happy family with two children walking on pedestrian bridge in city park.

Get Ready: National Sons & Daughters Day 2022 Is Coming

Get a head start on celebrating your little ones.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a national day to celebrate your children. It’s called National Son and Daughter Day. And although you show them love every day, this is your opportunity to do something a little special for your son to make him beam or something that lights up your daughter’s sweet world. But first, you have to know when is National Son and Daughter Day 2022.

National Son and Daughter Day dates back to the 1930s, when a little boy in St. Joseph was in his feelings about not having a “day” of his own, like his mom and dad did. He shared how he felt with a man who wrote an article about it. Years later, children don’t have to be jealous anymore, because they have a day of their very own.

When is National Son and Daughter Day?

National Son and Daughter Day is recognized annually on August 11. This year it falls on Thursday, August 11th, 2022. Since the holiday this year isn’t at the end of the week, or the weekend, that may affect how you celebrate.

A few children will have already started their first few days of school during, so it may not be the best moment to pop into their classroom and surprise them. But not to worry — there’s plenty of ways to celebrate your son or daughter.

How to celebrate National Son and Daughter Day

Now that you know when National Son and Daughter Day is, you can make a festive plan — either with the kids, or as a surprise. But don’t let the pressure to make a grand gesture grip you. Children love the small, meaningful moments as much as the big gestures. Just relax and make it fun. Here are a few ways you can celebrate National Son and Daughter Day:

What’s most important is that you detach from your daily obligations and give your son and daughter your undivided attention. Pulling away from the machine of life requires effort, but your children will thank you for it.