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These 30 Names Are Just Right For Your Taurus Baby Girl

If you’re looking for an astrologically appropriate name.

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Parents looking to name their springtime baby girls are in luck — those born under the Taurus sign are known for being reliable, stable, and honest. Taurus baby girls will grow into women that are hard workers who enjoy success and the fruits of their labor, which means your little bull will need an appropriate Taurus girl name to match her personality.

Much of a Taurus’ inherent traits come from the fact that Taurus is a “fixed” modality, meaning they are born solidly in the middle of a season rather than in a time of transition. This gives Taurus girls their dependable nature.

The ruling planet of the house of Taurus is Venus — the brightest object in the night sky. Your little Taurus will shine brightly, too. Baby girls born under this sign are typically loving, comforting children who are a delight to be around. Known to enjoy taking their time in life rather than rush through things, she will be a great travel companion who enjoys the journey as much as the destination.

Celebs who share the same astrological sign as your baby girl include Renee Zellweger, Rosario Dawson, and Jessica Alba. She’s among stellar company!

This list of Taurus girl names highlights the many positive traits of babies born between April 20 and May 20.


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Ezmerelda is a name of Spanish origin which means “a prized green gemstone.” Since green is a Taurus’ signature color, this precious name is a perfect fit.


This Greek name, which can also be spelled Khloe, evokes Taurus springtime vibes. Chloe means “blooming” as well as a young green shoot, which also serves as tribute to green as Taurus’ color.


Taurus girls are stable and honest; they are someone their friends can count on. Verity comes from the Latin word for “truth.”


One of the most famous Taurus women was Audrey Hepburn. Audrey was a creative mind, like many Taurus women who excel in the arts. The name means “strength,” which is a common trait of Taurus, too.


Along with being an amazing tennis player, Venus is also the dominant planet in Taurus. The Roman goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, this might be the perfect name for a little girl born after a long journey to try to conceive.


This Taurus girl name, of Indian origin, gives honor to the persistent and stead nature of Tauruses. The name can also mean immovable, which some girls born under this sign are known for their stubbornness as well (which isn’t always a bad thing!).


The old adage says, “April showers bring May flowers,” so the name Rain is a perfect complement to the season that Taurus baby girls are born in. There are many lovely variations of spelling, too; Raine, Rayne, Raina, and Rainn for example.


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Emerald is the birthstone for Taurus girls. Emeralds are more valuable than diamonds, though it is rare to find an emerald without a flaw. They are beautiful even with their flaws, just like all strong girls.


This Greek goddess is the counterpart in mythology to Venus, making it a great choice for a baby born while Venus is the dominant planet. The month of April actually gets its name from Aphrodite, which is perfect for a baby girl born early in Taurus house.


The representative animal for Taurus baby girls is the bull, known for its strong and unwavering nature. In India, the name Risha literally means, “born under the sign of the bull.” In fact, Taurus is Latin for bull.


This unique name is of Slavic origin, and means “the morning star.” Venus shines so brightly, it is often the first celestial body to appear at night and the last to fade from the sky at sunrise, and so astronomers, before the invention of telescopes,believed it to be a star.


Daisy is just the most darling nature-inspired baby girl name, and it’s a great choice for a spring baby born under the Taurus sign.


In keeping with the star theme, since Venus was believed for so long to be a “wandering star” that moved throughout the sky as it orbited our sun, the name Stella means “star.” The name is Italian in origin.


Hyacinths are colorful bulb flowers and a hallmark of spring’s arrival in many parts of the world. They will most certainly be blooming when your Taurus baby girl is born, so try naming your baby Hyacinth. Originally derived from Latin, the current version of the name is French.


Taurus is one of four earth signs in astrology, meaning they are some of the most well-grounded girls on the planet. Gaia is the Greek word for earth, making it a strong Taurus baby girl name.


In Gaelic, Tara means the hills. It comes from the Latin Terra, which literally means “the earth,” and is also a great name option for your earth sign baby girl.


Springtime when Taurus baby girls are born is lush with beautiful blooms and new life. This Arabic name of Zohra is a perfect homage to that, because it means “in bloom.”


The name Anah, of Muslim/Arabic origin, means perseverance and patience. Both are strong traits of reliable, steady Taurus baby girls.


The name Liluri, from Syrian mythology, is fitting for Taurus girls for two reasons. Liluri is the goddess of the mountains, which is perfect for this earth sign. Liluri also viewed bulls as sacred. Plus, it's just a lovely name for a baby girl.


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Could there be a more perfect name for a springtime baby girl than Zahara? The name means “flowering” in Swahili.


This German name of Idona comes from the Norse goddess of springtime, Idunn. The name means “active in love,” which is so perfectly apt for a Taurus baby girl.


A Taurus is known for their strength, and Briana is a lovely girl name that represents just that. Briana means “strong, virtuous, and honorable.”


If you love that Taurus is a spring sign, try Fleur as a baby name. It’s French for flower, and has such a sweet, ethereal quality about it.


Claire is such a sweet name, and it means “bright, clear,” which definitely gives off some nice spring vibes for your little Taurus, as well as Venus vibes, the brightest object in the night sky.


Leola is a French name that means “loyalty” and being loyal is one of the major characteristics of a Taurus. I also love that it can have some cute nicknames, like La or even Leo.


If you want a unique baby girl Taurus name, try Breeze or even Breezy. It’s a cute ode to spring and the nice weather that comes in with a Taurus birthday, and you could even call her Bree for short.


Another nature name, Fern is a well-known girl name that is still pretty unique. I love how earthy it feels, especially for a spring babe.


Audrina is a gorgeous girl name that means “noble strength,” and is a great choice for your Taurus girl who will be hardworking, strong, brave, and maybe a little stubborn.


Matilda is a traditional name that has some literary roots and means “might” or “strength.” Taurus babies are known for being strong-willed, hard-working, and going above and beyond, so Matilda is a nice choice. There’s also the nickname Tillie.


Anastasia is a lovely, traditional Greek or Russian name that means “resurrection.” Since Taurus babies are born in the spring, it’s a nice nod to this season of life, abundance, and growth.

There is no shortage of creative and beautiful names to honor the unique qualities of Taurus baby girls. Whether a more traditional floral name to denote springtime, or a name that draws on the strong, steady nature of the bull and the earth, you can’t go wrong with choosing a name tied to your baby’s Taurus roots.

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