A beautiful baby girl, seven months old, sitting in a garden.
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The Dreamiest Baby Girl Names

You’ll be ready to paint her into a watercolor illustration.

It’s officially the “dreamy” era. From flower gardening Instagram to Big Bow Girl energy, it feels like the entire world is back on board with foraging in the woods for your pretend berries, connecting with nature, and leaning in on what makes us feel happy and free. And that means if you’re looking for dreamy girl names for your own little babe, there is plenty to choose from.

The word “dreamy” gives me cottagecore vibes, but even more ethereal. Dreamy girl names aren’t fussy or overly traditional, and they often have a connection to nature through flowers or birds. But I wouldn’t consider nature baby names and dreamy baby names to always be the same either — there are also certain sounds that you can classify as “dreamy” from the “lo” in the middle of Eloise to ending baby girl names in -ie like Birdie and Goldie.

So if you’re looking for that soft, dreamy vibe that still has a bit of spunk and punchy personality, this list of dreamy girl names is the one for you. There are a few long names, a few short names, and lots of vintage names. But all of them sound just right for the little girl of your dreams.



How sweet is the name Clementine? Other than its obvious connection to the fruit, it’s one of those dreamy girl names that has a vintage vibe, and the nickname Clemmie is just darling.



You’ll see a lot of flower names on a list of dreamy girl names, and Poppy is one of those adorable choices. It’s just so fun and charming for a baby girl.



Ruth is a traditional girl name that means “compassionate friend” and is pretty enough on its own, but turn it into Ruthie? And it becomes a dreamy, sweeter name for your little girl.



There’s something about the name Mae, especially spelling it with -ae insted of -ay that gives it a dreamy, ethereal vibe.



Another dreamy girl name inspired by flowers is Marigold. Mari and Goldie make the sweetest nicknames, but Marigold in its full is a beautiful, dreamy choice for your Secret Garden babe.



Winnie can be short for names like Winnifred or Gwendolyn, but it’s honestly cute enough on its own and has a very fun, spunky vibe.



Fleur is French for “flower” and it honestly doesn’t get much dreamier than that for your baby girl.



I just love Vivienne (or Vivian). It’s a traditional, classic girl name that sounds dreamy enough, but when you shorten it to Vivi, it really elevates that sweetness.



Jovie is one of those names that’s sort of been “invented” over the years (inspired by Zooey Deschanel’s character in Elf ?), but it gives off a playful, dreamy feel and is basically a nod to the word “jovial.”



Eloise can obviously remind you of the girl who lived in the Plaza and loved to cause mischief, but it’s also very dreamy. I think a lot of it has to do with that “lo” sound in the middle.



There are a few dreamy “E” girl names, and Everly is one of them. It’s considered a gender-neutral name and its meaning — “wild boar in woodland clearing” — makes it feel connected to nature. Plus that ending of -ly is just the cutest.



Oh, I just love Louisa. It’s another traditional, vintage girl name, but the ending of -isa as opposed to -ise in Louise makes it feel more playful and dreamy.



Ava’s been top of the girl name charts for quite some time, and the shortness of it, along with ending in that -a sound makes it a darling choice for your babe. Ava also means “life, bird, water, island” so it has that nature connection, too.



Emily is sweet, sure, but have you tried Emilia for your dreamy girl? Again, that -a ending really pushes it into dreamland, and you can go with Millie, Emi, or even Lia for cute nicknames.



Like Ruthie, Rosie is one of those names that just feels a little dreamier when you add an -ie at the end. It obviously has that flower and nature connection, but it also conjures up images of rosy cheeks and soft pink, and what could be dreamier than those?



You knew there’d be another flower name, right? Daisy is so darling, and saying it out loud just makes me happy.



Margot and Margaux sound the same, but there’s something about ending the name with an “x” that gives it a spunky, dreamy vibe. Maybe it’s just because it’s the French spelling, but either way, this baby girl name is such a fun choice.



Gosh, even the phonetic spelling of Elodie — el-oh-dee — is dreamy. It sounds like a song, and the name means “foreign riches,” which gives it a bit of a mysterious, ethereal vibe, too.



Isla has become increasingly popular over the years, and I’m sure part of it is that -a ending. But don’t sleep on this Scottish name just because you want something more unique — it’s still a great choice for a dreamy girl name.



Another name ending in -y (or at least a -y sound), Delaney is Irish and actually means “dark challenger.” You could shorten it to Laney or even Della, but some also spell Delaney as Delainey for an extra dreamy kick.



How gorgeous is Clover for your dreamy baby girl? This is such a fun nature name, and like Eloise and Louisa, there’s something about that “lo” sound in a name that just makes it perfect for these sweet vibes.



Another name ending in “x” but one you can actually hear, Beatrix should be conjuring up all the Beatrix Potter images in your head, and there is nothing dreamier than that. Plus, the name Beatrix means “she who brings happiness.” Swoon.



I told you there were a few cute “E” names, and Edie is one of the best. You can make it short for Edith if you like, or just go with Edie, but there’s something about that combo of a short name and an -ie ending that makes it feel so dreamy.



Another name ending in -ie, Birdie has become popular with celebrities, but it’s one of those baby names that doesn’t sound too weird, even though it’s still fairly unique. I just think it’s so fun and sweet, and obviously has some dreamy nature connections.



Come on, how darling is Mabel? This may be considered an “old lady” name, but that just makes it even dreamier in my opinion. And the meaning of Mabel? “Lovable.” The cutest.



There are names where Goldie works as a nickname, but honestly this dreamy name stands just fine on her own. And don’t feel like you have to have a little blondie babe for this to work, Goldie is a dreamy name for all the babes.



If you love a bird connection, consider Lark for your little dreamy girl. It’s short, it’s fun, and it sounds musical every time you say it out loud.

Any baby girl name you choose will be dreamy enough for your little one, but this list of dreamy girl names should give you some cozy, ethereal inspiration.