A last-minute Halloween costume for your infant can be as simple as this baby's white sleeper and bl...
20 Infant Halloween Costumes For The Tiniest Trick-Or-Treaters

Even if they’re flat on their back in a stroller, they’ll be ~festive~.

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There are few things more enjoyable about parenting than the chance to dress your kid up in a whacky costume and take them door-to-door for others to fuss over. It’s peak proud parent feelings. The period of time when you actually get to pick your kid’s costume is actually pretty short, as they begin to develop Big Opinions around toddlerhood. There are a ton of cute costumes for older babies and toddlers, but if you are lucky enough to have an infant in the fall and need an infant Halloween costume, the options for bunting, babywearing, or stroller costumes are endless.

Infant Halloween costumes are thankfully pretty simple. Babies aren’t known for their tolerance for face makeup or elaborate hats. There are so many options for infant Halloween costumes that are both easy and adorable. Whether you’re looking for a family thematic combo or a solo performance, there is a slew of options to choose from. From whoopie cushions to burritos, check out these infant Halloween costumes that are sure to guarantee full candy buckets (and since babies can’t eat candy yet, it’s all yours).

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


Snowperson Bunting

Every fall season is already overloaded with Christmas decor creeping in too soon, so why not play up that theme with this fuzzy snowman bunting costume? The whimsical top hat and scarf channel Frosty more than Olaf, but the end result is cute no matter who your favorite snowperson is.


Airplane Bunting

Are your sights set mile-high for your newest addition? This bomber plane infant Halloween costume is too adorable to fly by — and the propeller hat is painfully cute. This bunting costume is a great choice for napping, stationary infants since the full effect is achieved while they sack out for a little pre-flight snooze.


Baby Bacon Bunting

This baby bacon bunting costume is a premier choice based on the stellar alliteration alone. It’s also the perfect pairing with some big siblings dressed as a tomato and a slice of bread for a little family BLT magic this Halloween. There’s a really brief window in life where your child will willingly get into a bunting printed with a picture of cured meat, so now’s your chance.


Loveable Lobster

Sure, there are a ton of cuddly adorable animals to dress your baby up as, but why not instead choose a spiny, sharp, and very un-cuddly crustacean with the lobster infant Halloween costume? Maybe you love The Little Mermaid and the high-strung Sebastian. Maybe you just can’t resist the urge to munch your baby’s thighs, so a delicious sea bug feels like an appropriate choice.


Red Fish...

How many nights have you spent in the rocking chair tripping up your tongue over some famous Dr. Seuss poetry? This Red Fish infant bunting from Spirit Halloween has those whimsical details Seuss was famous for, and you’ll find yourself repeating all evening “One fish, two fish, red fish...”


Blue Fish

“Blue fish.” Of course, if there’s a red fish, there has to be a blue fish. These two character costumes would be an adorable pairing for twins, or even cousins or neighbors who are close in age. If you’re feeling extra fancy, turn the stroller into a fish bowl for your cute catch. This could be the start of a great Dr. Seuss-themed family Halloween extravaganza.


Car Stroller Costume

For the child who just does not want anything on their face or body that resembles a costume, this car stroller cover eliminates the fight while turning their ride into a cute costume all on its own. Be prepared — purchasing this stroller decor kit might mean you’ll be suckered into using it year-round to cart your baby everywhere. This is the kind of thing little kids tend to (rightly so) become obsessed with.


Babywearing Dragon Costume

This actually-useful infant Halloween costume is likely to become your companion all winter long. Not only is it too cute for words, but it is also truly functional. This dragon Halloween infant costume snaps onto any inward-facing baby carrier, like an Ergo or Tula. With your infant’s hands, head, and feet totally covered, they will be snug and warm through all the trick-or-treating shenanigans.


Heinz Ketchup Packet

True ketchup aficionados know only Heinz will do, so dress your baby in their best from head to toe (or, more accurately, past their toes). This condiment-packet-bunting will be so much more adorable than the squished bin of leftover fast food packets in your cabinet. This costume also provides the perfect chance for cheesy dads to dress up as a giant wiener and make endless dad jokes.


Mommy-And-Me, Under The Sea

Another take on the babywearing costume, this octopus costume works best on a forward-facing soft-structured carrier like the Ergobaby 360 or Beco Gemini. This costume has some extra appeal with a parent costume, too — with both costing under $50 total.


Baby Burrito Bunting

Did late-night runs to Taco Bell get you through pregnancy? Why not honor that with a baby burrito costume? The tortilla collar and realistic vegetable halo make this a truly unique bunting. Live Más!


Princess Carseat Cover

Maybe your baby doesn’t yet have enough hair for a sweet side ponytail, but this costume solves that problem. This car seat princess Halloween bunting is an easy no-hassle “costume” for any infant that’s going to sleep through most of the evening anyway.


Whoopee Cushion Bunting

Few things really channel the essence of an infant like passing gas. If you think about it, a huge chunk of parenting an infant is managing their gas situation. For the family that likes to poke fun at the stressful infant season of childhood, this life-sized whoopee cushion is the perfect pun. Disclaimer: Do not actually sit on the baby.


Raggedy Andy Bunting

Few kids today will understand the love their parents and grandkids had for Raggedy Ann and Andy, but for parents, this costume is straight-up nostalgia. From the red yard wig to the plaid bunting, this Raggedy Andy costume is a far, far throwback.


Santa Baby Bunting

These infant car seat bunting costumes are just too fun to pass up. If you have to lug that infant bucket seat around for a few more months, why not make it cute? Dress up like an elf, snap that baby into their travel system, and hit the streets for some Halloween fun.


Baby Blackjack Dealer

This stroller-friendly blackjack dealer costume is a snap to create from a box with some things you probably have around the house. The setup will give your tiny cardshark something to play with while you cruise the neighborhood, too. Check out Rookie Moms for details on how to create your own mobile casino.


Mermaid Bunting

It’s pretty hard to walk in a mermaid tail on land, which makes this particular costume a timely choice for the not-yet-mobile crew. This Etsy creation nails the look of a baby mermaid without having to fuss with the chaos of a seashell bra on an infant.


Skeleton Babywearing Costume

These baby-wearing costumes are so great — simple, adorable, and functional. This costume does not come with the baby carrier itself but is a skeleton bib that hooks onto any carrier you might already own. The costume is available with a pink or red heart, depending on your preference.


A Hungry Caterpillar

Your baby has likely reminded you of a hungry little caterpillar at different times. They eat and eat, and grow and grow — much too fast! This costume is great for babies that totally love tummy time so they can show off the adorable detail along the back.


Classic Baby Jack-O-Lantern Bunting

Of course, no infant Halloween costume list would be complete without the classic pumpkin bunting. This is the OG of baby Halloween costumes. Babies and pumpkins have a lot in common — stationary, round, and adorable. This is also just one soft, warm piece, so it’s perfect for cooler Halloween nights and easy to get baby in and out of.

However you choose to style your infant for their first Halloween — DIY or delivered right to your door — that first dress-up holiday is one to remember. There are plenty of parenting years ahead where your kid will request to be an obscure character from a video game or change their costume decision on October 30. For now, enjoy the sweet, sweet bliss of being totally in charge of your baby’s first Halloween.

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