Mother's Day

22 Cottagecore Mother’s Day Gifts

For the mom in your life who fancies herself an Anne Shirley.

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Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is nice and easy when you have a theme to work around. Maybe the mom in your life loves a good bed rotting day or maybe she just wants something pretty. But if you’ve got a cottagecore mom who loves all things Secret Garden, has a lot of Big Bow Girl energy, and still wishes for her own library with a ladder on wheels, I’ve got you majorly covered. Having a nice big list of cottagecore Mother’s Day gifts is the best way to give your Anne Shirley-wannabe something she’ll really love.

I mean, short of getting her an actual cottage with a field of wildflowers like Miss Honey in Matilda, this list has just about everything. Whether she’s into pretty home items, cozy things to make her feel like a snuggled up Beatrix Potter character, or some hobbies and crafts that tap into her Big Bow Girl energy, there’s a cottagecore Mother’s Day gift for her on this list. The price points are pretty great, too, so feel free to mix in a few things and give her the kind of I-know-you-extremely-well gift that every mom actually wants to receive on Mother’s Day. Oh. And breakfast. And maybe a handmade card. And it wouldn’t hurt to have a dessert ready, too. You know, let her embrace all that cottagecore, whimsical fantasy goodness.


The perfect picnic basket

Every cottagecore mom has dreamed about taking her children out for a picnic. (I mean, in this fantasy, there is no crying about bugs or “I don’t like this sandwich!” or children running off of the picnic blanket, but I digress.) Make it a reality for her with this 22-piece picnic basket from West Elm. It’s beautifully lined and comes with everything you need, from plates and cutlery to wine glasses, so she can have the fancy picnic of her dreams.


The sweetest little puzzle

A 500-piece puzzle is actually the perfect size for any puzzle fan, especially one with small children. I can’t risk a 1,000-piece puzzle sitting out on a coffee table for hours in my house, but a 500-piece one? I can do that over the course of a day with some coffee and snacks. This flower shop puzzle from Galison is so pretty and sweet, and comes in the most adorable packaging to display on a shelf.


The perfect big bow for her Big Bow Girl energy

You can’t have Big Bowl Girl energy and not own a big bow. Much like a great claw clip or your favorite scrunchie, this long gingham hair bow barrette is perfect for the cottagecore mom. You can dress it up or down, and it works especially well for all the seasons.


The Penguin Clothbound Jane Austen collection

Books are always a win, but pretty books? Even better. There are few things a cottagecore mom wants more than the complete Penguin Clothbound Classics collection, but you can settle for the Jane Austen boxed set this Mother’s Day. Reading Pride and Prejudice while having a Mother’s Day croissant and coffee? Bliss.


A perfect floral duvet cover

Basically every item Rifle Paper makes could be considered cottagecore, but I especially love this Strawberry Fields duvet cover from the brand’s collaboration with The Company Store. It’s the sweetest pattern and goes well with just about any color sheets, and it gives a certain Secret Garden vibe all in your bedroom.


A sweet little candle warmer

I love a candle, but I also love a little lamp, and this candle warmer lamp combines the best of both of those things. Give this to the cottagecore mom who likes a soft glow in her house and the perfect scent.


A lovely floral hair clip

Everyone needs a drawer full of hair clips, but you especially need some lovely ones. How sweet is this bouquet hair clip? With a big grouping of daisies wrapped in a pretty paper, it’s basically the efficient version of a flower tucked into your hair.


A gorgeous birth month flower necklace

Cottagecore means wanting to run through fields of wildflowers and braid daisy crowns and pick poppies and lilacs. There’s a reason why The Secret Garden is so very Big Bow Girl, right? But you can grab some of that flower power with one of these beautiful birth month flower necklaces. Choose a charm that matches the mom in your life’s children so she always has a little something lovely to celebrate them.


A sweet bookmark

If you’re hoping to buy her a book this year for Mother’s Day, go ahead and snag her this lovely embroidered bookmark to go with it. It’s so cute and the detail is just lovely.


A fun library stamp for her books

And for all those books in her collection, gift her this From the Library of stamp. I received one of these for Christmas a few years ago and there was no greater day than Boxing Day when I just sat at the foot of my bookshelves and stamped every single book I owned. There is no greater joy for a mom who daydreamed about being Belle in Beauty and the Beast, even though she was a captured prisoner.


This darling book locket

Is there anything more Big Bow Girl than a tiny locket? This one is especially sweet — this book locket includes little pages inside so that when you open it, it looks like a real book. But you can still hide in your photos so it’s also like a secret compartment, which is just the best. Pop in photos of her babies so she doesn’t have to do anything but put it around her neck.


A mug of her favorite girl’s girls

Little Women is a classic that most Big Bow Girl/cottagecore moms adore, so if she needs a new mug in the cabinet, consider one featuring a beautiful illustration of Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth.


A lovely little journal

You can never have too many pretty notebooks, it’s just a fact of life. This sweet hardcover notebook from Papier can be personalized with the mom in your life’s initials, and she’ll love using it for doodles, to-do lists, meal planning, or writing down all the sweet (and hard) moments of motherhood she knows she’ll want to remember.


The perfect tea set

I recently bought myself some teacups for my 2-year-old’s tea party birthday, and have been delighted with how much I’ve used them the last few weeks. This gorgeous Lenox tea set looks like it came straight out of a fairytale, and is such a sweet gift to give a cottagecore mom. Whether she wants to use it to make a regular Monday feel special or saves it for when all of her kiddos are big enough to handle a legit tea party, it’s a really beautiful collection.


A fancy wool picnic blanket

Look, how can a Big Bow Girl mom have a little picnic in the woods without a proper picnic blanket? This gorgeous wool blanket from The Tartan Blanket Co. is perfect for warm or cool days, and rolls up in this beautiful little carrying case for ease. It’s plenty big enough for everyone to join, and the wool fabric means it won’t tear up after one picnic where the kids trampled all over it with their shoes on.


An adorable ceramic berry basket

Every cottagecore mom has had a fantasy of putting fresh berries in gorgeous little bins for her fridge or for the breakfast table, so make that dream come true with these adorable ceramic berry baskets from Anthropologie. They come in a few different patterns and each of them are so adorable — I think she deserves them all.


The loveliest watercolor set

A Big Bow Girl loves a craft moment, and the flower watercolor workbook from Emily Lex Studio is perfect. Grab the paint set so she can create beautiful flower prints to hang around the home and to let her unleash some of her creativity.


A sweet pair of slippers she’ll actually wear

Look, I’m not a slippers person. I prefer to be barefoot most days, but if I’m going to have something on my feet, these daybreak scuffs from L.L. Bean are the ones I want. They’re just soft enough on the inside without feeling like you’re wearing a fleece pullover on your toes, and they’re hard so you can run outside to take out the trash or drink coffee in peace on the porch. Plus the floral design? Peak cottagecore. They look like they came right out of Heidi’s house.


The perfect pair of gardening boots

What is it about rain boots/galoshes/and Wellies that are just so charming? Gift the cottagecore mom in your life this gorgeous pair of Secret Garden Wellies from Bas Blue. They’re just perfect for rainy days, but also for working in the garden or yard. I also like that they aren’t so big they feel like waders.


The most adorable pie plate

Listen, if your cottagecore mom is into baking, she needs a whole new set of Le Creuset everything. But for right now, she’ll settle for this Le Creuset Heritage pie dish in the color Peche. It’s a nice, heavy pie pan (the best) and the color is so dreamy. I love the fluted edges of the pie dish, too, and it’ll even look nice just out in a cabinet or kitchen shelf. Plus, it will truly last forever.


The best vintage drinking glasses

I have this exact set of drinking glasses and it’s the perfect combination of vintage, classy, and whimsical. People literally ask me for “the green flower glass” when they come over, and I think every cottagecore mom should have a set of her own. They’re nice and heavy, the perfect shade of green, and great for everything from cocktails to just a sparkling water and ice.


A lovely cruiser bike

Don’t you know that the cottagecore mom in your life wants to take this classic cruiser for a ride with flowers in the basket, maybe with her children biking their own tricycles right next to her? It’s pretty much the cottagecore dream to have a spot to leisurely ride your bike, and this kind of gift gives her plenty of alone time to daydream.

You just can’t go wrong with a gift that symbolizes all the sweet, lovely parts of life, like flowers representing her children or slippers that look like they came right out of Heidi. Let the cottagecore mom in your life know you appreciate all her whimsy with these cottagecore Mother’s Day gifts.