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29 Boy Names That Start With “T”

They’re totally terrific

Narrowing down a name for your baby isn’t easy. After all, there are thousands of names to choose from in the United States alone. To make things easier, parents-to-be will sometimes settle on a genre (think nature-inspired names), traditional names that never go out of style, or even Disney-inspired names. But even that can get overwhelming, so you might pick a meaningful letter of the alphabet to give you some guidance. And if the letter T has your attention, this list of boy names that start with “T” is a good place to start.

When you’re thinking of a name for your baby, you won’t find a shortage of boy names that start with “T.” You might pick one that is longer (like Thaddeus), or another one that only has two little letters, like Ty. You’ll find a whole host of origins, from Latin to Greek, Scottish to Old English. Most of the names have even cuter nicknames to call your little cutie. There are even occupational names (like Turner or Taylor) that are not just a wink and a nod to the past but can inspire a future career for your kid, too.

If you’re too excited to wait, read on for baby names that are totally terrific.



If you’re obsessed with hobbits, then the name Thorin should sound pretty familiar. After all, Thorin Oakenshield is one of the main characters in the JRR Tolkien novel, The Hobbit. But precious rings aside, you might also marvel at the name Thorin (or its nickname, Thor) since Thor is a Marvel character. And with the meaning of “thunder” or “brave,” the name Thorin could be a great name for your little guy.



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Tennyson is a boy’s name of Middle English origin. It means “son of Dennis,” but if you remember some of your high school English lit classes, you’ll know that Tennyson is the surname for Alfred Lord Tennyson, a Victorian-era writer who wrote many famous poems, like “The Charge of the Light Brigade.”



Two little letters make up the short and sweet Ty. While it’s thought to derive from the Gaelic “Eoghan’s land” (which is a county in Ireland), Ty is truly a nickname. After all, it can be an abbreviated version of Tyler, Tyson, Tyrone, Tyrese, or even Tyrell.



Thaddeus is a gender-neutral name of Aramaic origin. It means “gift of God” and is one of those proper names that deserves some serious consideration. It can also mean “valiant” and “wise” as well.



If you’re looking for an artsy name, Teagan truly fits the bill. It means, among other things, “little poet,” “beautiful,” and “creative.” It’s of Welsh origin and derives from the Gaelic “Ó Tadhgáin,” meaning “descendant of Tadhgan.”



He might only be minutes old, but you can tell that your baby is as sharp as a tack. So take a look at Tyre (pronounced like the word “tire”). It means “sharp,” “rock,” and “strength” and is of Scottish origin.



Similar to Taylor, Thayer is a boy’s name of English origin. It means “one who dressed skins,” and has the name significance as the French surname Tailler.



Although “ito” is a diminutive suffix, there’s nothing tiny about Tito. After all, in Italian, Tito means “giant,” but it can also mean “saved,” thanks to its original Latin origin. It’s pronounced “Tee-toh.”



Thiago is a boy’s name of Portuguese origin. It means “supplanter” or “may God protect.” Now, you can pronounce the name as it’s spelled, but some might say it as “chee-AH-go.”



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A nickname of sorts for Trenton, Trent is a cute boy’s name that sometimes flies under the baby naming radar. It was once a surname but became more popular as a first name. It means “the flooder” and is of English origin.



Once your baby arrives, it can feel like your little one is a tiny tyrant. That’s why Tierney (which sounds a whole lot like the word “tyranny”) might make your list of boy names that start with T. A gender-neutral name, Tierney is of Irish origin and means “lord” and “master.”



If you’re expecting not one but two babies, you should totally name one of them Thomas. The name means “twin” after all, and comes from the Hebrew word “ta’om.”



Don’t be sad thinking about the name Tristan. Although it means “sad” or “sorrowful,” Tristan is one of those beautiful boy names that start with “T.” It has a few potential origins, but probably its French connection to the word “triste” which means “sad” is the most probable for this pretty gender-neutral name.



Tony is a boy’s name of Latin origin. It derives from the longer name Antonius, which might be more familiar as Anthony (as an Italian name) or Antonio (in Spanish). No matter the origin, Tony means “priceless one,” which is probably a pretty spot-on description of how you’re feeling about your baby right about now.



“God is good.” Yep, that about sums up how you felt when you first held your little one in your arms. So why not pick a name that signifies just that? Toby, a gender-neutral name of Greek origin, means “God is good,” deriving from the Greek word “towb” meaning “good” and “Yahweh,” the Hebrew name of “God.” Toby is traditionally spelled with a “y” but can be spelled also with an ending “I.”



The name Theodore is of Greek origin and means “gift of God” or “divine gift.” The name itself breaks down into “theos” meaning “God,” and “doron” meaning “gift.”



When you’re expecting your third baby (and are too tired to come up with a name for your newborn), try on Trey. It means “three,” which is kind of convenient, if you ask us. The name is of English origin.



Turner is an occupational name of Middle English origin. So what exactly is a turner? Well, it’s someone who would make objects out of metal, wood (or even bone) by using a lathe to turn them. That’s why Turner can also mean “lathe-worker.”



Of Middle English origin, Todd is a classic boy name that starts with T. It means “fox.” Todd can be spelled with one “t” or two.



Tyrone is a boy’s name of Irish origin. It means “the land of Owen” or “from the land of the yew tree.” But Greece also claims Tyrone, too, and in Greek, Tyrone means “lord.”



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A gender-neutral name, Taylor is of Old French origin. Once a surname, Taylor is also an occupational name, deriving from the French word “tailleur,” which means “cutter.” Today, Taylor is a name for both boys and girls, and as far as nicknames go, Tay is too cute.



A boy’s name of French origin, Travis has a few meanings. It can mean “traverser” or “to cross,” as well as “toll collector.” Cute nicknames for Travis include Trav, or even T-Rav.



Even though the name Teddy might conjure up images of cute and cuddly bears, the name actually is a nickname for Theodore or, interestingly enough, Edward. The name Teddy means “wealthy protector” or “God’s gift” as well as “brave people.”



The love you have for your little one can be traced straight to your heart. That’s what makes Trace so perfect. It is a name of English origin that was once a surname. It means “brave” and is often considered a variant of Tracy, which is also a gender-neutral name for boys and girls.



An occupational name, Tucker means “tailor,” “softener of cloth,” or “cloth-weaver.” As for nicknames, you can’t get cuter than Tuck, who you’ll want to “tuck” into bed each and every night.



If you’re hoping to produce a potential president in the future, try on Truman for size. Of Old English origin, Truman translates to “loyal one” or “faithful man.” Of course, Harry S. Truman was the 33rd president of the United States.



“Tender,” “gracious,” and “good” are just three adjectives to describe your baby — and they also coincidentally are the meanings behind the name Terrence, too. A name of Latin origin, Terrence can be spelled with one “r” or two, and has nicknames like Ter, Terry, or Tez.



Tilden is a gender-neutral name of English origin. It means “fertile valley” and can also mean “from Tila’s valley.” It’s a great name if you’re looking for something that relates to nature.



Another name inspired by nature, Torrance means “from the hillocks” or “from the craggy hills.” It’s of Scottish origin and can be a name for boys and girls.

Let these meaningful T-names launch your baby-name brainstorming list and take it to new (and transcendent) heights.