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OK, Let’s Talk About The Baby Name London

It’s been popular for a while, but will Paris Hilton make it a real trend?

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A lot of baby names seem to become popular out of nowhere. (How did the entire country decide that Liam was their favorite boy name?) But some baby names gain popularity and it’s pretty easy to pinpoint the inspiration, like the baby name London. Everyone knows London. The capital of England, it’s a city steeped with history and holds countless stories. It’s kind of impossible to even simplify just how much has happened in London, and it’s equally impossible to name a baby London and claim you don’t get the cultural significance or inspiration.

Naming a baby Elizabeth because you’re obsessed with the late Queen of England? A subtle nod. Naming a baby Juliet because you studied Shakespeare and something about that tragic love story just really spoke to you? A little more on-the-nose, but still a quiet hint of London. Naming a baby London? People are 100% going to ask you what you love about the city.

Paris Hilton recently announced the birth of her second baby, a girl named London, and joined the ranks of the top 300 baby girl names in the country. (“That’s hot.”) But the baby name London actually did not hit the top 1000 baby name list until 1994, where it came in at #982 for girls. It’s climbed steadily ever since, hitting its most popular in 2013 when it hit #85, and then taking a bit of a dip each year since. It’s still currently in the top 300, making it to #297 for girls in 2022.

For boys, London didn’t top the 1000 most popular boy names until 2000 at #896. Its most popular year has been 2010 where it hit #504, but has gotten less popular with each year, actually dropping off the top 1000 boy names in 2021, and coming back in 2022 right at #1000.

Baby names inspired by geography — specifically cities — have also maintained popularity over the years with Brooklyn (which has been in the top 1000 for girls since 1990 and was used by both the Beckhams and the Lacheys for their own children), Bronx, and even Chicago making their way into celebrity baby name lists. I mean, Paris Hilton herself has a city name, as does her son Phoenix (although I can acknowledge that you could name a child Phoenix without being specifically inspired by the city in Arizona).

Hilton has even spoken openly about loving the city of London and wanting to name a baby girl London if she had one. “I had actually picked that name for a long time now, probably over 10 years. I always wanted London. I love that name for my daughter,” she shared on her podcast earlier this year.

London also ends in that -n sound that has historically been popular for names over the years like Ryan, Ethan, and Evelyn (which is currently in the top 10 for girls).

I don’t know if it’s fair to say Paris Hilton might start a trend of baby girls named London — the name was already up there in the ranks for both boys and girls — but I love the idea of her starting a trend of giving babies a name that you just love. Especially if it’s one you’ve been saving for a decade.

Baby Names Similar To London

City Baby Names

  • Brooklyn
  • Dallas
  • Madison
  • Paris
  • Phoenix
  • Savannah
  • Sydney

Baby Names With London Vibes

  • Beatrix — as in Beatrix Potter
  • Elizabeth — as in her royal majesty
  • Emily — as in Emily Bronte
  • Harry — as in Harry Potter, Prince Harry, etc.
  • Jane — as in Jane Austen
  • Paul — as in Paul McCartney
  • William — as in William Shakespeare

Baby Names That End With -N

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  • Brandon
  • Ethan
  • Evelyn
  • Devon
  • Jean
  • Lauren

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