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The Walmart 2022 Top Toy List Includes Some Nostalgic Favorites

And, of course, a lot of CoComelon.

There’s nothing like making a wish list for the holidays. I still remember looking through those big catalogues to make sure I had the perfect list for Santa, and now kids can make their own list in no time thanks to retailers like Walmart releasing their 2022 top toys.

Romper can exclusively reveal the retailer’s list for the year, and with 55 of the season’s hottest toys included, Walmart has made sure to find some at every price level and for every age. Many of the items are under $25, including Hot Wheels Skate Fingerboards, but half of the list is under $50. And these aren’t just random toys your kids have never heard of or won’t be excited about — there are huge franchises included in this list, including CoComelon, Jurassic Park, and Bluey.

Extra bonus: every Walmart 2022 Top Toy is available to either purchase now or pre-order so it arrives before the holidays. Whether you have a kid who loves electronics and video games, one who just wants to play pretend with their favorite show’s figurines, or one who wants to spend all their time outside playing sports and riding electric bikes, the Walmart 2022 Top Toy list has literally something for everyone.

This is just a small roundup of some of our favorites, so be sure to check out the full Walmart 2022 Top Toy list to see more.

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For The Disney Fans

This Walmart exclusive may have you singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” all day, but it will also have your kids lost in play as they make the song’s main singers interact with each other. Featuring Mirabel, Isabela, Dolores, Camillo, Tia Pepa, Tio Felix, and even Tio Bruno, your little Encanto fans will love reenacting this scene over and over with the Disney Encanto “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” set, availabe only at Walmart.

Another favorite Disney/Marvel character is Black Panther, and even the littlest warrior can get into that Wakanda feeling with this Legacy Collection Warrior Pack. Available only at Walmart, this Black Panther accessory set includes Black Panther’s mask and claws that activate and retract.

I mean, you knew there was going to be more Encanto, right? For tiny builders, they can create Casita, the Madrigal family home, with this adorable Encanto LEGO set that also includes Mirabel, Abuela, and little cousin Antonio. There are 587 pieces to create three stories with some fun details like a flipping bed and waving shutters.

For your little one who needs to be on the go (while singing, “Let It Go” at all times), there’s this adorable Disney Frozen 12-inch bike (also available in a 16-inch size). It’s full of sweet design details, like sparkly streamers and even snowflake-shaped pedals and gems on the tires. But the best part has to be the doll carrier in the shape of a sled on the back, perfect for your little one’s favorite Frozen characters to go along for a ride.

Available only at Walmart, this Marvel Spider-Man 12-inch Huffy bike is pretty perfect. So much red and blue Spider-Man details throughout the entire ride, including a Spider-Man handlebar mask right on the front so your kids can put in all their must-have favorite things. This bike is also available in a 16-inch for big kids.

For The Dinosaurs & Dolls Fans

Whether your kid has seen Jurassic World: Dominion or not, they’re going to fall in love with this little growlin’ dinosaur if they fancy themselves a paleontologist. The Imaginext Growlin’ Giga Dinosaur is 10 inches tall with light-up eyes and lots of stomping and chomping sound effects. The arms and legs also move, as well as the mouth so they can get their fill of all those other small toys around the house.

Barbie’s estate just keeps getting bigger and this year, Walmart thinks the Barbie Dreamcamper vehicle playset will be a huge deal. When you add the slide, this toy is 2.5 feet tall and features seven play areas, over 60 accessories, and two sweet little puppy companions. The best part is tossing everything back into the camper and closing it up so kids can pretend to be road-tripping — or to just make it easier to drag up and down the stairs of your house without losing any tiny camper cutlery.

Combining two holiday toy favorites — Barbie and Little People — this gift is perfect for the youngest ones on your shopping list. The Barbie Little Dreamhouse by Little People is a toddler-friendly Barbie Dreamhouse (so no shoving tiny plastic cups up their nose) and features three floors of play (with an elevator), over 45 songs and sounds, two little people figurines, and five accessories for inside the home.

Blue has earned a sweet reputation throughout the Jurassic Park series, and this sweet baby Blue animatronic puppet is a must for any kid who likes the movies, or just loves the idea of a baby dinosaur. Featuring over 20 sound effects, this animatronic puppet is extremely life-like and comes in a movie scale size, so your kid can pretend to be Blue’s handler in the best possible way. It also feels like a real baby velociraptor, which is both extremely cool and extremely terrifying.

If you have a little one in your life obsessed with L.O.L. dolls, be prepared. Walmart says this L.O.L. Surprise Fashion Show Mega Runway is sure to be at the top of their list. I can not with how big this thing is. It features 80 surprises and 12 dolls, leading to over 1500 mix-and-match looks. The dolls all come in different styles and also include two pets, and the entire playset unfolds into four huge play areas.

For The TV Fans

I bet you’re singing that boo boo song from CoComelon right now, aren’t you? This sweet little CoComelon Boo Boo JJ doll comes with a bandage case with three bandages inside so that you can apply to the different areas of JJ that will light up as he’s hurt — his head, elbow, knee, or foot. And, naturally, he will sing the Boo Boo song you and your kids know so well.

Whenever you’re in trouble, it’s Paw Patrol! This enormous Paw Patrol Big Truck Pups Playset is obviously going to be a massive hit for all your little Paw Patrol fans. Over 3 feet wide, this playset can open up to transform from Paw Patrol headquarters into rescue mode where all of Paw Patrol’s big rigs can roll in easily. (Might have to buy those separately.) There are also tons of lights and sounds, and the set comes with Chase and one truck. But all of the other Paw Patrol Big Truck accessories and toys will fit in perfectly.

OK, how much do you want to crawl into the Bluey Ultimate Lights and Sounds Playhouse yourself and live there with Bingo, Bluey, Bandit, and Chilli? At 17 inches tall and 30 inches wide, this playhouse offers tons of space for your kids to reenact their favorite Bluey episodes. There are also over 50 sounds and phrases in the house, and it comes with the entire family, 15 accessories, and even a moving dance floor.

No, seriously, how much would your kids love their own bumper car? This is another toy available only from Walmart, but the 6v bumper car comes in several designs from CoComelon to Minnie Mouse, Spidey and his friends, Gabby’s Dollhouse, Chase from Paw Patrol, and Frozen. But don’t panic: this little guy can only go up to one mile per hour, but does have tons of lights and can rotate 360 degrees for an exceptionally fun time.

If your kids can’t get enough of Gabby’s Dollhouse, they’ll love Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse. It’s over two feet tall with an elevator taking the figurines up all four stories, and includes Gabby and Pandy Paws, along with 15 pieces and eight sounds.

More CoComelon! Another promising top toy is this CoComelon School Bus Ride-On which is exclusively available at Walmart. It’s created for kids ages 18 months to 3 years, but it also has a handle on the back for kids who are learning to walk and toddle so they can push along. The bus has 36 interactive buttons to press so kids can hear their numbers and letters, but the bus also plays five nursery rhymes from CoComelon and two different modes for learning and music.

For The Active Kids

If you’ve got a kid that loves playing sports, this Play Day 3-in-1 sports set has a lot of bang for your buck. It includes everything your kids need to play basketball, soccer, and golf, and the height can be adjusted for any of the little ones in your family. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, and major bonus: the soccer goal at the bottom is sturdy enough to keep the entire thing from tipping over.

Another Walmart exclusive, this insane Razor Dirt Rocket looks like too much fun. An electric ride-on, this little guy can go up to 14 miles per hour with up to 30 minutes of continuous use. It’s best for kids over the age of 14, so definitely something to keep in mind, but it’ll definitely be a top toy for any kid who’s interested in motocross.

If you couldn’t tell, dinosaurs are very much in thanks to the latest installment of the Jurassic Park series. This sweet little T-rex quad goes up to two miles per hour and has some fun dinosaur noises and also a chomping mouth action. It’s also super easy to use with just a push button, and is a good choice for kids as young as 18 months.

Another electric ride-on, this Jetson Bolt folding ride-on is a great big kid option as it goes over 15 miles per hour. It comes with LED lights so you can make sure your kid is always able to see and stays safe, but it’s also recommended for kids ages 13 and up. Be sure to get them a great helmet to go along with it.

For The Gamer

Pokémon has stayed extremely popular over the years, and this year, one of the top holiday toys will be the new game coming out for Nintendo Switch. There’s both a Pokémon Violet game and a Pokémon Scarlet game that promise to be super fun for your little gamers. Players will be the main character in each of these games, and they’ll have the opportunity to train and catch Pokémon and explore the entire world of this fun franchise.

It’s pretty much like recreating your own childhood Christmases when you buy your kids a Sonic game, right? Available for the Xbox Series X and Xbox One, the Sonic Frontiers game has five huge islands to explore and speed through as you learn new Sonic skills and uncover mysteries.

OK, Connect 4 just got a whole lot more fun (and competitive). The Connect 4 Spin brings a fun... spin... to the traditional game and includes trying to put your pieces in place so you have four in a row, but you’re able to spin the row to get them where they need to be. But the fun is screwing up your opponent’s plan with your own spin move. This is perfect for ages 8 and up.

If your house is overrun with pop-its, perhaps it’s time to get your little collectors the Pop It! Pro game. As the circles light up, you have to quickly pop them to win, and the game just keeps getting faster and faster. This is such a fun gift to give kids, especially since they can take it anywhere with them and enjoy.

For The One Who Loves Stuffies To Snuggle

OK, Squishmallows are everywhere, and Walmart’s predicting that these Fuzzmallows (like Louie the Mango here) will be at the top of every kid’s wish list. Like your traditional Squishmallow, there’s a super soft, squishy vibe to the toys, but this one also has a fleece-like fuzz on the outside for some extra fun texture.

A Walmart exclusive, this Glami-Cone purse pet is a unicorn and ice cream mashed together with over 25 reactions and sounds. Give this gift to a child who likes to be on the go as the little Glami-Cone’s cheeks will light up, and it will also interact with your kid by blowing kisses, making snuggling sounds, and playing the perfect dance music.

FurReal is known for some really beautiful, interactive toys, but the Cinnamon My Stylin’ Pony is something else. With more than 80 sounds and reactions, Cinnamon is a must-have for any little horse kid in your life. Cinnamon comes with 26 styling accessories, including flower crowns, and an apple that doubles as her brush and as a snack. And, like so many of the furReal toys, Cinnamon interacts with touch, making her feel extra real.

I’m 100% obsessed with the Little Live Pets Mama Surprise. Put mama guinea pig inside and she’ll give birth to a new baby guinea pig as your kids sleep, plopping right into her little crate. She and her babies have over 20 sounds and reactions, so your kids will feel like they’re raising their own little guinea pig family in no time. Each baby even comes with its own accessories and style.

The Magic Mixies Rainbow Crystal Ball is the latest in the Magic Mixies brand and so fun. With an interactive wand, your child will have to get super magical to make their own little Mixie appear inside the crystal ball. Once they’ve appeared, they can still play with the crystal ball and their Mixie together thanks to over 80 sounds and reactions. And if they want to do the magic all over again, just put her back in the crystal ball to start over!

Walmart’s 2022 Top Toy list includes so many nostalgic favorites, but there are also way too many fun new gifts to try out this year.