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27 Sweet & Strong Boy Names That Start With “S”

From Samuel to Sefu, these names are just too sweet.

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If you’re expecting, you are likely both excited and daunted by the idea of choosing a name for your child. A name is something that follows a person through life, making it a decision to not take lightly. There are so many reasons you might want to choose a baby name that begins with a certain letter of the alphabet — like a boy name that starts with “S” perhaps.

Maybe the alliteration of an “S” first name sounds great with your child’s last name, or maybe you want all of your children to have names that begin with the same letter. The reason doesn’t really matter, actually. It is your baby, and if you want to choose a name that begins with a particular letter because you found a clearance monogrammed nursery set, that is your prerogative.

If you are looking for a boy name that starts with “S”, look no further. Sure, there are so many cute baby girl names that start with “S” — like Sophia and Serafina — but what about boy names? It might seem at first the list is short if you stick to the most popular names, but there are so many more options from a variety of regions around the world. One of these baby boy names that start with “S” is sure to be a perfect fit for your new baby boy.



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This classic name might pique your interest if you’re a Shakespeare (or Little Mermaid) lover. Sebastian means someone who is venerable or revered. It’s a strong name with Latin roots, though there are variations in many languages – from the Portuguese Sebastião to the common diminutive Bastian.



While the name sterling immediately conjures up images of silver jewelry or flatware, the root of the name actually means “little star.” Over time, the name became attached to the British pound sterling – a form of currency. Whether you lean into the celestial meaning of Sterling or the valuable qualities the name evokes, it’s a great fit for your baby boy.



Historically, the name Samuel was actually transliterated from Hebrew characters into the name Shmuel or Shmu’el. Other Yiddish options like Szmul and Szmulik are popular in some cultures. If you love the meaning of the name Samuel but want a less popular variation, Shmuel is a good fit.



Rising fast in popularity, the name Soren is of Scandinavian origin. It means “to be stern.” The name is often associated with the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard.




This name, of Spanish origin, means holy or saint. While your baby boy is certainly not going to always have saintly behavior, it’s a sweet name – particularly for a family with religious ties. Other variations of Sancho include Santos and Santo.



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Pronouced SHAY-mus, this Irish name is just flat out adorable. Seamus means “the supplanter” which can mean to substitute or take the place of another person. The most literal definition is “one who grabs at the heel.”



Technically a misspelling or variation of the word sergeant, this strong name has been growing in popularity a bit over recent years. The Latin word sergeant means “to serve,” particularly related to serving your community – which is a sweet legacy to bestow on a baby boy.



With a similar route to the above name Sylvan, this Greek and Hebrew rooted name means “man of the forest.” If your family enjoys immersing themselves in the great outdoors, this moniker will be a great fit for your baby boy.



This Xosha name, which originated in the cape region of South Africa, means “we have love” or “we have a gift.”



This name, of Hebrew origin, means “God has heard.” In the Jewish and Christian traditions, Samuel was a powerful man who fulfilled a lot of roles such as judge, priest, prophet, and military leader. With a handful of cute nickname options like Sam or Sammy, this name is versatile, too.



If you want your baby boy to be a defender of the marginalized and oppressed, Sefu embodies all of those characteristics. This Egyptian name is rooted in the Arabic word seyf, or sword.



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In Hebrew, this boy’s name means “to hear or listen.” Raising a baby boy to be a compassionate person who listens to others is an important trait to cultivate. Variations of this name include Simon and Simeon, as well as the female version Simone.



The name Shouta comes from the Japanese words meaning “to soar” or “a big person who soars.” Other linked meanings include “leader” and “ascend.” It’s an inspirational name for a baby boy who is going places in life.



In the Jewish and Christian faiths, King Solomon was known for his great success as a leader, as well as some colossal failures. His story is a good reminder of the ebbs and flows of life. The name means “man of peace,” which in this volatile world, is something everyone needs more of.



There’s a bit of duality to this name. In English history, the name Sennett and Bennett mean to be brave or “to lead to victory.” In French, the history of the name means “an elderly person,” which also leads to the more common meaning “one who is wise.”



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This name, of varied origins, has several sweet and loving meanings. In Arabic, it means a loyal or charming companion, and the Indian root word specifically means a gentle breeze. Due to these dual meanings, a common colloquial understanding of the name Samir is “a kind friend to talk to in the evenings.”



A baby boy named Sachar is believed to be true and real. In Hebrew, the name also means “the dawn.” This name might be a good fit for a baby boy born just as morning breaks, or for parents on the brink of a fresh start.



This name is of American origin, as it has begun to be used as a first name only in recent years. The name is growing in popularity, though not as fast as other names. Sincere means to be honest and truthful – two traits any parents want to cultivate in their child.



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In Gaelic, the name Shay means admirable. It peaked in popularity in the 70’s, but has remained fairly steady for the last few decades. The name has roots in the Hebrew Shai, which means “a gift.”



With Irish roots, this variation of Sean or Shawn means “God is gracious.” The name, which is used for boys or girls, comes from the Hebrew name Yohanan. It’s a simple twist on a few classic names, yet just different enough to be unique.



This name is more than a popular brand of cowboy hat. While origins are unclear, the name Stetson appears to have originated from a conglomeration of Engish names, including Stott, which means a cattle fighter and Stytt, which means boxer or fighter. This name had a heyday in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, but it is unique for little boys born today.



In Spanish, the name Salvador means “savior.” This comes from the Latin word Salvator. Perhaps the most famous person with this moniker was Salvador Dalí, the Spanish surrealist painter known for his unique perspective on the world.



Rooted in the name of the city Jerusalem, this gender-neutral name means “peace,” “perfect,” or “complete.” This might be just the right name for the last baby boy in your family.



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Love the outdoors? Sylvan means “of the forest” or “from the forest.” Sylvanus was the Roman god of the wilderness. Silvan is a more popular German and Dutch form of the name if you are looking for some variation.



A name of both Scottish and British royalty for generations, this name is rooted in two Old English words. Stig means house, and weard means guardian. Together, the name Stuart means a household that guards or protects.



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Another baby boy name that begins with S is rooted in the Roman god Sylvanus (this guy was popular, folks), Sylvester means “to be wild.” And, well, if you’ve ever met a baby boy, the description can be fairly apt at times.



In Spanish and Portuguese-speaking communities, the name Sergio is both common and classic. It is less common in English-speaking communities, but growing in popularity. The name Sergio comes from two different Latin words – sevare, which means to “save or guard.” and servire, meaning “to serve.” If you want your baby boy to be inspired to help others, Sergio is just the right name.

The options are endless for your newest addition if you are looking for a baby boy name that begins with “S”. Whether you choose a name that is more common in the U.S., or one that is less likely to be on the radar, he is certain to grow into the qualities his name evokes.

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