The cast and hosts of Bachelor in Paradise at the season 6 reunion
John Fleenor/ABC

Jade Shared The Most Dramatic Birth Story Ever On The 'BiP' Reunion Show

Part of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 reunion show featured a visit from the happy couples — and now parents — who have gotten married since the show began: Jade and Tanner, Carly and Evan, and Krystal and Chris. Some of the kids even joined their parents in the hot seat, but Jade shared Brooks' scary birth story, revealing that her son, who was born during an emergency home delivery in her master closet, was home recovering with Grandma.

After announcing that Baby Brooks, who was born on Jul. 29, was the latest addition to the Bachelor brood, Chris Harrison threw it to Jade to tell the story of "the most dramatic delivery in the history of Bachelor deliveries," natch.

"We were actually watching The Bachelorette finale and I felt this pop and I was like, 'Oh my god, I think that was my water,'" Jade revealed, explaining that her contractions were four to five minutes apart at first. Her midwife advised her to keep an eye on them and stay put at home, since labor can sometimes take 24 hours to progress. As it turned out, Jade did not have that kind of time. She went on to say that the couple went upstairs — she to take a bath and Tanner to take a shower — but while they were getting ready, Jade's labor rapidly progressed.

"The contractions just went crazy and I had my baby in the closet, like, 45 minutes later!" she exclaimed.

Jade and Tanner happened to bring along some exclusive video, which Tanner shot after Jade had given birth. ("Gotta get that content!" he joked.) Chris took it upon himself to air the footage, which featured a very overwhelmed and tearful Jade repeatedly asking medics if Brooks was okay and fortunately, he was! Mom, Dad, and paramedics (who got there in time to assist with the birth) all did a great job.

"That was amazing. Thank you all," Tanner can be overheard saying while he films. "Just in the nick of time."

Back in the studio, after a round of applause, Jade added:

I know people have their babies at home all the time, but since it was unplanned, it was just so much adrenaline and fear. But the paramedics got there just in time, so I held him in, and then he came out and it was just all these emotions.

Yes, you heard correctly; Baby Brooks was crowning before paramedics had arrived, and Tanner had to be on alert to catch him, just in case.

Luckily, about two minutes after dispatch told Jade to try and hold the baby in if she can, EMTs arrived. About a minute after that, Tanner says, Brooks was born. To be honest, it was exhausting just hearing Jade tell the tale, and Tanner was roundly mocked by the studio audience for blurting out that it was a "quick and easy" delivery. Obviously, the whole family is doing just fine now, and Brooks will soon have his "most dramatic delivery" title challenged: Carly and Evan are expecting their second child in November.