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35 Perfectly Sweet Names For Valentine's Day Babies

A better gift than a box of chocolates.

by Sarah Bunton and Jennifer Parris
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The little ones who make their way into the world on February 14 are a special batch. For starters, it’s probably more likely a baby’s going to be conceived on Valentine’s Day rather than born on it. If you’re lucky enough to give birth to a cute little Cupid, you might throw that pre-chosen name out the window and opt for any one of these lovely Valentine’s’ Day baby names for little ones born on February 14.

Naming your kid puts enough pressure on a parent as it is, but when your little one’s birthday coincides with a major holiday, then you might feel like their name needs to mark the merriment of that day. But unlike other holidays that might leave you struggling to come up with a moniker that matches the day and also won’t get your kid bullied on the preschool playground (we’re looking at you, Groundhog’s Day*), giving birth on Valentine’s Day opens up a whole list of lovely names that are at once sweet and symbolic without being overtly obvious.

So check out these Valentine’s Day inspired names that will definitely make you feel the love.

*Though there is probably a certain charm to naming your kid Punxsutawney Phil.



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Sure, you could name your sweetie something obvious like Valentine, but you could go subtler and opt for Valerie instead. The name means strong or healthy, reported, which is something that any parent would want for their bouncing baby girl.



He might only be minutes old, but your baby has probably already stolen your heart. In a wink and a nod to Valentine’s Day, you can name your baby Hart. Obvs, it sounds like the word “heart,” but the name is of Old English origin, and means “strong and brave,” according to



This sweet Italian girl’s name means “dear one,” and (in our opinion) exudes an air of elegant simplicity and sophistication.



There’s debate about what exactly this Gaelic/English name means. Some say it comes from the archaic French word for “leather” others say it’s something along the lines of “from the hill” or “beyond the hill.” But other’s still thing this means “heart’s friend” or “heart’s love,” and if that’s not the perfect Valentine’s name I don’t know what is.



“Suki” can be a name from any number of contexts. It’s sometimes a nickname for Susannah, which means “lily” in Hebrew. But for Valentine’s Day baby name purposes, it’s a Japanese name meaning “beloved” or “loved one.”



When you look at your baby, you feel like your heart could burst. That’s what makes the name Libi so perfect. Of Hebrew origin, Libi means “my heart” (via You can always switch up the spelling to make it Libby, or Libbie, if you like.



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Remember all those cute little Valentines’ Day cards you got as a kid that would say, “Bee mine” with a cute bumblebee on it? Well, for your baby’s birth day, you can do a play on words by naming your baby Bea to commemorate them always being your favorite Valentine. Also, if you’re obsessed with The Golden Girls, you know that there’s nothing (and we mean nothing) like iconic actress Bea Arthur.



Hailing from Southeastern Nigeria, this Igbo name is most commonly a surname, but can be used as a first name as well. It means “heart.”



This French variation of Amanda (pronounced “ah-mahn-DEEN”) means “worthy of love,” which of course all babies (and people) are, but especially your Valentine’s Day baby, of course.



Get it? like Cupid’s arrow?

OK, is this one a little bit on the nose? Sure. But come on! This is an absolutely adorable, gender netrual Valentine’s Day baby name.



You love your cuddly little cutie. So why not name your baby Teddy, like a teddy bear? While it can be a nickname for Theodore or Theobald, if you just name your child Teddy, it could work just as easily for a boy as it would a girl.



This Welsh name has multiple, varied meanings. For our purposes, it means “heart,” but it can also mean “daughter of the sea” or “jewel of the sea.”



An Anglicanized spelling of the Welsh “Dafydd” (both names are pronounced the same—Welsh spelling just works different from what English speakers are used to) and means “beloved.”



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This gender-neutral Irish name is perfect for Valentine’s Day babies born to Beatles/John Lennon fans. The primary meaning is “lover” or “sweetheart” but, in a great twist of Beatlemania, it also means “blackbird.”



Amy is a simple enough name, but when you know that it also means “beloved” and has a Latin origin, it might make you look at the name in a whole new light. You can always spin the spelling to make it even more adorable, like Aimee, or Amee, reported.



A box of chocolates is synonymous with V-Day, and that’s what makes Coco such a delish name. It’s a play on cocoa, which is what chocolate is made from. It conjures up such a sweet image of your sweet little babe. After all, who wouldn’t want to snuggle with a baby named Coco?



Kyle is one of those names that has become completely unisex—and is fabulous for a February 14 baby. Meaning “narrow or straight” in Gaelic, the name has strong roots to Ireland and Scotland. Even though you could easily name your girl Kyle, you could always go with the super popular Kylie or Kyla.



Remember what I said about Welsh name spellings? This one is a little like that, but it’s a bit easier for non-Welsh speakers to understand/pronounce— muh-VAHN-whee or muh-VAHN-oy. It comes from the Welsh word for “beloved” (annwyl) and means “my lovely little one.”



You gave birth on Valentine’s Day, and you want the whole world to know, damn it. So give your little Valentine some bragging rights by naming them Valentine. Don’t want to be so obvious? Valentina (or Valentino) are also excellent choices, and pay homage to the holiday.



We think this Indian boy’s name sounds so romantic and strong. It means “beloved” or “cherished” in Hindi.



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“Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou — “ oh well, you get it. Skip the Shakespeare and consider naming your little one Romeo, which means “from Rome.”



If you’re going to list Romeo, you can’t not include Juliet. Romeo and Juliet go together like... ... like, Romeo and Juliet! The name comes from Latin and means “youthful.”



Let’s say that you want to pay homage to your Italian roots,, or you want to celebrate the site where your sweetie proposed. Roma can a very romantic name — and it’s also the word “amor” which is “love” in Spanish spelled backwards.



This Shona name hails from Zimbabwe and simply means “love.” Sweet, simple, gender neutral: honestly it’s a perfect pick!



Your baby brought new meaning to your life from the moment they were born. So show how much your life has changed (for the better, of course) by giving your baby the name Vida. Meaning “life” in Spanish, the name can also be spelled “Vita” or even “Viva.” It can even be a nickname for Davida as well.



As soon as you held your baby in your arms, you promised to love and cherish them always. So show your love by naming your baby just that: Cherish. Meaning “to treasure and care for” according to, your baby will feel the love every time their name is said.



If you want a name that is locked in on love, look no further than Venus. The name, which means “Roman goddess of love and beauty”, (via The Bump), Venus is also the name for one of the planets and also connotes love and desire. You won’t have to wonder what planet rules your baby’s life.



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Naturally, you think that your baby is crazy cute. So the name Beau (which means “handsome” in French, according to Nameberry), is a quite fitting. And according to, a “beau” is an old-fashioned way of saying “boyfriend”, which definitely fits with the Valentine’s Day motif.



No matter where you are, this sweet, simple boys name is simply fantastic. But depending on where this name hails from, it means different things. In Russian, it means “lion.” In Hebrew, it means “heart.”


Angel (Angela)

Even though you might want to give your baby a love-themed name, you might not want to be so obvious and name your little one something like Cupid. But you can still get in the angel angle by naming them Angela. Its meaning: “angel” in Latin, reported For a boy, you can go with Angel, as well as Angelo.



That beautiful little baby is yours, all yours. And that’s what makes Mia so preciously perfect. It has an Italian and Scandinavian origin which means “mine” or (womp womp) “bitter,” reported. It can also be an abbreviated version of Maria, if you want a more formal name. But Mia is also popular right now—it ranks as the 8th most selected name by new parents, the Social Security Administration reported.



Tristan’s love for Yseult, the wife of his liege lord and king, has made him one of the great romantic heroes of all time. This popular (but not too popular) name has a somewhat unfortunate meaning however: it means “full of sorrow.”



With its roots in Native American history, Dakota is a name that works great for Valentine’s Day without being too syrupy sweet. It means “friendly one,” reported, and can be used for boys as well as girls.



“Little loved one” is exactly what your baby is, which is what makes the Japanese name Aiko so ideal. It’s typically a girl’s name, but heck, you can name your wee one whatever you want, right?



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Maybe you want to name your baby a botanical-inspired name. Well, you can’t go wrong with Rose. Obvs, it means “rose, a flower” with Latin origins to the word “rosa,” found. And no shocker, roses are the most popular flower given on Valentine’s Day, Teleflora reported.

Hopefully this is a good place to get you started in naming your little Valentine!

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