do have a hard sole so they can stand to be worn outdoors as well. The fuzzy sherpa lining that will keep your toes nice and warm even with the absence of socks, and the eco-conscious recipient would be happy to know that four plastic bottles intended for the ocean were sacrificed to make these shoes.


A special photo to display

A picture isn’t one of those gifts that are impressive because they’re fancy — they’re loved and appreciated because they’re thoughtful. As far as Valentine’s Day gifts go, you can knock it out of the park by grabbing a simple photo holder (or even an inexpensive frame), and pairing it with a meaningful photograph, print, or a romantic or uplifting quote.


An oversized cardigan they can wear forever

An extra oversized cardigan is the gift — for Valentine’s Day or any occasion, really — that your pregnant partner did not know they would absolutely fall in love with. This lightweight cardigan from beloved maternity brand Storq is super soft and warm (it’s knit from a blend of alpaca, nylon, and wool fibers), and truly will be probably the last “maternity” or “nursing” item to get pitched — if ever. XL cardigans never go out of style, after all. And don’t let the dry-clean-only label deter you as the alpaca helps it naturally wick away moisture and odors. So yea, if the baby spits up on it, it’ll probably be easier to clean than you think.


A book to make her laugh at impending motherhood

This book is chock full of eye popping facts about the animal kingdom, noting the many species of animals that take, shall we say, less than loving care of their young. If she likes to laugh but is feeling the pressure of being the perfect mom already, this book might both make her smile and teach her something, too. It’s also a mere 64 pages, and makes a great addition to your collection of coffee table books or bathroom reads.


A cute pack to carry essentials

When she’s already lugging a baby, she probably doesn’t want to be lugging around a big purse too. These comfortable and cute little bags from PACKPACK can sit on her hip and help her keep her wallet, phone, and keys with her easily wherever she goes. It has the functionality of a fanny pack, but with a little bit more of an elevated look. If pink isn’t her color, the product comes in silver and a floral pattern as well.


A ginger mocktail to settle her stomach

Since a bottle of bubbly isn’t an ideal Valentine’s gift for a pregnant wife, consider a mocktail gift instead. If she’s dealing with acid reflux, as many pregnant people are, anything that’s made with a citrus base isn’t likely to be great. But pregnant people are often encouraged to have ginger to sooth their stomach, and this ginger whiskey mocktail kit might help her feel like she’s celebrating even though she can’t partake in the real drink.


Ad-free streaming

Sure, you probably already have access to a few streaming services, but now is a good time to splurge for a premium app — preferably one that’s ad-free. As she gets further into pregnancy, she’s going to want to lounge and watch TV more and more. Then, once the baby comes, it’ll be nice to have something to entertain her while she’s feeding the baby, pumping, or even recovering from childbirth. Consider investing in a monthly ad-free subscription for HBO Max, Peacock Premium Plus, Hulu, or Hallmark Movies Now (this one is an especially good Valentine’s gift for a pregnant wife who loves a good cheesy love story).


A bath bomb

There’s nothing that can soothe an aching body like a hot bath, and a bath is a whole lot more relaxing (and entertaining) with a good bath bomb. To really play up the romance of Valentine’s Day, consider getting her this one which is appropriately called “Sex Bomb.” It’s made with a mix of jasmine, ylang ylang oil, and clary sage oil that relaxes, soothes, and serves as a slight aphrodisiac. If she’s not in the mood for that kind of romance, no problem, there are plenty of other great bombs that can help her relax, moisturize, or just enjoy a show of colors and glitter while she soaks.


Something to help with the aches and pains of pregnancy

Pregnancy can be painful: for the feet, for the legs, and for the back, and a massage can help ease some of those tense muscles and make this unpleasant part of pregnancy a little more bearable. This massage gun comes with different settings and different heads to get the relief just right. Just be sure to check with her doctor about any restrictions on where the massage gun can be safely used. Part of the present can be regular massages up until the baby comes. (And after!)


A luxurious pair of Pjs

This soft and silky Natori Enchanted Garden PJ set is a bit of splurge — but the gorgeous floral pattern, cute fit, and silky fabric make it worth it. The pajamas are made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex, so they have some give to them that will accommodate the growing bump. Best of all, many of the patterns are size inclusive so they can fit a whole variety of body sizes. At 25" long from center back with 26" inseam, they’ll fall as a cute capri length on most wearers. Despite being pretty schmancy, they’re machine washable (in cold water).


A moisturizing stick

The winter months can quickly dry out your skin, but when you’re pregnant it’s even worse. Even on the most humid day, as your belly stretches, it can quickly dry out and get itchy, so the extra dry winter can be brutal. The Mother Mother Balm Bar is designed to help alleviate some of that discomfort though, and it can be spread all over the belly as well as any other dry skin on the body. It’s made with a blend of moisturizing ingredients like cocoa seed butter, mango seed butter, avocado oil, shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, and more.


Some portable stress relief in a jar

Sure, this gift isn’t overtly romantic — but pregnancy is a stressful time, and getting her a product that can help her de-stress could help her feel seen. Like an upgraded version of the squeezable stress ball, she can run these magnetic stones between her fingers, mash them, and just mess around with them to help keep her hands occupied so her mind can stay calm. The tins come in pretty shades of white, blue, or light orange. And you might get yourself one while you’re at it — they’re so satisfying to mess with, you’ll be tempted to borrow hers.


Valentine’s Day-worthy nail polish

If she loves a good manicure or pedicure (or both), gift her with a bottle of Ginger Beauty Lab nail polish. Ginger Beauty Lab is one of the original vegan-friendly nail polish brands, and takes its commitment to anti-animal cruelty seriously. If the ordinary nail polish colors don’t strike her fancy, this brand puts out some colors that are outside the norm, including a shimmering gold color called “born regal” and an eye-catching poppy called “pepper sauce.” At a time when it’s hard to find time for self-care, these nail colors might really brighten her day.


A tile to help keep track of important things

It’s just a scientific fact: both pregnancy and motherhood change your brain in some awesome ways that make you more able to keep your little one safe and healthy, but perhaps less likely to remember where you put your keys. Tile can help with that by keeping track of your keys, wallet, or other important items for you, and making finding them again as simple as tapping a button on your phone. These packs come in a variety of cute shades, including the red and black pattern pictured above and this psychedelic design called the Rambler pack.


A steamy book subscription for romance lovers

If her interest in romance extends far beyond the Valentine’s Day holiday and she enjoys reading romance novels, this subscription box curated by staff at the famous romance bookstore The Ripped Bodice might delight her. You can choose between 6-month, 12-month, or ongoing plans that are billed monthly. Each month, two new romance picks will arrive on your doorstep, along with another small present like a candle or a keychain. If she loves this genre, this present will remind her every month how much you care.


A bump care kit

While a good moisturizer is great for offering some relief to an itchy, stretching baby bump, if you want to give her belly a little extra attention, consider giving her the Honest Mama Bump Care Kit for Valentine’s Day. It comes with four products that are created to make her growing bump a little more comfortable for mama. It includes “Rock the Bump Body Butter,” which moisturizes the skin (including stretch marks) for up to 24 hours, a 4.2-oz bottle of “Glow On Body Oil” to soothe the skin and give it a little extra glow, an 8-oz bottle of “Sweet Curves Body Lotion” that can be used all over the body and moisturizes the skin for up to 24 hours, and some “Chill Mom Soothing Jelly” which moisturizes while also offering a cooling sensation.


A restful sleep

Side sleeping doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but as you progress in pregnancy, that’s pretty much the only option there is. If mom-to-be is struggling to get a restful sleep at night, then she could benefit from the Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow that offers “back and bump support” while she lays on her side. This is a great option for someone who doesn’t have the bed space for one of the huge body pillows because of its compact design. It has a contoured shape with a stretch panel so it will fit her body as her belly grows, and it has a removable jersey cover that is machine washable.


A book that will make her laugh and cry

Whatever kind of pregnancy she’s having, she will enjoy this memoir, which is partly about trials of high-risk pregnancy but also about marriage, motherhood, and finding yourself. Knocked Down was called a “haunting story of survival” by Publisher’s Weekly, but also “gripping” and “laugh out loud funny.” It might be just the kind of book she’s craving at this time in her life.


A custom floral arrangement

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of flowers, right? You can go to your local florist to have something pulled together, or if you’d rather keep it hassle-free, order a bouquet from Planting With P. Custom flower arrangements are available in three different sizes and you can request whatever three-color palette you’d like when you order the bouquet, so you’re sure to get an arrangement that’s perfect for her. This small florist ships nationwide, but for the freshest possible flowers, you’ll want to opt for next day shipping.

While it’s a good idea to put a lot of thought into Feb. 14 every year, it’s worth going above and beyond when it comes to buying a Valentine’s gift for your pregnant partner. Carrying a baby is tough work, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to show some extra appreciation.

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