Meg St-Esprit

Meg St-Esprit, M. Ed. is a journalist and essayist based in Pittsburgh, PA. She’s a mom to four kids via adoption as well as a twin mom. She loves to write about parenting, education, trends, and the general hilarity of raising little people.

Meg St-Esprit


I Had Bariatric Surgery & Can Say The New AAP Guidelines Will Harm Kids

While I do not necessarily regret my surgery, I regret every single negative comment and shaming stereotype that led up to it.


Weed Moms Are Changing The Culture Around Marijuana

Move over, wine moms?

Time To Talk About It

How To Talk To Your Kids About Porn (Because Yes, You Have To)

Kids have access to hypersexualized imagery from a very young age and the way you help them frame what they're seeing can make all the difference.


50 Warm & Wise Quotes About Blended Families

Get the tissues ready, because these sayings get it just right.


Is Sam’s Club Open On Thanksgiving? You Should Probably Plan Ahead

Thanksgiving is definitely the time to buy in bulk.


Is Walmart Open on Thanksgiving 2022? Here's The Deal

For all your last-minute needs.


When Can You Have Sex After Giving Birth?

Timing is not everything.


15 Ideas To Decorate A Wagon For Halloween

From elaborate DIY options to an easy solution on Target shelves, wagons are taking center stage this Halloween.

Prenatal Health

Can Sex Prevent Preeclampsia? You Might Be Surprised

In some cases, it may help.


Herbs To Avoid During Pregnancy

These common botanicals can be dangerous.

Kids Are Creepy

Is Your Kid’s Obsession With Death & Gore Normal?

There's a pretty logical reason why so many little kids are obsessed with death, actually.


20 Infant Halloween Costumes For The Tiniest Trick-Or-Treaters

Even if they’re flat on their back in a stroller, they’ll be ~festive~.


Is It Safe To Take Benadryl While Breastfeeding? An Expert Explains

Why it might be risky, and the best alternatives.


Is It Safe to Take Mucinex While Breastfeeding? A Doctor Explains

Likely, yes — but with a few caveats.


27 Sweet & Strong Boy Names That Start With “S”

From Samuel to Sefu, these names are just too sweet.


25 Baby Girl Names That Begin With D

From Danna to Dominique, these names stand out.

Connected Kids

My Family Tested 20 Kid-Safe Phones & Devices — These Were The Best

There are so many options out there!

Feeding our babies

FDA Assures Parents That Even More Relief From The Formula Shortage Is Coming

The formula shortage isn't over, but a few key actions mean it should be easier to feed your baby.


Everything You Need To Know About Postpartum Hives

It won’t last forever.

Health Care

Is It Safe To Keep Using Period & Fertility Apps In A Post-Roe America?

Legal and cybersecurity experts answer questions about the safety of your data.