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45 Sagittarius Girl Names For Your Happy-Go-Lucky Baby

They’re perfect for your baby’s optimistic personality.

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If there were a social butterfly of all the astrological signs, it would be Sagittarius. Free-spirited and fun-loving, it seems like you can’t keep a Sag down. Their innate desire to wander the world is in perfect alignment with their pleasant, positive, can-do personalities. So if you’re expecting a little Sagittarius baby to enter your life soon, (and you’re stumped on what to call her), these Sagittarius girl names will reflect the stellar qualities of this astrological sign.

But when does Sagittarius actually start and end? Good question. Sagittarius starts on November 22 and runs through December 21. That means if Thanksgiving falls later in the year, you’ll most likely welcome your baby at one of the most beautiful times of the year, right around Turkey Day and in time for all of the holiday festivities. Of course, that can make things more hectic, but definitely more memorable as you bring your baby into the world right when almost everyone is focused on family, fun, and, you know, yummy food.

With their peppy personalities, it might come as a surprise that Sagittarius is not an air or water sign (which are sometimes thought to be the more calming zodiac signs), but rather a fire sign. But that zip is what will give your girl her wanderlust and insatiable quest for knowledge, learning, and forming strong bonds that will last a lifetime.

Ready to write down some potential Sagittarius girl names? Get your pen and paper ready, because baby might be coming soon!


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You’ve probably barely finished Thanksgiving dinner when your ears are assaulted with Christmas tunes. And if you’ve been hearing Bing Crosby crooning about a White Christmas, well, it might make you think of falling snow. That’s what makes the baby name Snow so cute for your Sagittarius baby. It perfectly reflects the time of year she’ll be born, and really, who wouldn’t smile when you tell them that your baby’s name is Snow? It’s one of those seasonal baby names that never goes out of style.


Bridget is one of those “everything old is new again” names. It’s of Irish descent, and it means “strength” or “exalted one.” Originally, the name was spelled “Brigid,” which derives from the Irish-Gaelic word “brigh” that also means strength. How does this relate to Sagittarius? Well, it takes inner strength, confidence, and courage to wander far from home, as Sagittarius is wont to do.


The old-fashioned baby girl name Eleanor is making a comeback, and we are here. For. It. It means “bright, shining one” in Greek, which is an ode to Sagittarius’ fire sign. Although Eleanor is an English name, it originally derived from a Provençal name, Alienor. Since it has the word “alien” in it, Eleanor might sound sweeter.


Leda is a lovely name for your little baby for a few reasons. First, it means “happy,” and that perfectly describes your plucky little girl’s personality to a T. Then, there’s the fact that Leda is moon of Jupiter, which just happens to be the ruling planet for Sagittarius. Interestingly enough, while the planets and their moons have been around since, well, forever, Leda was just recently discovered back in 1974, according to NASA.


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Listen, your little girl might be playful, but she’s certainly not a pushover. So Seraphina, which means “ardent” and “fiery” will represent all the fire that’s deep within your Sag baby. It’s not a common baby name at all, despite Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner naming their second daughter Seraphina back in 2009. And if you’re not feeling that whole “ph” thing, you can always try Serafina on for size.


In the blink of an eye, your pretty baby just may grow up, pack some bags, and head off into the world. To pay homage to your Sagittarius’ curious nature, Barbara is a beautiful name. It has Latin origin, and means “foreign woman.” If you put it in the context of your child traveling throughout the world, then she will be a foreign woman as she explores, which sounds a whole lot sweeter.


The name Artemis is sort of a spirit animal for Sagittarius. Of Greek origin, Artemis is the name of the Greek goddess of the moon, of which Jupiter has a whopping 79! While Artemis’ name is synonymous with hunting (and ack, butchering), she’s also a bit of a wild child goddess (just like your inquisitive little kiddo), known for love of the wilderness, and a protector of animals and young girls.


Haven’t heard of Beryl before? Can’t say we blame you. It’s a very unique name that actually represents one of the many birthstones that Sagittarius possesses. While natural beryl is colorless, it can be green, blue, yellow, or even red when tinted by its impurities. And if you’re not entirely sold on Beryl, the nicknames Berry, or even Lilly might make you a convert.


Naming your child after a Disney Pixar heroine isn’t a bad idea at all. (After all, there are a lot of Ariels swimming, er, walking around.) But if you’re looking for a Sagittarius baby name that has perfect aim, then there’s only one option: Merida. From the 2012 Disney Pixar movie Brave, Merida is a princess who is also a skilled archer (which, coincidentally, just happens to be the symbol for Sagittarius, too.


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Pippa. Just the name alone sounds pretty perky — and that’s because it is. If it seems that the name seems to have jumped across the pond from Jolly Ol’ England, you’d be correct. Pippa is an Italian and English name that means “lover of horses.” It is the shortened version of the name Phillipa, which can also work as a Sagittarius girl name. But considering that the archer symbol for Sag is half-human and half-horse, Pippa works perfectly for your baby.


You might have a pair of topaz earrings, or a topaz ring. And now, you might want to consider naming your winter baby that, too. Topaz means “golden gem,” which is what it is, but it’s also Sagittarius’ birthstone, too. But if you thought that Topaz was only a deep yellow color, think again: the stone can come in blue, green, orange — even pink and purple. You can even give her the nickname Paz, which means “peace” in Spanish, a touching tribute to Sag’s gentle nature.


You want a Sagittarius baby girl’s name that honors your little one’s sweeter side. Make room for Rosalind, a pretty name if ever there were one. It is of Old German origin and means “gentle horse.” It honors the centaur symbol of the Sag sign without sounding like a horsey name, like, you know, Black Jack or something.


There’s no satiating a Sagittarius’ thirst for exploration. So welcome your little wanderer with a name that means just that: Wanda. It is of Slavic origin and means “shepherdess” or “wanderer.” It’s not as popular as it used to be, but that’s okay, because your kiddo is on a mission to see the world — if she can only learn how to climb out of her crib first, that is.


Another archer-inspired name, Yvonne is a pretty Sagittarius girl name. It is of French and Old German origin, and means “yew.” While that might not mean very much, when you consider that yew wood is used for making archery bows, it’s easy to see how Yvonne might make it to the top of your baby name list.


Pronounced “seh-LEST,” Celeste is a sweet way to pay homage to your little Sagittarius. It is of Latin origin and means “heavenly.” And while soaking up the scent of your newborn is certainly heavenly, it’s the color blue that is often equated with all things celestial that makes Celeste a sweet name. The color also matches turquoise, the stone that represents Sagittarius.

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Certainly one of the sweetest signs in the zodiac, Sagittarius babies are sunshine personified. You can’t help but fall in love with their loving and gentle natures, and their innate desire to discover more about themselves and the world around them. Your baby will definitely be a lucky lady to get any one of these names that have a strong significance, something Sagittarius will definitely appreciate when she’s bigger and is able to understand the thought that went into her wonderful name.

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