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21 Texts To Tell Your Bestie You’re Pregnant

Until you can scream at them in the Target baby aisle.

One of the best parts about finding out you’re pregnant is telling everyone else. I know there are a lot of “rules” and opinions on how to go about doing that — whether you hard launch a baby on Instagram when they’re 6 months old or immediately text everyone a picture of your pregnancy test before the pee even dries — but whatever feels right for you is what you should do. And for many, sending a text to your BFF to tell them you’re pregnant is step one.

Maybe your bestie has been there with you through all the ovulation tests and sex woes or maybe this is a complete surprise and they have no idea what’s coming — either way, you know your bestie is going to be a major support person for you. And being able to share this big moment with them through a text that perfectly complements your relationship is the best. There are funny texts, sweet texts, and even texts that reference your favorite pop culture moments to share and announce your pregnancy to your bestie.

Funny Texts to Tell Your Bestie That You’re Pregnant

You know your best friend, and if they aren’t the kind to get sappy or sentimental, then you need some funny texts to let them know they’re about to become an auntie in the most way.

  • You know there’s no such thing as TMI between us. Do you want to see something I just peed on?
  • FaceTime me, I need to show you these two pink lines.
  • Now when I say I have a burrito baby after our Chipotle dates, I’ll actually be right.
  • Guess who doesn’t have to buy tampons for the next nine months?
  • For the next few months, I’m going to need you to be drinking for two.
  • I guess you’ve got a DD for the next nine months.
  • We’re going to need to schedule some pedicures because I won’t be able to reach my feet soon.
  • Is this outfit giving “Mommy”?

Sweet Texts to Tell Your Bestie That You’re Pregnant

If your bestie loves a sweet moment and will get teary-eyed thinking of sharing a shopping buddy with you, these are the texts to send. This is such a special moment in your life, but it’s a big deal for your best friend, too.

  • You’re officially in your auntie/funcle era.
  • You’re about to get a mini version of your bestie.
  • We’re having a baby! And by “we,” I mean you and me!
  • Oh hey, just an FYI, I’m making you a tiny best friend.
  • I hope you’ve got room for an extra friendship bracelet.
  • I have the luckiest baby in the world because they get *you* for an auntie.

Pop Culture Texts to Tell Your Bestie That You’re Pregnant

Whether you just send in the iconic photo of Jim Halpert realizing Pam’s pregnant in The Office or a gif of Joey in his Thanksgiving pants from Friends, these pop culture texts are perfect for announcing your pregnancy to your bestie.

  • Dwight, send in the subs.
  • Hey, let’s get together this weekend. I want to watch that episode of Friends called The One Where Your Best Friend Is Pregnant.
  • I’m going to need to borrow Joey Tribbiani’s Thanksgiving pants here soon.
  • It’s time to transform into one of the Practical Magic aunties.
  • Alexa, play “Baby” by Justin Bieber.
  • OK, we have to make Taylor Swift our other bestie so she can put my baby’s name in her next album.
  • Will you be the Charlotte to my panicked Miranda right now?

No matter how you tell your best friend you’re pregnant, they’re sure to be just as excited as you are. Not only do they get to have another little person to love, they get an extension of you and get to be right alongside you on this journey. BFF indeed.