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10 Ways Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant Again

Even if they kind of already know.

Some of the best news you’ll ever get to share in your life is that you’re expecting a baby for the very first time. There will be gasps, screams, tears from friends, family, and especially your husband or partner — no one will share in the utter exhilaration of this exciting time quite like they will. But when you’re pregnant for a second time, telling your partner the news can be just as special, if not more so. So if you’re looking for creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant with baby number two, these ten fun ideas will show you — and your partner — that the second time is truly the charm.

There are so many creative ways to tell your husband that you’re pregnant again. You can hold up a sign showing that there’s another little one on the way or snap a shot of all your shoes — plus a pair of baby booties, too. Truly, you’ll only be limited by your own imagination in terms of how you want to announce the news. The best part is that you can include your little accomplice in the pregnancy announcement, whether they can read yet or not. Have your child announce that they’re going to be a big sibling soon, or hold up two fingers in a super special selfie.

Get ready to share the special news with your sweetie with second pregnancy announcements that will let everyone know that your family is about to grow.


Put out a pair of booties

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You try to keep all of your family’s shoes corralled into one location, but it isn’t always easy. Your husband might not mind tripping over everyone’s shoes if you leave them out with a (surprise) pair of baby booties in the mix.


Child kissing your belly

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Your hubby will automatically know what’s happening when he sees a pic of your precious child kissing your belly. You can have a friend or family member take the photo, or you can keep it low key with a selfie angled from above so that your partner can see your protruding belly.


Do a little DIY


Dessert will be extra delish if you can bake up some cookies that announce your pregnancy. Not much of a baker? Grab a ready-made cookie mix, some cutters and packaged frosting and consider your cookies complete. Arrange them on a tray and serve them on a tray — if your child can carry them, even better. (Or, you know, you can just order some from your local bakery, too.)


Show off your sonogram

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There will be no denying that Baby is on board when you not-so-subtlety place your ultrasound photo on display for your husband to see. Pair it with a pair of booties to really bring home the idea that you’re expecting again.


Hold up two fingers

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Sure, it might look like you’re flashing the peace sign, but holding up two fingers is a fun way to tell your husband that you’re pregnant again. It might take a couple of minutes, but once he realizes that you mean the number two, chances are he’ll understand that you’re expecting.


Make it sweet

Break out your ice cream scoop and get ready to sprinkle the good news that you’re pregnant. You can use a chalkboard or even a piece of paper and write, “I’ve got the scoop. Mommy’s due with Baby #2” and then have your little one hold a cone in their hands (if they’re old enough, that is).


Give him lotto tickets


Sure, he loves those scratchers, so give your guy a lotto ticket with a different kind of jackpot. There are pregnancy-themed lotto tickets that look just like the real thing but can be a cute reveal.


Show him a sign


Like, literally. Give him a sign. You can break out your DIY skills with a simple, “coming soon” sign that you can decorate to your heart’s content. For example, you might draw a baby or some balloons. You could even enlist your pint-sized Picasso to help you decorate the sign and, if they’re old enough, help them practice writing their letters and spelling. Once you’ve made the sign, you can add lay it on a table and adorn it with extra items like a baby onesie or a rattle, or have your little helper hold it up.


Have your child wear a shirt that says it all

There won’t be any questions about your child’s sibling status when they wear this cute Big Sister shirt. From AniasCollection, the baby announcement shirt is handmade and is made from a polyester/cotton/rayon combination. It says, “big sister” and has a heart at the end to show that your child is super excited about being promoted to big sibling status


Give him a gift

This second pregnancy announcement shirt does double duty. It comes in a bunch of colors, and it’s made from 100% cotton. The lightweight fabric means that it’s perfect for warm summer days or layering into the fall and winter months. Give him this shirt, then sit back and watch him piece together what it all means.

You can have just as much fun telling your husband that you’re pregnant again as you did when you were expecting the first time around. Be sure to include your mini-accomplice to make spreading the news even sweeter.