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46 Sight Words To Work On With Your Second Grader

These words will open up a whole new world of reading for your child.

By the time your child enters the second grade, they’ll likely need to knowthe sight words they learned in first grade as well as kindergarten, and be ready to move on to learning new ones. But what exactly are the sight words for second grade? Knowing what they are can help your child become a better reader and perhaps encourage an even greater love of not just reading, but learning in general.

What exactly are sight words?

“There are two main lists that are sources for sight words in elementary education: Dolch and Fry.,” explains Elena Smith, a speech and language pathologist. “The Dolch sight word list is based on high-frequency words for kindergarten through third grade and contains a total of 220 words. While it's sometimes split into grade levels, as mentioned above, each district decides on their own sight words for each grade.” The Fry sight word list, on the other hand, is based on the frequency of words in reading material for third through ninth grade and consists of 10 levels, each containing 100 words, for a total of 1,000 words.

What’s different about the sight words list for second grade?

“One difference between words students encounter in grade one and beginning of grade two and later on has to do with multisyllabic words, or words that have many syllables and need to be properly divided in order to read them correctly,” says Dr. Rebecca Mannis, a learning specialist and developmental psychologist in New York City. “When students don’t have strong syllabication skills, it can impact their comprehension. If a student is not aware that they’re misreading words, substituting them or otherwise just needs a long time to properly decode them, then that can interfere greatly with what they understand and how they can then think critically about what they are reading and store the information.”

Sight words your second grader should work on

Get your second grader ready for school by practicing some sight words from the Dolch list of words they may be expected to work on during the coming school year. Here are the most commonly assigned sight words for second grade:

  1. Always
  2. Around
  3. Because
  4. Been
  5. Before
  6. Best
  7. Both
  8. Buy
  9. Call
  10. Cold
  11. Does
  12. Don’t
  13. Fast
  14. First
  15. Five
  16. Found
  17. Gave
  18. Goes
  19. Green
  20. Its
  21. Made
  22. Many
  23. Off
  24. Or
  25. Pull
  26. Read
  27. Right
  28. Sing
  29. Sit
  30. Sleep
  31. Tell
  32. Their
  33. These
  34. Those
  35. Upon
  36. Us
  37. Use
  38. Very
  39. Wash
  40. Which
  41. Why
  42. Wish
  43. Work
  44. Would
  45. Write
  46. Your

If you want your second grader to develop a love for learning and reading, help them get a grasp on their sight words. “Sight word mastery for emergent readers can be achieved successfully when parents use a multi-sensory approach at home, especially when connected to a child’s interests,” says Holly DiBella-McCarthy, an educator and author. “Keeping learning fun will increase engagement and provide the repetition young brains require.”

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