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30 Girl Names That Start With “T”

From trailblazing to tender, these names run the gamut.

Tremendous. Trustworthy. Sometimes we choose our children’s names not just for how they sound, but for the feeling that they evoke. And when it comes to awesome, powerful adjectives that can describe a person’s character, words starting with the letter “T” can’t be beat. So if you’re using the letter “T” as a springboard to your baby naming list, there are so many girl names that start with “T” that are tenacious and timeless, just like your little one is certain to be.

When you’re considering baby girl names that start with “T”, you’ll find that there isn’t one set theme. All of these baby names can stand on their own as tough and tender, names that will inspire your little girl to become a leader and really grow into her name. Truly, there are no shrinking violets on this list of names, because each name stands for something significant, whether that’s channeling their own inner strength, being a force of good in the world, or simply embodying the beauty of nature and life itself. If you have your heart set on your child’s name beginning with “T” — or are even just looking for some inspiration — you shouldn’t have any issues finding with two (or ten) baby names on this list that will catch your eye and earn a spot on your “maybe” list.



Tracy might be the ideal name if your baby is born hootin’ and hollerin’, beecause the name — which is of Irish origin — means “war-like” or “fighter”. It derives from the word “treasach” which can also mean “descendant of the fierce one”.



Expecting a late summer baby? Then Theresa might be destined to be your little girl’s name. It means, quite literally, “late summer”. Theresa is of Greek origin, possibly deriving from the Greek isle of Therasia. The name can also mean “delectable harvest” as well.



If you’ve been hearing the name Tinsley lately, there’s good reason. The name has become very popular lately, possibly due to its multiple meanings, like, “shiny metallic tree trimming” or “Tynni’s meadow”. It’s a gender-neutral name of English origin, and is pronounced “Tinz-lee”.



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Theodora is the feminine version of the boy’s name Theodore. It’s of Greek origin and means “gift of God” or “divine gift”. It breaks down from the Greek word “theos” which is “God” and “doron” which means “a gift”.



Don’t let the frilly name fool you. This girl’s name of German origin means, surprisingly, “mighty in battle”. It’s a variation of Tilda, which is a nickname for Matilda. You can spell Tilly with a “y” or even as Tillie, too.



You can channel your baby’s inner artist from an early age if you name them Teegan. It means “beautiful” and “creative” and is of Welsh origin. Teegan (which is also spelled Teagan, Tegan, Teigynn), also has ties to the Emerald Isle, where it means “little poet”.



Tamar has strong ties to the Old Testament — in fact, there are three characters in the Bible who have this strong girl’s name. The name, which is of Hebrew origin, means “date palm”, “palm tree” and simply “date” (meaning the fruit, not a night out with your partner). It’ll be up to you to determine how to pronounce Tamar, which can be spoken as “Tay-maar”, “TAH-mar”, or “Tah-MAR”. Add an “a” at the end of the name, and you’ll have Tamara, another pretty girl’s name that starts with T.



While it might not be overtly apparent, Tyler is an occupational name — and gender-neutral to boot. It derives from the French word “tieulier” which means “tile maker” as well as Old English, where Tyler means “house builder”. Be prepared to watch a lot of home reno shows with your tiny Tyler.



Your sweet newborn is as calm as a little lamb. So capture that purity and sweet cuddliness with the name Taliah. It is of Hebrew origin and means “lamb”. It can also mean “ dew from God”, too.



Strong and short, Thea is a powerful name meaning “goddess”. Of Greek origin, it originates from the Greek goddess Theia, one of the 12 Titans, and the daughter of a sky-god father and earth-goddess mother.



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Tess is a girl’s name primarily of English origin. It means “to harvest” or “harvester”. It may also have Greek ties, too, where it might mean “late summer”. Although Tess is a cute girl’s name that starts with “T”, add an “a” and you’ll have Tessa, another adorable name option for your baby.



The name Tara can be found in multiple countries (and continents). In Sanskrit, Tara means “star” but not the celestial kind. Rather, it signifies the soul and its light. In Ireland, it can mean “rocky hill” or “elevated place”, while in Australia, Tara means “constellation”.



Tabitha is a girl’s name of Hebrew and Aramaic origin. It means “beauty” or “grace”, and in some regions, “gazelle”. You may remember it from the TV show Bewitched, too, which is a pretty fun pop culture association.



Those last few weeks of pregnancy can feel never-ending. Well, you won’t have to hold out hope for much longer, because Taraji means just that — “hope”. The name is of Swahili origin, and also means “faith”. You might be more familiar with the name because of actress Taraji P. Henson.



If you’re inspired by the ocean, you might want Tahnee as your baby girl’s name. It means “by the sea” and is popular in New Zealand and Australia. That said, Tahnee can also mean “golden brown”, since it’s similar to the name Tawny.



Your love for your baby knows no limits. What greater descriptor, then, by choosing the name Tai? In China, where the name originates, the name means “great extreme” or “vast”. It’s also a gender-neutral name.



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Your baby is truly your treasure, and that’s why Takara *needs* to be on your baby naming list. It means, of course, “treasure” as well as “precious object”, and is of Japanese origin.



Tahira is of Arabic origin and means “virginal” and “pure”. The name is pronounced “Ta-HEE-rah”.



Tia is a pretty, simple, strong girl’s name of Greek origin, and means “goddess” or “godly”. It can also be a nickname for longer girl names that start with T like Tatiana or Tiana, too.



While Tina is often thought of as the nickname for Christina, it can really be a nickname for any other girl’s names that end in “tina”, such as Martina, Bettina, Albertina, Augustina, and Valentina.



When you want a name that connects to the earth, you might love Terra. Of Latin origin, Terra means “earth”, since Terra was a Roman goddess. Terra is a popular Italian name, where it holds a similar meaning.



The name Talisa has quite a few origins. In Spanish, Talisa means “of noble birth” but in India, where the name is also popular, it can mean “consecrated to God”.



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There are a lot of “l’s” in Talullah, and it’s going to be up to you to determine their placement. After all, you’ll see the name written as Talullah or also as Tallulah, but no matter where all the “l’s” land, the name still means the same thing — “lady of abundance”.



Similar to Tamar, the name Tamra means “palm tree” or “date tree”. Tamra is a version of Tamara, and is a girl’s name that is Biblical in nature.



It’s not a name you hear very often, but don’t let that dissuade you from choosing Tandy for your baby. It’s of Native American origin and means “flower” and can also be spelled Thandie or Tandie. In England, Tandy is a gender-neutral name that means “man” or “warrior”.



Tania is a girl’s name of Russian origin. And cue the cuteness, because Tania means “fairy queen”. Plus, there are so many alternative spellings for Tania, like Tanya, Tanja, Tonja, Tannya, Taneya, Tannia, and even Taniea, so you have lots of options for ways to personalize this name.



A less common nickname for Teresa, Terri is a name of Greek origin. It means “late summer”, “huntress” or “harvester”. Terri is often spelled as Terry, Teri, Tery, or Terrie.



Tiffany is one of those names that never seems to go out of style. It’s Greek in origin (deriving from the name Theophania) and it’s classic and a bit preppy, too.



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A religious name, Trinity refers to the Holy Trinity of the father, the son, and the holy ghost. The name itself is of English origin and means “pertaining to the holy trinity”, but can also do a deeper dive to its Latin roots, where Trinity means “triad”.



Tori can be a shortened version of Victoria, a classic girl’s name. But in Japanese, Tori means “bird”, which can be a sign of peace and hope. England also claims Tori as its own, where it means “winner” or “conqueror”.

Naming your child can be an overwhelming process. But be focusing on the feelings that you want your child’s name to elicit, you can narrow down your list to the girl names that start with “T” that are truly touching.