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20 Korean Boy Names That Are Beautiful In Sound & Meaning

There are so many amazing options.

When you’re thinking of baby names, inspiration can come from anywhere. You might to hone in on the history and heritage of your family, or places you’ve traveled to, like Korea, for example. If you can’t get enough of all things Korean, you might want to bestow any one of these 20 Korean boy names on your little beloved.

Giving your child a Korean name isn’t like baby-naming in the U.S. For starters, Korean baby names are comprised of two parts — a given name and a family name, according to Mom Loves Best. The given name functions as the first name, while the family name is your child’s surname. And don’t skip over the syllables, since they function as an important part of the name. Korean baby names tend to be comprised of three syllables: two syllables for the given name, and one syllable for the family name.

And because so much is riding on a Korean baby name, parents-to-be sometimes will go to an elder (usually a grandfather) or even a professional baby namer to ensure that the baby’s name is accurate, appropriate, and something that the entire family will be proud of, reported.

Whether you’re honoring tradition, your family’s heritage, or how visiting Seoul touched your own soul, these 20 Korean boy names are beautiful and so, so meaningful.



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From the moment that they’re born, you want your child to feel self-confident and strong. That’s what makes Kang-Dae a fitting name for your little guy. Pronounced “kahng deh,” the name means “powerful” and “greatness.” It’s a popular boy’s name in Korea, but you just might find it used in other areas of the world, too. You might (or might not) see it hyphenated — the choice is yours.



Some Korean names take inspiration from nature and animals. Take Bong, for example. It means “mythical bird,” like a phoenix. Now, a phoenix is a pretty bad ass bird, since it’s often associated with its ability to rise from the ashes and begin anew. Too bad that the immortal bird isn’t real, but rather a pivotal player in classic Greek and Egyptian mythology.



It’s hard not to admire the beauty of your baby boy. So even if they’re covered in vernix, or a little banged up from the entire birth experience (we’re looking at you, sloped head), Han-wool might still be at the top of your baby name list. The Korean baby boy name means “heavenly”, and is a version of the word “haneul,” which also means “heavenly” or “sky.” But instead of thinking of Han-wool as a noun, it’s used more like an adjective, like the scent from your baby is Han-wool (heavenly).



They might only be minutes old, but you can just tell from looking at your baby that they’re brilliant. So for the brightest baby in the hospital nursery, Ji might be the “wisest” choice, since the name itself signifies “wisdom.” It’s pronounced “jee,” and not “J-eye.”



Set your little sweetie up for success with the name Seung. It means all kinds of good things, like “ascent” or “victory.” which are things you want for your child. The hanja is the same in Japanese, and is a popular boy’s name.



“Talented” is just one of the many meanings of the name Jun. It can also mean “obey,” “deep” or “army,” all of which symbolize a strong sense of inner strength. It’s a common Korean family name, and can also be spelled Joon, Chun, or June.



Maybe you’re looking for an old-fashioned Korean baby boy name. Well, look no further than Yeong-ho. Back in the 1940s, it was the name for baby boys, kind of what like Liam is today. And it held its own for about two decades as a popular baby name. The meaning can be a mash-up depending on hanja that is used in writing each syllable. But for the most part, Yeong-ho can mean “reflect light” (yeong), and “great, luminous, vast” (ho).



Chul, which can also be spelled Cheol or Chol, is an uncommon but strong baby name. It means “firm,” which is a great name if you want something that symbolizes strength of character or spirit. It’s pronounced with the short u sound, and not like “chool.”



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If the only garam you know is the one from Indian cooking, you might be surprised to know that Ga-ram is a Korean baby name, too. It means “river,” which is one of those natural-sounding names that just has a good flow to it. (Ha.)



Looking to combine a Korean name with one that has natural vibes? Iseul may be ideal. It’s a Korean name that means “dew.” It’s becoming more popular, but it’s not a name you’ll hear everyday, either. And as for the pronunciation? It might be a little confusing, but it’s pronounced “ee-sul,”, and not “I – sul.”



Smart, sharp, and easy on the eyes. Your baby is a triple threat, and you know it. So make Min-jun your must-have baby name. It means all of the above, plus “talented” and “affable” as well. It was a crazy popular Korean boy name, ranking right up there as number one from 2008-2015. Although it’s taken a slight tumble from the top spot, it’s still in the top ten baby names in Korea.



Another environmentally-friendly name, Noo-ri is a name that means “hail.” Maybe it’s not exactly hailing outside, but if it sure is stormy when you give birth, Noo-ri is a sweet name. It’s gender-neutral, too.



Brightness and clarity are common sentiments often associated with the act of bringing a baby into the world. Baek-hyun is a Korean boy’s name that means “clever,” “shine,” and “white,” although it can mean “string,” too. And that’s kind of fitting, too, since your beautiful baby most certainly is tugging at your heartstrings.



Let the season inspire you with the gorgeous name Ga-eul. It means “autumn” and is perfect for your fall baby. It’s a gender-neutral name, and can also be spelled Ka-eul.



Sure, you gave birth to a baby boy, but you might not want to be locked into a traditional Korean boy’s name. Enter Jae, a gender-neutral Korean baby name. It’s a luxurious name, too, since it can mean anything form “ability” to “wealth,” “riches,” or “talent.” It just might inspire you to shower your baby… in kisses.



Your baby, bless their heart, was born exactly on their due date. (Which is kind of a miracle, since only about 4% of babies are born on their due date, according to So if their arrival was perfectly timed, Jong-dae is the perfect name. it means “bell” and “clock.” Hopefully it means that you’ll never have to struggle to wake them up in the mornings for school.



Celebrate your love of everything outdoorsy with the baby name Sol. It means “pine” and is pronounced like “soul.” Of course, it might make you think of Pine Sol, because, well, Pine Sol. But at least with the sweet-sounding (and smelling) name, you know your baby will be absolutely delish.



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He came into the world kicking and screaming his lungs out. If all that was missing was some fire-breathing, you definitely want to consider Yong for a first name. Why? Well, it means “dragon,” and is a good name for a baby that makes his presence known.



Maybe you want your baby’s name to honor your artsy side. Then Ye-jun it is, because the name means “craft,” “art,” “talented,” and woot, “handsome.” It was in the top 10 for popular Korean baby boy names in 2019, but has consistently ranked high among Korean parents.



For a baby name meaning that will surely make you shed a tear, you can’t come close to U-ri. It literally means “we”, and when you think of the significance, that your baby is a representation of both you and your partner, it’s enough to make you cry.

As you’re curating your baby name list, consider any one of these Korean baby names for your little boy. Some might be gender-neutral, some might be steeped in history, and some might be an ode to nature, but all are beautiful and symbolic for your little sweetie.