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When Is National Cousins Day This Year?

Cousins are just siblings who live in a different house.

If your cousins are anything like mine, they’re in just about every picture, family gathering, and slumber party you had as a kid. They may have lived in a different house, but that was only to sleep, and the rest of your time was spent laughing together. If you see your cousins as siblings, it’s only fitting that you celebrate your extended family on National Cousins Day 2022.

If you had to read that twice, then yes, I can confirm for you that the info is legit. There is a National Cousins Day, and it’s an official day to recognize this connection of blood and friendship that feeds into the bonds you’ve created through life.

I learned to ride bikes with my cousins, got into trouble with them, and we all even caught the chicken pox at the same time — and even that didn’t stop us from seeing each other.

Although adulthood and life pull us in different directions, we can always tap into the roots and memories that tether us to each other. And having a day to honor the bond is exactly what cousins all over the country need.

When is National Cousins Day 2022?

National Cousins Day 2022 is recognized on July 24, 2022 which lands on a Sunday this year.

Brunch anyone?

What a perfect time to gather with the cousins for some food and a good ole trip down memory lane. If all the cousins in your family aren’t living in the same state, set up a group video call. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and post the obligatory message with heartfelt Instagram Captions too.

In person or virtually, there are plenty of ways you can create new memories while you reminisce on past ones with your cousins because this is the type of friendship that never dissolves. So, whether it’s in a small or big way, just make sure you connect.