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32 April Baby Names As Refreshing As The Season

Inspired by Mother Nature, astrology, and more...

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The month of April, filled with fresh blooms and new beginnings, is an amazing time to have a baby. And there’s no shortage of inspiration for April baby names that celebrate the month’s association with all things spring. Here’s a fresh pick of names for your own little sprout.

When it’s time to name your April baby, consider all the amazing monikers related to the season. There are so many beautiful spring-themed names associated with the plants (and especially flowers) that the season is known for, so definitely consider your own favorite flowers as a potential name. Other natural sources of inspiration, such as those famous April showers, also come into play. (If you’re into this idea, then there are plenty more nature-inspired baby names to consider such as Idra or Sage.)

But changing seasons are hardly the only source of inspiration. Don’t forget there are two zodiac signs that show up in the month of April, which are Aries (March 21 to April 19) and Taurus (April 21 to May 21). Then there’s the birthstone — and April has a great one — and even birth flowers. Lastly, so many holidays that you can use for inspiration occur in April, including some pretty unexpected ones that would make a great “so how did you decide to name your baby?” story one day.

These meaningful and sometimes whimsical names are all perfect for your baby born in April.

April names for baby girls

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Odeletta is French for “little spring,” which feels like an apropos nature-inspired name for your baby girl born during the spring season.


This name, of British origin, is a climbing evergreen plant that is strong, long-lasting, and always growing.


Cherry Blossoms bloom early spring, from March through April. If checking out the Cherry Blossoms when they peak is one of your favorite springtime activities, it’s a sweet way to incorporate something that is important to you.


Meaning “to open,” the name April is of Latin origin and Greek mythology tells us that the month of April was named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.


If April is too on-the-nose, why not consider Avirl, which is French for “April.”


Meaning “meadow flower,” the name Clover is of English origin. As a sweet bonus, your child will always have the word “love” right in the middle of their name.


One of the birth flowers for the month of April (the other is Sweet Pea), Daisy is a quintessential springtime flower.


April’s birthstone is the diamond. No need to elaborate further.


Meaning “flower,” Flora is also the Roman goddess of flower and vegetation, which feels especially spot on for this time of year.


Of Japanese origin, this beautiful name means “spring flower.”


Meaning “ram,” the name Aries is a solid choice for parents who enjoy zodiac-inspired names.


The Greek goddess of the earth, Gaia is another option that celebrates mother nature.


The word Iris means “rainbow,” and it’s also the name of a type of flower with especially showy petals.


Gorgeous, vibrant Poppies bloom in late spring. Poppy means “from the flower” and is of Latin origin.


World Book Day falls on April 23, and if you are a bibliophile (or hope your child becomes one), Page (or Paige) might be the perfect name for your child.


Meaning “spring of water,” the name Izumi is a bright and lovely choice.

April names for baby boys

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Easter Sunday sometimes lands in May, but it typically occurs during March. This French name means “Easter Child,” so if the holiday and its history are important to you, this name is a strong choice.


Continuing the Aries baby name trend, consider options that reflect this fire sign. Blaze is a strong, fiery name for any baby.


Meaning “good fortune,” the name Chance is of British origin, and here’s a fun bit of trivia to consider: National Take a Chance Day falls on April 23.


Originally a name for those who worked with clay, the nature-inspired name Clay is especially fitting for babies born under the sign of Taurus, which is an earth sign.


Did you have a bullish Taurus baby? The name Ethan means “strength,” a quality that the Taurus sign is famous for having.


Meaning “bull,” the name Fintan is another excellent option for your Taurus baby. Plus Finn is an adorable nickname.


Another earthy name, Flint refers to a type of stone that his historically used to make stones and start fires.


You won’t hear this name often at the playground. Ackley is an English name that means “oak meadow” and oak trees symbolize all the best characteristics in a person: strength, stability, justice, and longevity.


Bentley is an English name that means “meadow with coarse grass,” and April is quite possibly the month when you really notice the grass transforming in color from a dull wheat to vibrant green.

Gender-neutral April baby names

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The name Indra is of Sanskrit origin and means “possessing drops of rain.” It’s a nod to those famous April showers.

Sunny or Sonny

The sun always seems to shine extra brightly between moments of rain. When those pockets of April sunshine are one of your favorite things about the season, consider Sunny or Sonny for a boy or girl.


We seem to think about water a lot during the month of April, when we expect frozen bodies of water to melt and a little more rainfall than usual. Like its definition, Brooke means “water” or “small stream.”


This name of Latin origin has been ramping up in popularity in recent years.


Although the name Leif really means “descendent” or “heir,” the name just sounds so much like the word leaf which is the sweetest nod to nature.


Another April name of Sanskrit origin, this lovely name means “spring.”


This name is a straightforward ode to the especially rainy month of April. Rayne and Raine are some alternate spellings.

Whether you look look to nature, astrology, or mythology when considering your baby’s name, consider these lovely, meaningful April names for your springtime baby.

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