Christmas baby holding a present.
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8 Easy Craft Kits & DIYs For Baby’s First Christmas

Because you’ll definitely want to remember it for years to come.

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Whether you’re a few weeks into new parenthood, or a few months, with Christmas approaching you may be wondering how to commemorate the extra special holiday glow you’re enjoying this year as you celebrate your baby’s first Christmas. They’ll probably be mesmerized by the lights on the tree, and maybe they’re even old enough to taste a candy cane. Surely, they’ll scream instead of smile peacefully on Santa’s lap — a Christmastime ritual that most babies seem to instinctually know how to perform.

Grandparents are probably buzzing, and you surely are, too. Despite the highs and lows of a busier season than ever before, a Christmas with a new baby in the family is one for the books. These fun baby’s first Christmas crafts all celebrate that feeling and are all easy enough for even the most sleep-deprived crafters to whip up. Pop on some Christmas music, pop the baby in a Bjorn bouncer, and indulge your crafty side for a bit. If you’re really exhausted but want to make something, try one of the craft kits on the list. From colorful hand print ornaments to “mistle-toes” (considered to be, in some circles, the créme de la créme of baby’s first Christmas crafts), you’ll find something cute and fun to make on this list.


Mistle-toes Footprint Craft DIY

Use this free printable template from The Best Ideas For Kids to create the very sweetest momento of Baby’s first Christmas. And, as long as your baby’s feet are covered in green paint, you might as well make extras to use as adorable new grandparent gifts, too.


Baby’s hospital bracelet ornament craft DIY

Ensure that you’ll definitely never lose track of Baby’s little hospital hat and bracelet by turning them into a Christmas ornament in this adorable and easy Christmas craft. Blogger Midwestern Moms has a great how-to explaining exactly the supplies you’ll need and steps to take to make this keepsake craft for Baby’s first Christmas.


A hand print ornament kit

Life with a baby is busy, to say the least. If the idea of making salt dough from scratch — mixing, rolling, baking, and all of that — is overwhelming, well, that’s pretty understandable. Enter this super easy kit, that makes it truly easy to get a teensy bit crafty and create a commemorative ornament (and still fit in that nap that you so dearly need).


Handprint Christmas trees

It seems that every Baby’s first Christmas craft idea involves getting paint all over your baby’s hands or feet — sorry about that. But it’ll be worth it, because you’ll cherish this little piece of these early weeks and months for the rest of your life. This adorable craft couldn’t be easier — just print out the template, cover that baby’s hands in green paint and get stamping.


DIY Salt Dough Baby Hand Prints

This simple salt dough recipe from UK-based blogger Rainy Day Mum can be used to make ornaments that feature your baby’s hand prints or foot prints. It’s super easy to throw together, and then simply press your baby’s hands into the dough, bake, paint and seal so that you can enjoy your ornament for years to come. This is a wonderful Baby’s first Christmas craft to make and give as gifts, too.


An Easy Baby Footprint Christmas Craft Kit

A little more personalized and keepsake-y, this craft kit from Etsy has almost 500 positive reviews and comes engraved with your baby’s name and the year of their birth. It saves you the effort of making sure your printer has ink, and it probably has a bit more staying power than the paint-on-paper DIY version, too.


Personalized Baby’s first Christmas hospital bracelet ornament kit

If you want to make life a little easier and ensure that your keepsake baby’s first Christmas hospital bracelet craft looks ultra-professional, this kit from Etsy might just be the thing for you. It has lots of great reviews and, at $16, is quite affordable, too.


DIY photo ornaments

Blogger Amy Anderson over at Mod Podge Rocks has about a zillion ideas for adorable photo ornament crafts, and they seem ideal for Baby’s first Christmas. You’ve probably snapped more photos in these weeks (or months) than ever before, right? The hardest part of this craft will be choosing which photo to use.

Grandparents, friends, and of course your future self will be so glad you found a little time this season to make one of these fun Baby’s first Christmas crafts.