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The MVP Of Tom Brady's Family Is At The Super Bowl, & No, We Don't Mean Gisele

As Football fans started descending into Atlanta in the days leading up to Super Bowl LIII, many spectating from home were anticipating which celebrities and VIPS they would be able to spot on their TVs. Tom Brady's posse was on top of the list, of course, not only because his is probably the most mainstream name of all football athletes, but because he's linked to one of the most famous supermodels in the world, Gisele Bündchen. So was Tom Brady's whole family at Super Bowl LIII? Roll call: All the usual suspects were there.

A day before the game, multiple news outlets reported that Brady was indeed in Atlanta on the field with family members that included Bündchen, Galynn, father Tom Sr., brother-in-law Kevin Youkilis, and more, according to In fact, all the Patriots were there for a team-wide event, mingling and spending time with their family and teammates ahead of the Sunday's big game, according to the article.

Brady's recent Instagram photo confirmed that the Brady clan (including the kids) was present. The Brady family pic on the game-day field has actually become somewhat of a tradition: it's the third consecutive year that the team has made it to the Super Bowl and the third consecutive year that Brady has posted a version of this photo on his Instagram account, according to NBC Sports. This year's caption read: "Family and Football."

If you've watched Facebook's docuseries Tom Vs Time, which shed some light on the intriguing personal and professional life of Tom Brady — or if you're just a huge fan — you know that the Patriots' all-star quarterback is very close with his wife and each of his three children (one with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan and two with his current wife Bündchen). He also appears to have a sweet relationship with his parents; he called his mother Galynn "an inspiration" when interviewed by ESPN in 2017. Patriots' owner Robert Kraft gave Galynn a Super Bowl ring (the team won that year), during the sport's offseason, after she finished receiving treatment for breast cancer. In August of 2018, Brady shared in a radio interview with WEEI's Kirk and Callahan that Galynn was thankfully still in remission, according to 247 Sports.

Not surprisingly, Bündchen, whose Instagram following of 15.1 million (at the time of this posting) is nearly triple Brady's meager 5.3 million, made sure to give her husband some social media love and support per usual. "I got your back" was her caption to a photo of her with Brady on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium field. You know that all her Insta followers who don't really care about American football and totally forgot that the Super Bowl was evening happening at least tuned in to see what the supermodel was wearing.

No matter the outcome of the game; no matter how how you feel about the Patriots and Tom Brady, the most VIP member of Brady's family has got to be his mother. In my eyes, her presence at the game is noteworthy and powerful, because you know her journey to get to where she is today has not been easy.