Baby Shower

A children's book baby shower is such a sweet theme and has tons of ideas.

The Perfect Ideas For Your Children’s Book-Themed Baby Shower

This is such a fun way to celebrate your new chapter.

Baby showers are getting more elaborate and unique, going beyond the generic pink or blue decor. And if you’re a bookish kinda mom-to-be, then having a children’s book-themed baby shower to celebrate your new addition will feel like walking into a wonderland. Bonus: the book choices are endless.

Having a baby shower, and all that comes with it, gives your friends and family a chance to come together and show you support by giving you some much-needed gifts like clothes and baby care packages, typically before your little one is born. This is a tradition that imprints a heartwarming memory of your journey to parenthood — being surrounded by your village. Another part of the fun is choosing a baby shower theme that not only celebrates the joy of a new life but reflects an enchanting experience.

With a children’s book baby shower, you can deck out your party space with the literary styles of your favorite kid authors. Your look could include famous nursery rhymes, adventurous tales, princesses and dragons, poems, and even the citizens of Whoville. (It’s also a great way to encourage guests to bring their favorite children’s book as a gift for your little one.)

But if you’re going to do it, make it authentic and unforgettable. By focusing on the details from the food to the decor, to the sweets table and games, you can fill this children’s book-themed day with the wonder of a good story.

And while we all strive to be some level of Pinterest-perfect, just go with the flow and have a blast with these children’s book baby shower ideas.

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Children’s Book Baby Shower Invitations

It all starts with the invitation, and these children’s book-themed baby shower invitations will welcome your guests to join you on a storybook journey. From starting with “once upon a time” to the “happily ever after,” Zazzle and Amazon have some of the best images and cards to capture your children’s book theme.

Children’s Book Baby Shower Decorations

Ambiance is everything and the details of your decor will pull your children’s book baby shower together to tell the perfect story you’re looking for. These Etsy and Amazon options can cover a wall or even top some children’s book-themed cupcakes.

Children’s Book Baby Shower Activities

One thing about Etsy is that it’s a great place to get a quick download. These printable activities, including Bingo and Baby Book Emoji, are perfect for your children’s book baby shower. Your guest's minds will be working overtime trying to be the first to come up with all the answers to these classic children’s book questions. You can also make these group activities to bring them together for the fun.

Children’s Book Baby Shower Sweets

If you’re looking for baby shower sweets that fit your children’s book theme, Etsy has some perfect products. And outside of ordering your desserts, you don’t have to do any work to prepare them. These book-themed sweets feature some very well-known classic stories. The best part is most of it is edible.

For an added memory, ask your guests to write well wishes inside of children’s books for your baby’s nursery. Having a children’s book baby shower theme is an all too appropriate way to celebrate the newest bookish member to soon join your family. It will be a baby shower to remember, so savor every detail, every moment.