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41 Baby Girl Names That Start With “K”

They’re keepers, one and all.

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When you’re thinking of names for your baby, there are so many places to start looking. You can be inspired by places in the world that you’ve visited, where your family hails from, or locations on the map that you’ve only dreamt of visiting. You might have heard a name in a show or in a movie that appealed to your ear, or want to come up with a name all on your own. But a good place to start is narrowing down the list (and it can get to be a long one) by starting with a letter you like or that goes nicely with your last name. And if the 11th letter of the alphabet is calling your name, you might need some help starting your baby girl names that start with “K” list.

Despite what you might have thought, baby girl names that start with “K” are not that common. You’re much more likely to find their counterparts spelled with a “C” instead, but that’s what makes them even more unique. A name that starts with “K” commands attention since it’s such a strong letter. And pairing it with a feminine name that usually starts with a C”” somehow makes the name soft yet solid, powerful and somehow pretty at the same time. In short, baby girl names that start with “K” are little ladies — and leaders — in the making.



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There’s nothing as pure as the love you have for your baby. That’s why you can call your daughter Karina. Of Scandinavian origin, the name Karina means “pure.”



Another “pure” name, Katherine is a lovely baby girl name that starts with “K.” It’s a Latin form of Katharina, as well as the Greek name Aikaterina. It’s a timeless name that can also be spelled with a “C” and has cute nicknames like Kate or Katie.



When you want a name that is nature-inspired, Kinsley could be a contender. It means “king’s meadow” and is of Old English origin. It’s becoming very popular as one of those baby names that end in “ley”, like Riley, Hailey, Finley, or Bailey, for example.



Of German origin, Karla is a name that suggests strength. It means “womanly” as well as “free man”. It’s the female variation of the name Karl and is ideal for your little lady who may one day grow up to be a leader.



Kaylee is a girl’s name of British origin, although it has ties to other areas in the world, like Ireland and the Middle East. It means “laurel” or “crown,” perfect for your little princess. It’s thought that Kaylee is a combination of the names Kay and Lee.



Kyrie might be confusing to say (it’s pronounced “Kee-ree-ay”), but it’s a sweet name for your child. It is of Greek origin and means “the Lord” or “Lord have mercy.”



Of course, you might think of the youngest Kardashian when you hear the name Kylie, but this is a name that’s been around for a long, long time. It’s thought to have a connection to the Irish surname Kiely or O’Cadhla, which means “beautiful” or “graceful.” Who knows, when you name your baby Kylie, maybe she’ll be a makeup maven, too.



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The name Kaia has a bunch of meanings — and all of them are lovely. For starters, Kaia can mean “pure” if you’re considering its Scandinavian origin. It can also mean “the sea” in Hawaiian since it’s seen as a variant of the name Kai. Finally, Kaia can mean “to rejoice”, which is what you’ll probably be doing when Baby is born.



A gender-neutral name, Kendall is of British origin. It means “the Kent River valley” or “royal valley”. Although it was once a surname, Kendall has become a gender-neutral first name for both boys and girls.



Kailani is the name to pick if you want your baby girl’s name to symbolize the Aloha State. It’s a baby name of Hawaiian origin and means “ocean” or “sea and sky”. It’s pronounced “Kai-lah-nee” and can also have the nicknames Kai or Kaia.



There’s no denying the charisma of Kamila. The name means “helper to the priest” and is of Latin origin. It can also mean “free born” as well as “noble” or “honorable” in Slavic.



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Once a girl’s name, Kimberly has become gender-neutral. The traditionally English name means “from the meadow of the royal fortress” and was often seen as a surname. It was a combination of the Old English word “leah” and the name Cyneburg.



The meaning of Kelsey (which is “ship’s victory”) might not mean much to you unless you’re inspired by all things nautical. But Kelsey, a gender-neutral name of British origin, is quite cute. The name can also be a place name, meaning, “Cenel’s island”.



They say that giving birth is bringing a child to the light. So what better way to acknowledge that sweet sentiment than with the name Kiara? Kiara means “light” or “clear” and is a twist on the traditional Italian spelling of the name Chiara.



If you’re looking for a name that signifies purity and starts with the letter K, well, you’ve got a few choices. And here’s one more: Kaitlyn. It means, as you might have guessed, “pure.” It’s an Irish name that has been around for centuries, with traces back to the Greek word “katharos”, meaning — yes — “pure.”



When your baby is born with beautiful brown eyes, Keira could be in the cards for you. It means “little dark one” as well as “black haired”. It’s an Irish name, deriving from the Gaelic “Ciaran.”



Even though it might sound like a nickname, Kenzie is one of those popular baby girl names that start with “K.” It means “fair one” and is of Scottish origin. It’s gender-neutral and can also mean “descendant of the handsome man,” which just might please your partner.



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No one has to tell you that you’ve got the cutest kid on the block. That’s what makes Kallie such a fine fit for your little love, since it means “most beautiful.” The name is of Greek origin.



Kairi is a girl’s name of Japanese origin. It has a wealth of meanings — and all of them have to do with water. It means “ocean”, “sea” as well as “ocean village.” But in French, where Kairi also has ties, it can mean “song” or “melody”.



Scotland, Ireland, and Wales are all claiming Kenna as their own. And rightly so, since the name means “beautiful”. It’s considered to be the female version of the name Kenneth, which means “handsome” and “fireborn”, ideal for a baby who makes their presence known.



A form of the more traditional Corey, Kori is a cool name in its own right. It means “maiden” or “lamb” and is a gender-neutral name. It can be of Greek origin as well as American, where it means “hollow”. In Germany, the name Kori means “God’s peace”.



She may be but minutes old, but you can tell that your sweetie is an old soul. You can honor that trait by calling your child Kendra. It means “knowing” and “wise ruler” and is of either Celtic or British origin.



Whether you spell it with a “K” or a “C,” Kristina still has the same meaning: “a follower of Christ”. It’s a Scandinavian form of the name Christina, which also derives from the Latin word “Christinus.” Kristina can be spelled Khristina, Krystyna, Krystynna, or Krisstina, too.



Kaydence is, naturally, a form of the word “cadence” which means “rhythm” or “flow”. The soulful name goes back to the 14th century and has been popular with parents who are poets and musicians.



Kathleen is a girl’s name of Irish origin. It means “pure” and is thought to be a version of Katherine. If you want to give this older name some new life, you spell it as Katheleen, Kathline, or Kathaleen.



Short and sweet aptly describes your baby, and the name Kit as well. Originating from the Greek word meaning “carrier of Christ”, Kit is a cute gender-neutral name. And you just know that with the name Kit, you’re going to call your kid Kit Kat at some point.



Forget about what it means to be a Karen, because by the time your baby is born, the expression will probably be long past. Karen is a lovely name that means “pure,” which definitely seems to be a theme with “K” girl names.



You want to raise your child to be a strong lady. That’s why Karlee should be a top name for your cutie. It means “free woman” and is of German descent. It can also be spelled Karlie or Carlie.



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You may not know it yet, but your daughter is going to be your right hand in the future, making Kody the perfect choice. It means “helpful” and is of British origin. Kody is also gender-neutral, too.



Kassandra is a girl’s name of Greek origin. It means “unheeded prophetess”, thanks to its ties to Greek mythology. Cassandra was a princess who was able to foresee the future, but no one believed her visions. But with such a cute kid, you’ll surely listen to every word.



Khadijah is a cute name for when Baby makes their debut earlier than expected. It means “early baby” as well as “trustworthy” and “respected”. The sweet name is of Arabic origin.



Kasey is a cute name for the baby who is wide awake at 3:00 a.m. After all, the name means “alert” or “vigorous,” which is exactly how your little one (who might have her nights and mornings mixed up) behaves.



Listen, you want your girl to be a champion in life. So set her up for success by naming her Kenia, which means “greatest champion.” It’s thought to be Welsh in origin but can also be of Hebrew origin where it means “animal horn.”



Of Greek origin, Krystal is a girl’s name that might also be spelled with a “C.” It comes from the Greek word “krystallos” which means “ice” but not the kind you put in your drink, but rather referring to a variety of gemstones. That makes it perfect for your own little gem.



Kristen has several countries that call it their own, but they all have similar meanings. It’s of Latin, German, Danish, and Norwegian origin, and means “follower of Christ” or “a Christian.”



Some names, like Kamryn, are so beautiful that it doesn’t really matter what they mean. Case in point: Kamryn, which means, of all things, “crooked nose.” It’s a gender-neutral name of Scottish origin.



Kira is a girl’s name of English origin. It means “black” but in Russian, Kira is the feminine version of the male name Kir, meaning “mistress” or “leader of the people”. It can be pronounced “Kee-rah”.



A gender-neutral name of Irish origin, Keeley means “beautiful” or “graceful”. It’s a nickname for the Irish name Ó Caollaidhe, and can be spelled Keelie, or Keelee.



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You knew that it was going to be impossible to only have two Kardashians on this list, right? Well, eldest sister Kourtney also makes the list, although her name is commonly spelled with a “C.” Once a surname, Kourtney is a location name, meaning “from Courtenay (in northern France).”



Lovely and simple, Kara is a classic. In Greek, the name Kara means “head”, but in its Norse origin, it means “wild stormy one,” while in Italian, it’s a term of endearment.



Kensley is a natural name that was once a surname. It’s an oldie but a goodie, dating back to medieval England where it was a location name. It’s also believed to be an Old Nordic name, Kelda, which means “spring” or “clear.”

When you’re looking for a baby girls name that starts with “K,” look to these names for inspiration. They are the absolute embodiment of girls who can do anything, and the world is waiting for them.

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