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17 Wild Boy Names For Your Little Explorer

Think fierce, think brave, and think gentle for these sweet names.

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There is just something about a wild little boy. A little boy who loves to wander, to explore, to persevere. A little boy who is courageous and kind and steady. A little boy who just has that wild energy that connects him to nature and beyond. If you’re pregnant and expecting your own little wild one soon, these darling wild boy names are perfect for you to consider.

The term “wild” gets a bit of a bad rap sometimes, but if you think of “wild” as a term that relates to nature and roots and strength, these are the wild boy names for you. There’s a mixture here of names that are inspired by the big, wild world, and names that mean things like “wolf” and “bog” to depict all of that lovely wildness. Nature boy names are one thing, but these names have a sense of wonder to them. They are a bit darling, but also daring, and these are the names you want if you have visions of your little guy hiking alongside you, stopping to admire every random weed that’s grown between two rocks wedged together. A wild boy name doesn’t have to mean your little one isn’t going to listen and is just going to be a blur of clothing as he wreaks havoc across your house — “wild” can also mean fierce, ferocious, and organic. And these wild boy names are just that.



An obvious choice, but a dear one. The baby name River is connected to water, and it’s a great choice for your little wild boy. Riv is also a darling nickname.



There have been several celebrity babies named Bear in recent years, but it’s still unique enough for your own wild boy. I think Bear is so cute, and it obviously gives you a chance to do a whole bear-themed nursery. Buy baby Bear all of the outfits with ears attached.



Sawyer has a double wild meaning — the actual meaning of the baby name Sawyer is “woodcutter,” but you can also choose it for the connection to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.



A unique choice, the baby name Conan has Celtic origins and means “little wolf.” How sweet is that? Conan hasn’t been super popular in recent years (unless you count Conan O’Brien), so chances are your wild one will be the only Conan in his class.



Speaking of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain was pretty great at writing adventurous boys, and Huck is a must if you’re considering wild boy names. Short for Huckleberry, it stands alone well on its own, and Huck is a topographical name that can mean “bog” or “corner.” Either way, it just sounds good and wild.



Finn is an Irish name that comes from a mythical Irish warrior and folklore hero, but it also makes me think of fins on sea animals, which adds to the wildness of it. Finn is just so cute and feels nice and strong for your wild guy.



Hudson is a pretty popular boy name these days, but it’s still a great option. There are several different meanings for the name out there, but originally it was named for someone who made hoods. Its wild connotation can come from a connection to geography (like the Hudson River), but also that some origins say the name means “strong” or is a nickname for the Germanic name “hugh,” which means “spirit.”



Asher is the cutest little name and it means “happy” or “blessed,” but I especially love it for the nickname Ash, which gives off major fire and wilderness vibes.



Everett just sounds wild, and since the meaning of this baby boy name is “wild boar” or “strong as a boar,” it makes sense. It’s brave, it’s wild, and it’s so darling.



Humphrey is such a great vintage, “old man” name if you’re into those kinds of things, and I love its Germanic origins. Humphrey also means “peaceful warrior,” which feels like the perfect kind of wild vibe.



Aden is a classic boy’s name and one that has really become popular (with a variety of spellings) over the years. But Aden means “little fire” — and what’s more wild than that?



The baby name Chase has been super popular for a long time, and for good reason. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it just gives off the perfect little boy vibes. The name Chase means “to hunt” and if you hope your wild little boy will be an explorer, this is a great choice.



Rowan has been a gender-neutral name for a while, but I especially love it for a little boy. With Scottish and Irish origins, it’s one that goes back deep in time, and Rowan means “little redhead.” It’s fiery, it’s ferocious, and it’s also gentle? A lot like describing the wilderness.



Keegan is also a name that has some deep Irish origins, but when it all comes down to it, the name Keegan means “fire” or “fiery,” so it’s a really spunky choice for your wild boy.



Finch is a baby name with connections to birds, and the meaning of Finch is actually “songbird.” See, wild boy names don’t have to be all fires and landscapes — this is such a great, gentle baby name for a wild little boy.



OK, maybe this is a curveball, but Legends of Zelda is about as wild as it gets in the video game world, and Link deserves some love. Link is forever battling creatures, exploring through dungeons, and running through giant fields on a quest, and I love that kind of energy for your own wild, adventurous boy.



When’s the last time you met a Cliff? Exactly. Bring back this sweet baby boy name for your wild guy, especially since Cliff is another topographical name that connects to actual cliffs. Doesn’t get much more wild than that.

All of these wild boy names are great suggestions if you want a lovely name that has a connection to strength, nature, and bravery.

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