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Aldi Disney Sneakers Are Back For Less Than $15

And you know they’re going to oh toodles! their way out the door.

One of the things I love most about a Disney trip is the prep work beforehand. Thanks to Disney being such a huge brand, you can find great Disney tees, Mickey ears, and even some fun souvenirs at your favorite retailers before you even step into Magic Kingdom. And whether you have a Disney party or trip planned (or just really love those iconic ears), Aldi is now a place to add to your Disney shopping list — Aldi Disney sneakers are back this summer for both adults and kids, and they are literally less than $15.

That beautiful Aldi Finds aisle is always my favorite when I stop in the store for groceries, and lately the chain has made sure to keep up with Disney-loving fans by keeping a steady supply of Disney ear headbands, clothing, water bottles, and even earrings on the shelves. The latest addition are the Aldi Disney sneakers, which come in three fun designs and are available in women’s sizes, children’s sizes, and toddler sizes.

But you’ll want to run to your Aldi quickly. The Aldi Disney sneakers will be available starting May 1, but they won’t last long — last year, the shoes only lasted one day.


All three shoe designs are available in women’s sizes 7 to 10 for $14.99, but the silver Mickey design is not available in the children’s sizes or toddler sizes. The children sizes include sizes 1 to 4 and retail for $12.99 while the toddler sizes include sizes 7 to 12 and retail for $11.99. You truly can’t find a better price for such fun shoes, and the little ones will love matching you on your next Disney trip.