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From Sexy To Spooky, These Pregnant Halloween Costumes Will Make An Impression

There’s something bootiful for every bump.

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Halloween is a time of celebration, when you get to be anyone (or anything) that you can dream of. And if you happen to be expecting as October 31 approaches and are looking for a costume idea that will keep you comfortable, highlight your bump, and/or show off some of your glowing skin, these pregnant Halloween costumes do just that.

Once you start shopping for maternity Halloween costumes, you might notice that there’s a shortage of options (come on, costume industry, it’s time to catch up). If you’re not excited about any of the offerings that are marketed as maternity wear, you can try sizing up a up a standard costume, which hopefully will give your belly enough breathing room as you trick-or-treat with your older child or allow you to feel comfortable (and not constricted) at the neighborhood Halloween party, or look for options that are loose-fitting enough that it won’t matter if it looks like you have a bowling ball strapped under your top.

The costumes below are funny, sweet — and yes, some are even sexy. Perhaps you’ll play the paradoxical part of a pregnant pirate, or literally turn yourself into an oven with a bun inside. You might dress up as the fab fruits of the season, such as an apple or a pumpkin.

No matter what you choose, you’re sure to be the coolest mummy-to-be on the block.

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Bat pregnant Halloween costume for couples

Sure, you want to look fangtastic for Halloween, but can’t you just wear your PJs and call it a day? Well, with this gender-neutral matching bat costumes for adults, you truly can. Essentially an adult onesie, this costume from Old Navy has a built-in hood (complete with fake fangs) that has attached ears. And when you raise your arms, be prepared to take flight, because the costume’s attached wings will open as well. Best part: the costume is made from soft like buttah microfleece that will keep you warm when the cold winds howl. You just might find yourself taking a snooze on the couch after trick-or-treating in this cozy costume.


Mummy maternity Halloween costume

For the Halloween when you’re just so completely done, you’ll need a costume (like these mummy maternity matching printed pajamas — that you can roll right out of bed from — literally. They’re cute enough to qualify as a costume, and with all of those eyeballs watching everyone’s move, no one will dare to question your outfit. Of course, you could go trick-or-treating with your older child wearing these crazy comfy PJs, or you can really go big by wearing your best bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. Although the 100% cotton material has some stretch, if you’re big into baggy pajamas, you might want to size up.


Plus-size maternity skeleton costume

Feeling comfortable in your own skin, er, skeleton has never been easier than with the skeleton maternity Halloween costume from Motherhood. The 2-piece set includes a long-sleeve shirt (complete with a screen printed ribcage and bones) and long pants. But the star of the show is the sweet little skeleton that’s nestled in the pregnant person’s belly. While you might never consider a skeleton to be cute, this one definitely is, like they’re posing for those Insta pics, too. The cotton/spandex fabric is a jersey knit, which means that your outfit will hug your curves, or in this case, your hip bones.


Bun in the oven maternity Halloween costume

It's probably one of the most well-known ways to announce you’re pregnant to your partner — by putting a bun in the oven. But when your partner thinks you’re baking up some focaccia (and not a fetus in your belly), this costume idea will help you get the message across. This costume is cute, not just because it can serve as a pregnancy announcement, but you can also use it for Halloween as well. Not only can keep your bump safe while trick-or-treating with older kids, but it just might get you some extra candy, too.


Apple maternity costume

Your baby is already the apple of your eye. So why not dress up as a fun piece of fruit that will give your belly plenty of room? The apple-shaped tunic comes in a one-size-fits-all option, and is made from a lightweight poly-foam. You can wear anything underneath — a tee shirt, long-sleeves, and you’ll feel all nice and nestled inside this delightful Red Delicious apple. You can put on any pair of pants that will match (maternity jeans or black pregnancy yoga pants would work great). The worm is actually a glove you can slip your hand into to wiggle on command.


Pumpkin poncho maternity costume

You’ll be the prettiest pumpkin in the patch when you don this adorable women’s pumpkin poncho costume. The poncho can be worn over your regular clothes but keeping with the theme of jack-o-lanterns and Halloween, it’s probably best to wear black pants and shoes or boots to look like a truly gorgeous gourd. And with its bright colors, you’ll surely stand out, whether you’re at a party or just handing out treats to all the neighborhood kids who come to your door. The adult standard size fits sizes 4-14, giving you enough room for your own belly to grow, and it’s a Halloween costume you can repurpose year after year.


Kangaroo maternity costume

You’ll be feeling exactly like a kangaroo mom when you wear this costume from Tipsy Elves. The 2-piece kangaroo costume comes with a sweatshirt and sweatpants that simply scream “comfortable”. The hooded sweatshirt has the face of one of the most popular animals from Down Under, along with ears, too. The outfit is made from 100% polyester and boasts ultra soft faux fur and pockets to put your phone (or some snacks) in. But wait, there’s more. No kangaroo costume would be complete without its joey, and this one has a cute one ready to cuddle inside the pouch. Just like you. Full disclosure, it’s not a maternity costume, so you might only be able to rock it during your first or second trimester.


Bat plus-sized Halloween costume

Be the baddest bat on the block with this spooky jersey spiderweb dress costume. While the creepy white spider on the front might seem like the star, it’s actually the attached cape with wrist cuffs that’s the scene stealer. Just open up your arms and everyone will see the cool webbing inside. The jersey tank dress is stretchy enough for your bump, and the thick shoulder straps will keep it firmly in place. To add extra detailing to the look, you can use opaque black tights or fishnets to make it look like even more webbing. Wear heels or boots, and you’ve got yourself an awesome Halloween costume.


Sexy witch pregnant Halloween costume

You’ll cast a sexy spell over everyone you see when you wear this sexy witch maternity costume. The costume itself is simple enough: a long black gown, but it’s the way that the dress covers your curves that takes it to the next level. It comes with a witch hat, too, so you won’t have to steal one from your child to make your outfit work. And in theory, you could wear this dress again (sans hat of course), because with the right accessories, this could be a gorgeous gown for a date night out with your sweetie that might end with a sweet treat or two.


Sexy maternity devil pregnant Halloween costume

The devil is in the design of this maternity devil costume. What’s great about this dress is that it’s sexy without showing any skin. The costume has long bell sleeves, a boat neck, and hits at the knee. But what makes it beautiful is the fit, which is curve-hugging without being constricting. It comes with matching ears and a tail that will have everyone wondering what makes you so devilish. Come November 1, though, you can set aside those accessories and, voila, you have a beautiful, holiday-season-appropriate red dress that no one will know was a Halloween costume.


Sexy maternity princess pregnant Halloween costume

Show everyone who’s the belle of the ball, er, Halloween, with this sweet and sexy maternity princess costume. The costume has an off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline, and a wrapped design at the bust. The mermaid flare at the bottom of the gown gives it some royal flair. Don your head with a tiara, and you’ll be ready to greet any trick-or-treaters who come to your door. And while it doesn’t specifically state it, this gown is giving off some serious Cinderella vibes, especially because of its pale blue color.


A pregnancy Halloween costume for couples

Your couple’s avocado maternity costume will be the pits — but in a good way. Although one side of the costume has the pit, (and the other has the hole), you can always cut the pit part out and stick your own belly through it instead. Now, you might see the avocado pregnancy costume all over as a DIY Halloween project, but sometimes buying one like this one is a lot faster and easier. Plus, it’ll keep you nice and warm, whether you’re at a party or walking outside with your kiddos. All you need are a pair of black pants or leggings, and, well, you won’t be stuck between guac and a hard place.


Cheap funny pregnancy maternity Halloween costume

You’ve probably seen a lot of pregnancy announcements where a mom-to-be poses with a jar of Prego (because she’s, well, preggo). But you won’t have to scarf down a plate of spaghetti to let everyone know you’re expecting with this cheap maternity Halloween costume. After all, with this Preggo apron, you can take your costume straight from the kitchen out to trick or treating. The one-size-fits-all apron makes for a crazy quick costume that will fit over your bump. And if you feel like eating a bowl of Bolognese before you head out, you’ll be totally dressed for dinner.


Plus-size ladybug maternity Halloween costume

There’s something so lovely about a ladybug. Maybe it’s because ladybugs are considered to be good luck, or how they’re believed to protect people from illness. So how could you not want to dress up as the adorable insect? This plus size ladybug costume isn’t technically a maternity costume, but it comes with a very loose-fitting tunic that forms the ladybug’s body and offers plenty of room for your belly. You’ll play the part of the colorful insect with already-included wings and antennae to complete your look — all you’ll need is a black long-sleeved shirt and pants to wear underneath.


Scary zombie maternity Halloween costume

Pregnancy can be scary, so why shouldn’t your costume be? This bloody zombie pullover costume is a ghoulishly good way to celebrate Halloween. The tattered hemline and sleeves give it an even creepier look, but what will give everyone chills are the blood stains splattered all over the costume. Since the costume is see-through, you’re going to need to put on some layers, both for warmth and to avoid a peep show. Some fake blood coming out of your mouth would work well with this creepy costume.


Affordable nurse maternity Halloween costume

Sure, you might have donned a nurse’s costume or two at some point prior to pregnancy, but this one will fit your new stage of life. The short-sleeved white maternity nurse costume comes above the knee, and features short sleeves with that traditional candy stripe detail. It even comes with a hat that you’ll probably want to pin down so that it doesn’t fly away. A pair of white tights and white heels will make this outfit sexy, as opposed to wearing scrubs. And for $19.99, this nurse maternity costume is both cheap… and hot, just like you might like it.


Pirate queen maternity Halloween costume

Shiver me timbers! This maternity pirate costume will make you want to sail the seven seas — or at least, just get a relaxing day all to yourself. The costume comes with a pirate shirt and attached vest, along with striped pants and boot tops. But no pirate would be complete without their hat, and this costume comes with one, too. The sash can accentuate your bump beautifully. This kind of costume calls for eyeliner, and lots of it, so be sure to wear makeup that would make legendary female pirates like Cheng I Sao, Mary Read, and Anne Bonny proud. And when you rock your bump, you’ll be able to get anyone to walk the plank — or just get you some more pirate’s booty.


Pooh Bear funny maternity Halloween costume

At first glance, it might not look like much; just a red shirt and a yellow skirt. But once you realize that this maternity Halloween costume is meant to look like Pooh Bear, it adds a whole new perspective to it. The costume also comes with beary cute ears that your friends and family will find adorbs. And if you’re thinking of theming Baby’s nursery with Winnie the Pooh, then this outfit makes even more sense. Now, it’s cute enough on its own (and woot, can be worn well beyond Halloween), but to make it even more magical, why not pair the costume with a pot and write the word “Hunny” on it? Then, when Baby is born, you can dress them up as Piglet for the perfect pic.

Maternity Halloween costumes can be cute, they can be scary, they can even be funny. But what they all are is special, since you’re celebrating the holiday in a howlingly sweet way.

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