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If You Like Archie, These Baby Names Have A Similar Feel

Because sometimes might want something just a little different.

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When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry chose to name their son Archie in 2019, it didn’t surprise me. The name’s simplicity and uniqueness match their little family so well and as usual, the couple stepped outside of the box of what was traditional and expected. They went with what they loved and what felt right, and there are other baby names like Archie that are just as timeless.

Archie is a version of the German name Archibald and means “archer or truly bold.” In the 1950s, Archie was ranked just under the 300th pick for baby boy names in the U.S., and sunk to the 900s over the years. In 2019, the name (and other baby names like Archie) grew in popularity — we’ll just call it a royal influence.

When I chose names for my kids, I considered three things: What is the meaning? Will it fit them when they are an adult as well as a baby? Would there possibly be six other kids in their classroom with the same name? Personally, I wasn’t going for what was popular. This is a big decision, and like Meghan and Harry, you shouldn’t feel pressured to pass down a family name you don’t really like anyway. Baby names like Archie sound classic even if they’re not family names.

This list is a good reminder of names to consider for your baby that stand out from the sea of overused names, and they have a cool meaning to back them. So, whether your choice is on the popular list or not, if you’re connected to it, that’s the one.



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Andreas is a Greek name meaning “manly.” While it’s not considered a popular name, it definitely has an exotic strong sound and stands out in an uncommon way like Archie.



There’s something about the name Luca that sounds endearing and at the same time epically ancient — like a Viking hero. It originated in Italy and means “man from Luciana,” and it has become more popular in the U.S. since 2000.



Like Archie, the name Leo has a comfortable, down-to-earth feel as opposed to Leopold (which it once replaced as a nickname). Leo is Latin, meaning “lion.”



This name is precious and comes with a feeling of peace. Johanna is a Hebrew name with a German origin that means “God is gracious.”



In mythology, Aurora was the goddess of Sunrise, fitting because it is Latin and means “dawn.” This name has consistently been in the top 1000 in the U.S. And if what you like about Archie is that it’s got a royal vibe to it, Aurora is also the name of the princess Sleeping Beauty, so double win.



Piper is an English name and, like Archie, has an obvious meaning — “flute player.” It is gender-neutral. It also has the same kind of punchy, fun and sweet vibe as Archie.



Remi has always sounded so bohemian to me, and I love it. It’s French and means “remedy.” Like Archie, Remi is also a shortened derivative of a name — Remington. But you’re lucky, as the name is not popular yet. So when you call your kid in the store, you won’t have five heads turning.



Luna reminds me of a sweet night sound. It’s Italian and means moon, which makes me think of its reflection on the ocean at night.



Right in line with Archie, Addie has become a name on its own. It was once short for Adeline, Adalynn, Addison, and Adelaide. It is English and means “noble or nobility” which definitely has a royal feel.



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Ariel is another gender-neutral name that is Hebrew and means “lion of God.” Ariel lands at number 172 in the U.S., according to It isn’t used much, but I always think of the little mermaid and her enchanting voice. (She was also a princess!)



Danya is Hebrew and means “gift of God” or “judgment of God.” It’s been used as a shortened version of Danielle. This name is not popular and has no ranking in the U.S., so your baby's name will match that they are one of a kind wherever they show up.



Violet is Latin and literally means “purple.” Its sound is classic and pulls you in like Archie. This little one will definitely have a colorful personality, and Violet currently ranks number 36 in the U.S. according to Nameberry.



Ada is German and means “noble” or “happy.” It’s short and sweet and, like Archie, was also a shortened version of a name — Adelaide.



This name is really solid and strong. It’s Hebrew and means “universal.” Sometimes it is spelled with one ‘t’ at the end. While typically a boy’s name, I also think this could work for girls. Emmie is as cute as Archie for a nickname.



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Although this is used as a gender-neutral name, it is English and means “son of Emery,” which is something to think about if Emerson is on your list. But it’s still considered a popular name used for both boys and girls.



For a British and UK vibe, you’re in major luck. The baby name Kellen is Irish and is mostly used by parents who want a unisex name for their baby. It means “descendant of the bright-headed one.” Like Archie, it’s not a name you hear very often.



“Bravery and power,” which is what Amerie means, can fall right in line with “bold” — a meaning of Archie. Amerie is also a German name, but is considered to have different meanings in different languages.



Alfie is an English name meaning “wise counsel.” Like Archie, it’s also a shortened version of a name — Alfred. These two names (Alfie and Archie) are considered spunky nicknames in Britain and are among the top 20 in the UK. Here’s your chance to give it a place in the U.S.



Finn is Irish and means “fair or white.” This would also be a good name for a child who you’ve determined will be your last as “fin” means “the end” in French.



This one may seem obvious. But if you’re looking for a name like Archie, Archer is a top runner because the names sound very similar. It is English and means “one who excels at archery, bowman.”

If you like the straighforward, good-natured kind of vibe that Archie has, you’ll definitely find a name on this list that’s just similar enough.

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